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Libreria medica internazionale
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Non-Neoplastic Diseases of Bones and Joints
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Author Information: Michael J Klein, Pathologist in Chief and
Director, Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Weill College of Medicine of Cornell University, New York; S Fiona Bonar, Adj Professor, Notre Dame School of Medicine, Sydney, NSA, Australia; Tony Freemont, Professor and Honorary Consultant in Osteoarticular Pathology, Head of the Manchester Medical School, Manchester, UK

This atlas is a histological reference for surgical pathologists not familiar or comfortable with the diagnosis of non-tumorous diseases of bones and joints. One in three physician office visits are due to bone or joint complaints; yet only one in thirty thousand orthopedic patients has a bone tumor. The diagnosis of orthopedic diseases is a complex enterprise requiring cross specialty cooperation. While contributions from orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, and rheumatologists have been included to provide more clinical relevance to this work, the emphasis is on surgical pathology of bone and joint diseases. The original and comprehensive photographs, illustrations, and tables in this reference enhance clinicopathologic correlation and diagnostic application in a way seldom provided by previous pathology resources.

From the authors' preface: “This volume is the first in the American Registry of Pathology (ARP/ Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) series of atlases devoted to the pathology of nontumorous diseases of bones and joints. In the United States musculoskeletal complaints are responsible for one in three physician office visits. Bone tumors, already the subject of four published Fascicles, constitute a small fraction of one percent of skeletal diseases, so in a real sense an atlas of non-neoplastic diseases is long overdue..For this atlas I have enlisted the knowledge of musculoskeletal and orthopedic surgeons in topics in which the pathologist does not ordinarily gain expertise..”

Skeletal Development Anatomy and Function * Imaging of Non-neoplastic Musculoskeletal Disorders * Inherited and Developmental Bone Diseases * Traumatic and Circulatory Alterations of Bone * Common Disorders of Skeletal Supporting Structures including Tendons Ligaments and Periarticular Tissues * Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases * Biology of Joints * Joint Diseases * Joint Replacement and Tissue Engineering * Diseases of Nondiarthrodial Joints * Miscellaneous Disorders of Ossification, Calcification, Cellular Coupling and Osteolysis * Metabolic Bone Diseases


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