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Libreria medica internazionale
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Pathology and surgery around the vertebral artery
Bernard, Bruneau, Spetzler
290,00 €
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  • Surgery involving the control of the vertebral artery from board certified surgeons to residents
  • Covers all topics, from basic science, medical pathologies to surgical applications
  • Richly illustrated surgical procedures
  • Benefits to readership of section: perfect knowledge of the fields of applications as well as surgical procedures related to the vertebral artery

This is the first comprehensive book about surgery on and around the vertebral artery all along its cervical and intracranial course. This vessel has been considered for long as out of surgical reach leaving many different pathologies not or incompletely treated. The surgical exposure and control of the vertebral artery not only permit to treat lesions of the vertebral artery wall or developed in contact to it but also to improve the access to the intervertebral foramen (tumors, osteophytes), to the anterior aspect of the spinal cord (tumors, spondylotic spurs), to the foramen magnum and to the jugular foramen.

This book written by leading experts includes all aspects of vertebral artery surgery from anatomy to imaging, surgical techniques and pathologies; it is illustrated by many figures especially operative views and schematic drawings so that the beginner as well as the experienced surgeon find useful information.

One of the editors of this book (B. GEORGE) was recently awarded the Olivecrona award for his work on the surgery of the vertebral artery.


MG Yaşargil . XV
J Brotchi XVII
B George . XIX
1. History of vertebral artery surgery
P Fransen, BJM Pirotte . 1
2. Embryology of the vertebral artery
B George, M Bruneau . 5
3. Embryology of the cervical spine and cranio-vertebral
S Louryan, N Vanmuylder, M Bruneau . 25
4. Anatomy of the vertebral artery
A Campero, PA Rubino, AL Rhoton Jr 29
5. Relation between the cervical nerve roots and
the vertebral artery
S Paolini, G Lanzino . 41
6. The origin of the anterior spinal artery from
the vertebral artery
Uygur Er, G Lanzino 49
7. Anatomical variations
M Bruneau, O De Witte, L Regli, B George 53
8. Non-invasive imaging of the vertebral artery
D Balériaux, N Gültasli . 75
9. Vertebral artery ultrasonography
M Rubiera, D Patterson, AV Alexandrov 85
10. Flow monitoring
S Amin-Hanjani, F Charbel . 97
11. Vertebral artery dissections
M Arnold, U Fischer, MG Bousser 109
12. The lateral approach to the V1 segment of the
vertebral artery
M Bruneau, B George . 125
13. The lateral approach to the V2 segment of the
vertebral artery
M Bruneau, B George . 143
Table of contents
14. Surgical technique for the resection of tumors in
relation with the V1 and V2 segments of the vertebral
M Bruneau, B George . 165
15. Proximal vertebral artery revascularization
C Laurian, S Fukui, F Gigou . 201
16. Indications and technique for microsurgical
revascularization of proximal vertebral artery
RA Hanel, LCB Brasiliense, FC Albuquerque,
RF Spetzler 215
17. The selective microforaminotomy
M Bruneau, JF Cornelius, B George 227
18. Oblique corpectomy
M Bruneau, M Yasuda, B George . 247
19. Oblique corpectomy biomechanics
BCR Lázaro, N Crawford, VKH Sonntag . 267
20. Extrinsic compression of the vertebral artery
B George, D Bresson, M Bruneau 273
21. Compression by the vertebral artery
M Bruneau, O De Witte, M Yasuda, B George 285
22. Nonpenetrating and penetrating trauma of
the vertebral artery
VJ Miele, EC Benzel . 297
23. Management of vertebral artery trauma
P Maughan, DJ Fiorella, JM Zabramski . 309
24. Surgical anatomy of the craniocervical junction
U Türe, AH Kaya . 317
25. Surgical approaches to the V3 segment
of the vertebral artery
M Bruneau, B George . 329
26. Surgical technique for the resection of tumors
in relation with the V3 and V4 segments
of the vertebral artery
M Bruneau, B George . 361
27. Ventral foramen magnum meningiomas:
the transcondylar approach
O Al-Mefty, S Ayoubi, AN Taha . 405
XIV Pathology and surgery around the vertebral artery
28. Foramen magnum meningiomas: posterolateral
retrocondylar approach
V Seifert, E Güresir, H Bassiouni . 417
29. Tumors of the occipitocervical junction
M Samii, VM Gerganov 427
30. Nontumoral lesions of the craniocervical junction
AH Menezes 443
31. Intraaxial lesions of the foramen magnum
H Bertalanffy, O Bozinov, O Sürücü, L Benes,
U Sure, C Kappus . 457
32. Extrinsic compression Bow hunter’s stroke
T Morimoto, H Nakase, T Sakaki,
T Matsuyama . 473
33. Distal vertebral artery revascularization
LN Sekhar, D Ramanathan 489
34. Vascular malformations: aneurysms and AVFs
M Toledo, S Dashti, RF Spetzler . 501
35. Aneurysms of the vertebral artery
SPC Hsu, AF Krisht . 517
36. Endovascular management of vertebral
artery disease
RM Janjua, E Sauvageau, LN Hopkins 539
37. Endovascular treatment of giant vertebrobasilar
B Lubicz . 547
38. Vasculonervous conflicts: anatomy, imaging
and surgery
M Sindou, PR Lacerda Leal . 555
39. Craniocervical junction instability after lateral
approach of the craniocervical junction
B Gantwerker, C Dickman, V Sonntag . 569
40. Fixation techniques of the cervical spine and their
relationship to the vertebral artery
C Paus†, D Grob, F Porchet 585
41. Tumors of the jugular foramen
MS Tatagiba, G Lepski 607
42. The infralabyrinthine trans-sigmoid transjugular
approach to the jugular foramen
PH Roche, R Noudel, HD Fournier . 619
43. Microsurgical management of 150 jugular foramen
tumors: advanced cranial base microanatomy and
operative results
T Fukushima, Y Nonaka 631
44. The juxtacondylar approach to the jugular foramen
M Bruneau, O Makiese, JF Cornelius, S Chibbaro,
B George 641
45. Complications of surgery around the vertebral artery
and their management
B George, D Bresson, M Bruneau 669


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