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Libreria medica internazionale
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Obstetric and Intrapartum Emergencies - A Practical Guide to Management
Chandraharan, Arulkumaran
Cambridge University Press
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Every day, approximately 1000 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, most of which result from common treatable complications, such as haemorrhage, infections, pre-eclampsia and obstructed labour, which have not been recognized in time or treated properly. Every unborn child also faces risk of stillbirth, birth trauma, oxygen deprivation and neonatal death or long-term brain damage during birthing. Obstetric and Intrapartum Emergencies: A Practical Guide to Management is written by a wide variety of obstetric experts in developing and developed countries and provides an easy-to-use guide to recognize and treat perinatal emergencies before it is too late. The text includes learning tools such as 'Key Pearls' and 'Key Pitfalls', a section on managing emergencies in a low-resource setting and contains detailed illustrations throughout. This book is a practical and invaluable guide for obstetricians, neonatologists, midwives, medical students and the wider perinatal team.

  • Numerous flow charts, photographs and illustrations
  • Covers emergencies in all situations - low and high resource settings and includes sections on simulation training and fire drills
  • Contains evidence-based management guidelines for emergencies clinicians will encounter


Table of Contents

Part I. General Principles:
1. Anatomic and physiologic changes during pregnancy Edwin Chandraharan
2. Principles of resuscitation for maternal collapse Renate Wendler
Part II. Algorithms for Management of the Top Five 'Direct Killers':
3. Deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism Tahrir A. Mahmood and Adnan Hasan
4. Severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia Lucy Higgins and Alexander Heazell
5. Massive obstetric hemorrhage Edwin Chandraharan
6. Septicemia and septic shock Austin Ugwumadu and Nicola Lack
7. Amniotic fluid embolus Derek Tuffnell
Part III. Intrapartum Emergencies:
8. Uterine rupture Malik Goonewardene and M. F. M. Rameez
9. Breech delivery Usama Abughazza and Edwin Chandraharan
10. Umbilical cord prolapse Malik Goonewardene
11. Fetal compromise: diagnosis and management Edwin Chandraharan
12. Shoulder dystocia Edwin Chandraharan and Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
13. Twin delivery Deepal S. Weerasekera
14. Instrumental vaginal delivery Vikram Sinai Talaulikar and Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
15. Emergency Cesarean section Chitra Ramanathan and Leonie Penna
16. Unintended trauma during Cesarean section Usama Abughazza and Edwin Chandraharan
Part IV. Postpartum Emergencies:
17. Acute puerperal uterine inversion Hemantha Senanayake
18. Sudden postpartum maternal collapse Amarnath Bhide
19. Retained placenta Kapila Gunawardane
20. Perineal trauma Stergios K. Doumouchtsis
Part V. Medical and Surgical Emergencies During Pregnancy:
21. Chest pain and palpitations in pregnancy Siromi Gunaratne and Edwin Chandraharan
22. Breathlessness Hassan Shehata
23. Acute abdomen Archana Krishna and Edwin Chandraharan
24. Blurring of vision and sudden loss of vision Anomi Pandotharatne and Edwin Chandraharan
25. Psychiatric emergencies Andrew Kent and Lorraine Cleghorn
26. Drug overdose Laksham Karaliedde and Indika Gawarammana
27. Diabetic ketoacidosis in pregnancy Ingrid Watt-Coote and Julia Kopeika
28. Convulsions and epilepsy Julia Kopeika and Ingrid Watt-Coote
29. Musculoskeletal considerations in pregnancy Hiran Amarasekera
30. Endocrine emergencies in pregnancy Manika Sumanatilekke
Part VI. Anesthetic Emergencies:
31. General anesthesia and failed intubation Christina Wood
32. Fluid underload and overload Renate Wendler
33. Transfusion and anaphylactic and drug reactions Rehana Iqbal
34. Major trauma including RTAs Kirsty Crocker and Tim Patel
Part VII. Neonatal Emergencies and Resuscitation:
35. Neonatal emergencies and resuscitation Nigel Kennea, Justin Richards and Siromi Gunaratne
Part VIII. Management of Anticipated and Non-anticipated Emergencies:
36. Morbidly adherent placentae Edwin Chandraharan
37. Peri- and post-mortem Cesarean section Edwin Chandraharan
Part IX. Setting-up Skills and Drills Training in Maternity Services:
38. Labor ward 'fire drills' Edwin Chandraharan
39. Simulation training Polly Hughes
40. Risk-management Jessica Moore.



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