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Libreria medica internazionale
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Pediatric Epilepsy
Duchowny, Cross, Arzimanoglou
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Practical, easy-to-follow guidance on every aspect of the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy in children

350 full-color illustrations

Pediatric Epilepsy comprehensively addresses the needs of all physicians treating children with epilepsy ' from the specialized pediatric epileptologist to the general pediatric practitioner. Written by a team of international experts, this full-color text offers a consistent, age-based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of every type of seizure and epilepsy syndrome that may occur in childhood. The book's primary focus is on specific treatment modalities, both surgical and medical.


  • Algorithms and drug-dosage tables throughout emphasize patient care
  • Includes first, second, and combination drug treatments with recommended starting ranges and other essential information
  • Specific types of seizures and syndromes are organized by the age group in which they most often present
  • Logically organized by age group, then by the seizures and syndromes that tend to first occur at those ages
  • Co-morbidities section addresses illnesses caused by epilepsy treatment and illnesses that often present with epilepsy treatment
  • International authorship by a team of five award-winning pediatric epileptologists
  • 350 full-color illustrations

Part I: Basic Principles
1. Antiepileptic Drugs
2. Epilepsy Surgery
3. Other Therapies
4. Nursing Considerations
5. Differential Diagnosis
6. Diagnosis from Seizures to Syndromes
7. EEG Diagnosis
8. Imaging in Epilepsy Diagnosis
Part II: Treating Epilepsy in Infants
9. Neonatal Seizures
10. Infantile Seizures
11. Infantile Spasms and West Syndrome
12. Myoclonic Epilepsies
13. Symptomatic Partial Epilepsy
Part III: Treating Epilepsy in Young Children
14. Seizures in Preschool Children
15. Mixed Generalized Seizures
16. Symptomatic Partial Epilepsy
17. Epilepsy Associated w/ Chromosomal Disorders
Part IV: Treating Epilepsy in Children and Adolescents
18. Seizures in Childhood and Adolescence
19. Idiopathic Generalized Seizures
20. Partial Epilepsies
21. Status Epilepticus
Part V: Comorbidities in Pediatric Epilepsy
22. The Effect of Epilepsy Treatment
23. Treating Epilepsy in the Presence of Other Diseases
24. Non-epileptic Seizures
25. Behavioural and Psychiatric Illness in the Pediatric Epilepsy Patient
26. Sleep Disorders


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