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Practical Approach to Ophthalmoscopic Retinal Diagnosis
Gupta, Mazundar, Choudhry
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This book is designed to help with the accurate identification of signs observed and steps to be followed to reach a clinical diagnosis. The chapters are organised by the structure affected by the lesion, i.e. the optic nerve, macula, retinal vasculature, the retina proper, peripheral retina or the vitreous. Within chapters, the observations are grouped by the morphological features and colour. Beginning with clinical signs, the book proceeds to a description of the diagnostic pathway, teaching readers to identify lesions and relate them to the descriptive group most appropriate to the lesion.

Author information
AK Gupta, MS (AIIMS), FAMS; Director (Academic), ICARE Eye Hospital and Postgraduate Institute, Noida, UP; Director (Academic), Shroff Eye Centre, New Delhi; Formerly Director, Guru Nanak Eye Centre, New Delhi; Dean, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi; Dean, Medical Faculty, University of Delhi, India
Shahana Mazumdar MS, DNB; Fellowship in Vitreo-retina, Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra; Senior Consultant (Vitreoretina), ICARE Eye Hospital and Postgraduate Institute, Noida, UP, Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, New Delhi, India
Saurabh Choudhry MD, DO, DNB; Senior Consultant (Anterior Segment and Medical Retina), ICARE Eye Hospital and Postgraduate Institute, Noida, UP, India


1. Anatomy of Structures Related to the Fundus 1
2. Examination Techniques and Investigations 12
3. Lesions of the Optic Nerve Head 45
Swollen Optic Nerve Head (ONH) 48
Pale Optic Nerve Head 63
Excavations of the Optic Nerve Head 72
Anomalous Tissue on and around the Optic Nerve Head 78
Disks of Abnormal Size 85
4. Macula 88
Thickening/Elevation of the Macula 90
Wrinkling of the Macula 105
Well-defined Red Lesions 112
Altered Pigmentation at the Macula 124
Scars 140
Predominantly Subretinal Lesions 142
Crystalline Deposits 155
Abnormalities in the Vasculature of the Macula 157
5. Lesion of the Retina 166
Red Colored Lesions 167
Small, White Fluffy Lesions 169
Multiple Disseminated Yellowish Lesions 177
Extensive Well-demarcated White Lesions 193
Extensive Ill-defined Yellowish-white Lesions 200
Large Areas of Greyish-white Opalescence 208
Pigmented Lesions 215
Hypopigmented Fundus 237
x Practical Approach to Ophthalmoscopic Retinal Diagnosis
6. Abnormalities in the Retinal Vasculature 242
Diseases with Primarily Alterations in the Wall and Caliber of the Blood Vessels 244
Diseases with Primarily Abnormal Retinal Vessels 266
Diseases with Primarily Retinal Hemorrhages 281
Diseases with Primarily Retinal Exudates 298
7. Peripheral Retinal and Choroidal Lesions 309
Cigar/Spindle Shaped Lesions Lying Circumferentially 311
Well-demarcated Red Areas 314
Cyst-like Lesions 321
Small Triangular Tent-like Lesions 322
Pigmented Lesions 323
Grey/White Lesions 324
Lesions due to Abnormal Architecture of the Oral Bay 328
8. Mass Lesions of the Fundus 329
Brown Mass Lesions 330
White Mass Lesions 335
Reddish Orrange Mass Lesion 341
Yellow Mass Lesions 346
Grey Elevation 349
Diffuse Mass Lesions 364
Multifocal and Bilateral Mass Lesions 365
9. Lesions of the Vitreous 366
Small Opacities, Allowing Good Retinal View 367
Medium Sized Opacities, Partially Hampering Retinal View 372
Large Opacities, Occluding Retinal View 379
Membrane-like Lesions 386
Suggested Readings 391
Index 393


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