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Libreria medica internazionale
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Pediatric Heart Disease: A Clinical Guide
Daubeney, Rigby, Gatzoulis, Niwa
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A companion book to Adult Congenital Heart Disease that will concentrate on the practical management of children with heart conditions. This is aimed at general paediatricians and physicians who are responsible for ongoing management, rather than specialists concerned with acute or rare presentations. The book will be illustrated with relevant radiology scans, demonstrating which investigations are appropriate, and will provide the relevant information for the generalist on patient management for different lesions. A section on emergency management is also included. Authorship is international, with contributions from both sides of the Atlantic and from Japan.

List of Contributors, ix

Preface, xi

Section I: General cardiology

1 Epidemiology and genetics, 1

Bradley B. Keller

2 Basic cardiac physiology, 6

Michael Cheung

3 Cardiac morphology and nomenclature, 11

S. Yen Ho

Section II: Clinical evaluation and investigation

4 History and clinical examination, 20

Lee Beerman

5 Basic non-invasive investigations, 26

Lee Beerman

6 Echocardiography and Doppler, 34

Michael L. Rigby

7 Diagnostic cardiac catheterization and angiography, 46

Michael L. Rigby

8 Advanced cardiac imaging, 54

Michael Cheung

Section III: Specifi c congenital heart lesions

Acyanotic lesions

9 Left-to-right shunts, 61

Phil Roberts

10 Right-sided malformations, 71

Victoria Jowett

11 Abnormalities of left ventricular infl ow and outfl ow, 79

Anna Seale

12 Aortic malformations, rings, and slings, 89

Alex Gooi

13 Coronary artery lesions, 97

Alex Gooi

Cyanotic lesions

14 Transposition and transposition complexes, 103

Georgios Giannakoulas and Michael A. Gatzoulis

15 Abnormalities of right ventricular outfl ow, 111

Michael L. Rigby

16 Common mixing situations, 124

Michael L. Rigby

Other lesions

17 Heterotaxy, scimitar, and arteriovenous malformations, 136

Michael L. Rigby

Section IV: Diseases of the peri-, endo- and myocardium

18 Pericardial disease and infectious endocarditis, 142

Michael Y. Henein and Koichiro Niwa

19 Cardiomyopathies and acute myocarditis, 150

Steven A. Webber and Brian Feingold

20 Cardiac tumors, 160

Koichiro Niwa and Shigeru Tateno

Section V: Pulmonary hypertension

21 Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension in children, 164

Alan G. Magee

22 Pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with congenital heart disease

(including Eisenmenger syndrome), 168

Mark S. Spence and Michael A. Gatzoulis

Section VI: Rhythm disorders

23 Bradyarrhythmias, 176

Jan Till

24 Tachyarrhythmias, 181

Jan Till

Section VII: Systemic disease with cardiovascular involvement

25 Rheumatic fever, 195

Maria Virginia Tavares Santana and Cleusa Cavalcanti Lapa Santos

26 Marfan syndrome and connective tissue disorders, 199

Koichiro Niwa and Shigeru Tateno

27 Kawasaki disease and Takayasu arteritis, 204

Koichiro Niwa and Shigeru Tateno

28 Hyperlipidemia, 209

Eric Quivers

29 Systemic hypertension, 214

Eric Quivers

Section VIII: Congenital heart disease at the extremes of life

30 Fetal cardiology, 222

Helena M. Gardiner

31 Adult congenital heart disease, 227

Anselm Uebing and Michael A. Gatzoulis

Section IX: Management strategies

32 Principles of medical management, 239

Zdenek Slavik

33 Catheter intervention, 246

Alan W. Nugent

34 Principles of surgical management, 252

Hideki Uemura

35 Heart, lung, and heart–lung transplantation, 257

Steven A. Webber

Section X: Common clinical problems in the office

36 Murmurs in asymptomatic patients, 265

William H. Neches and Gregory H. Tatum

37 Syncope and presyncope, 268

William H. Neches and Gregory H. Tatum

38 Chest pain, 270

William H. Neches and Gregory H. Tatum

39 Palpitations, 272

William H. Neches and Gregory H. Tatum

40 Stridor, 274

William H. Neches and Gregory H. Tatum

41 Cyanosis and cyanotic spells, 276

William H. Neches, Gregory H. Tatum, and Michael L. Rigby

42 Activity restriction, 280

William H. Neches and Gregory H. Tatum


Appendix A Resuscitation algorithms, 282

Margarita Burmester

Appendix B Glossary of terms commonly used in pediatric cardiac disease, 287

Nick Hayes

Appendix C Pediatric cardiac drugs and dosages, 302

Sian Bentley

Appendix D Endocarditis prophylaxis, 317

Jamie Cheong

Appendix E Anticoagulation guidelines, 320

Sian Bentley and Alan G. Magee

Index, 324


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