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Libreria medica internazionale
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Pediatric Orthopedics for Primary Healthcare
Evidence-Based Practice
Alshryda, Jackson, Thalange, AlHammadi
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This book provides a comprehensive, evidence-based guide on how to manage pediatric orthopedic problems safely and confidently. The format allows the reader to identify key points whilst working in their busy clinical practice.  Each chapter is co-written by an orthopedic surgeon and general practitioner to ensure the content is relevant to primary care, but also sufficiently detailed to meet the needs of those in specialist training. The book is divided into two parts; general topics including assessment, normal variants, infections and specific disorders; followed by a section based on specific anatomical regions.  

Pediatric Orthopedics for Primary Healthcare: Evidence-Based Practice will be an essential resource for a wide audience including but not limited to general practitioners and trainees, pediatric orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, orthopedic residents, emergency department doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and medical students who are seeking a concise, yet comprehensive evidence-based resource for this important specialty.      

  • Orthopaedic Terminology

    Pages 3-21

    Walker, Liam (et al.)


  • Normal Development

    Pages 23-37

    Binfadil, Wafa (et al.)


  • General Assessment

    Pages 39-62

    Chaudhry, Sonia (et al.)


  • Normal Variants

    Pages 63-85

    Ali, Tahani (et al.)


  • Musculoskeletal Infection

    Pages 87-111

    Moore-Lotridge, Stephanie N. (et al.)


  • Musculoskeletal Tumors

    Pages 113-143

    Mashhour, Mohamed Ahmed


  • Metabolic Bone Disease

    Pages 145-170

    Nugud, Ahmed (et al.)


  • Neuromuscular Conditions

    Pages 171-206

    Chaudhry, Samena (et al.)


  • Relevant Syndromes

    Pages 207-230

    Rubin, Sarah (et al.)


  • Musculoskeletal Dysplasias

    Pages 231-261

    Shahid, Sania (et al.)


  • Limb Deformity

    Pages 263-282

    Kenawey, Mohamed (et al.)


  • Child Safeguarding

    Pages 283-292

    Tzatzairis, Themistoklis (et al.)


  • Chronic Pain in Children

    Pages 293-305

    Vasu, Thanthullu (et al.)


  • Paediatric Hips

    Pages 309-347

    Belcher, Lydia R. (et al.)


  • Paediatric Knee Disorders

    Pages 349-375

    Khandekar, Sumukh (et al.)


  • Paediatric Foot and Ankle

    Pages 377-402

    Lahoti, Om (et al.)


  • Paediatric Spine

    Pages 403-427

    Al-Saadi, Hayder Saleh (et al.)


  • Paediatric Shoulder Disorders

    Pages 429-449

    Hawkes, David (et al.)


  • Paediatric Elbow

    Pages 451-472

    Wilson, Robert (et al.)


  • Paediatric Hand and Wrist

    Pages 473-495

    Chytas, Anastasios (et al.)



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