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Libreria medica internazionale
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Oxford Textbook of Medicine
Warrell, Cox, Firth
Oxford University Press
480,00 €
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  • More comprehensive, more authoritative, and more international than any other medical textbook
  • The very best in international medicine from over 750 of the world's greatest clinicians and medical scientists
  • Unparalleled integration of basic science and clinical practice, covering all areas of internal medicine in detail
  • The most comprehensive coverage of infectious diseases to be found in any textbook of medicine, along with unique sections on the foundations, achievements and limitations of modern medicine and global patterns of disease
  • Clear, accessible writing and memorable descriptions, enhanced by more 2,500 full colour illustrations and photographs
  • Individual purchasers of the book get 6 months free online access

New to this edition

  • Now in full colour throughout, with over 2,500 illustrations and photographs
  • New chapter summaries give overviews of the content and draw out key points
  • All the sections and chapters have been completely updated with the latest evidence base for clinical practice and patient management
  • Expansion of the unique section on Modern Medicine to include large-scale randomized clinical trials and the future of clinical trials, as well as new material on the fair provision and rationing of health care
  • Extension of the Global Patterns of Disease and Medical Practice chapter to encompass economic entrapment and human disasters
  • The Cell Biology section has an additional focus on stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • Greater discussion of the immuno-compromised host in the Infectious Diseases section
  • New focus on sexually-transmitted diseases and sexual health

The Oxford Textbook of Medicine is the foremost international textbook of medicine. Unrivalled in its coverage of the scientific aspects and clinical practice of internal medicine and its subspecialties, it is a fixture in the offices and wards of physicians around the world.
More comprehensive, more authoritative, and more international than any other textbook, it focuses on offering practical guidance on clinical management and the prevention of disease.

Three introductory chapters, On being a patient; Modern Medicine; and Global patterns of disease and medical practice, outline a philosophy which has always characterised the Oxford Textbook of Medicine. It is humane, thought-provoking, and aims to instil in readers an understanding of the role of medicine in society, and the contribution it can make to the health of populations.

As always, there is detailed coverage of all areas of internal medicine. The integration of basic science and clinical practice is unparalleled, and throughout the book the implications of research for medical practice are explained. The core clinical medicine sections offer in-depth coverage of the traditional specialty areas. The Oxford Textbook of Medicine has unsurpassed detail on infectious diseases: the most comprehensive coverage to be found in any textbook of medicine. Other sections of note include pain; bioterrorism and forensic medicine; medical disorders in pregnancy; travel and expedition medicine; nutrition; the use of stem cells; regenerative medicine; and psychiatry and drug related problems in general medical practice. The section on acute medicine is designed to give rapid access to information when it is needed quickly.

In response to detailed research, there have been substantial changes to ensure that the Oxford Textbook of Medicine continues to meet the needs of its readers. New chapter summaries give accessible overviews of the content. All 2,500 illustrations and photographs are now in full colour, and a new design ensures that the textbook is easy to read and navigate. The evidence-base and references have been entirely overhauled.

And now, for the first time, the Oxford Textbook of Medicine is available in an online edition. All individual purchasers of the book will get 6 months free access to the online version, which contains the full text, figures and illustrations. It has a clear and easy-to-use interface, with excellent navigation and search and browse options. In addition, the online edition facilitates links to sources of related and further reading via PubMed, ISI and CrossRef. All the figures are downloadable into Powerpoint; an excellent tool when preparing presentations and lecturers.

Readership: General medicine physicians and trainees; clinicians and trainees in all specialties; general practitioners, and other medical professionals. Medical scientists, clinical researchers, other health professionals, legal practitioners and journalists


1: On being a patient
2: Modern medicine: foundations, achievements and limitations
3: Global patterns of disease and medical practice
4: Cell biology
5: Immunological mechanisms
6: Principles of clinical oncology
7: Infection
8Sexually transmitted diseases and sexual health
9: Chemical and physical injuries andenvironmental factors and disease
10: Clinical pharmacology
11: Nutrition
12: Metabolic disorders
13: Endocrine disorders
14: Medical disorders in pregnancy
15a: Gastroenterology
15b: Diseases of the liver, biliary tree and pancreas
16: Cardiovascular medicine
17: Critical care medicine
18: Respiratory medicine
19: Rheumatology
20: Diseases of the skeleton
21: Nephrology
22: Disorders of the blood
23: Diseases of the skin
24: Neurology
25: The eye
26: Psychiatry and drug related problems
27: Forensic medicine
28: Sports medicine
29: Geratology
30: Pain medicine
31: Palliative medicine
32: Laboratory normal values
33: Acute medicine


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