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Libreria medica internazionale
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Overtraining Syndrome in Athletes
A Comprehensive Review and Novel Perspectives
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This book discusses major changes in our understanding of the most prevalent non-orthopedic, sports-related condition – overtraining syndrome (OTS), arguing that it should be considered as the manifestation of burnout in athletes, rather than simply the result of excessive training.

While the chronic adaptations of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems to exercise are well documented, those of the endocrine system are less well known, and adaptations of the hormonal ranges for athletes are yet to be determined. There is also a lack of standardized diagnostic criteria, consistent assessment methods and biomarkers.

This book offers a systematic review of the hormonal aspects of overtraining syndrome, and a comparison with sports-related syndromes triggered by chronic deprivation of different sorts, including the female athlete triad (and its derivative, RED-S) and burnout syndrome of the athlete (BSA). It demonstrates that these conditions, although studied separately from each other, may all be different manifestations of the same condition, leading to ‘maladaptive’ (dysfunctional forced adaptations to a hostile environment) changes in response to chronic depletion of energy and mechanisms of repair, causing multiple dysfunctions.

The author proposes that OTS/Paradoxical Deconditioning Syndrome (PDS), RED-S/TRIAD and BSA are parts of a same condition, or at least a group of similar conditions. Further, the book offers a chronological overview of OTS, based on preliminary research.

Given its broad scope, this concise reference book will appeal to a range of health professionals. It allows readers, including those without a strong academic background, to gain a systematic understanding of OTS.

  • Introduction, Historical Perspective, and Basic Concepts on Overtraining Syndrome

    Pages 1-7

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Classical Understanding of Overtraining Syndrome

    Pages 9-23

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Methodological Challenges and Limitations of the Research on Overtraining Syndrome

    Pages 25-33

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • New Findings on Overtraining Syndrome

    Pages 35-65

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Clinical, Metabolic, and Biochemical Behaviors in Overtraining Syndrome and Overall Athletes

    Pages 67-107

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • New Understanding, Concepts, and Special Topics on Overtraining Syndrome

    Pages 109-129

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • The Underappreciated Athlete: Overtraining Syndrome in Resistance Training, High-Intensity Functional Training (HIFT), and Female Athletes

    Pages 131-154

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Recovery from Overtraining Syndrome: Learnings from the EROS-Longitudinal Study

    Pages 155-166

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Female Athlete Triad (TRIAD), Relative Energy Deficiency of the Sport (RED-S), and Burnout Syndrome of the Athlete (BSA): Concepts, Similarities, and Differences from Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)

    Pages 167-176

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Special Topics on Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)/Paradoxical Deconditioning Syndrome (PDS)

    Pages 177-187

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Practical Approach to the Athlete Suspected or at High Risk for OTS

    Pages 189-223

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Research and Future Perspectives on Overtraining Syndrome

    Pages 225-230

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Clinical Hormonal Guidelines for the Research of the Endocrinology in Sports and Athletes: Beyond Overtraining Syndrome

    Pages 231-298

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport in Practice: How to Research? Models for the Chronology and Tests of Studies on Athletes

    Pages 299-318

    Cadegiani, Flavio

  • Novel Insights in Overtraining Syndrome: Summary and Conclusions

    Pages 319-327

    Cadegiani, Flavio


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