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Libreria medica internazionale
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Neuropathic Pain
Toth, Moulin
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Central or peripheral neuropathic pain can be caused by a wide range of injuries, infections and diseases such as: spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, herpes zoster, diabetes and cancer. Many of these pain syndromes are difficult to treat, representing a challenge for many neurologists not routinely trained in pain management. Written by an international team of experts in the field, Neuropathic Pain: Causes, Management and Understanding gives readers an in-depth understanding of the multitude of conditions causing neuropathic pain. Epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, pathophysiology, outcome measurement and the best evidence-based management of individual and general neuropathic pain conditions are also described in depth. A unique chapter, written from a patient's viewpoint, gives new insight into how chronic neuropathic pain affects the lives of those patients with the condition. This book is essential reading for all pain specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists and anesthesiologists who wish to better understand their patients' neuropathic pain.

  • Describes all classes of neuropathic pain medication aiding effective pharmacological management
  • Up-to-date and recommended treatment plans for different causes of neuropathic pain
  • Written by an international team of experts, bringing together the leading opinions in the field into a single volume


  • Table of Contents

    Part I. The Clinical Presentation of Neuropathic Pain:
    1. History and physical examination Pam Squire and John Xavier Pereira
    2. Diagnostic testing in chronic neuropathic pain patients Vishal Gupta and Michael Serpell
    3. Epidemiological considerations in neuropathic pain Didier Bouhassira and Nadine Attal
    Part II. The Condition of Neuropathic Pain:
    4. An overview of animal models for neuropathic pain Patrick L. Stemkowski and Peter A. Smith
    5. Peripheral and central sensitization Cory Toth
    6. Pathophysiology of neuropathic pain: voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels Robyn Flynn and Christophe Altier
    7. Pathophysiology of neuropathic pain: inflammatory mediators Paul J. Austin and Gila Moalem-Taylor
    8. Pathophysiology of neuropathic pain: signaling pathways and their magnification – the role of neuronal toll-like receptors Michael R. Due, Yohance M. Allete and Fletcher A. White
    Part III. The Specific Condition: Peripheral Neuropathic Pain:
    9. Diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies Cory Toth
    10. Postherpetic neuralgia: the prevention of a scourge C. Peter N. Watson
    11. Painful conditions affecting the nerve roots and plexus Kristine M. Chapman and Amanda Sherwin
    Part IV. The Specific Condition: Central Neuropathic Pain:
    12. Neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury Jan H. Vranken
    13. Central pain symptoms in multiple sclerosis Scott Jarvis and Bradley J. Kerr
    14. Central post-stroke pain Maan Kattan and Dwight E. Moulin
    Part V. The Specific Condition: Other Causes of Neuropathic Pain:
    15. The complex regional pain syndromes and post-traumatic neuralgias Anne Louise Oaklander and Steven H. Horowitz
    16. The management of neuropathic pain in cancer patients Wojciech Leppert
    17. Fibromyalgia Mary-Ann Fitzcharles and Peter Ste-Marie
    Part VI. The Management of Neuropathic Pain:
    18. Antidepressants: TCA and SNRIs Maija Haanpää
    19. Gabapentinoids and other anticonvulsants Howard S. Smith, Charles E. Argoff, Manpreet Kaur and Harsha Nagaraja
    20. Opioids Andrea D. Furlan and Angela Mailis-Gagnon
    21. Cannabinoids Mark A. Ware
    22. Local anesthetics and other interventional approaches Ian Carroll
    23. Spinal cord stimulation and other neuromodulation Krishna Kumar and Syed Rizvi
    24. Drug synergy and therapeutic combinations Stephan A. Schug
    25. The person with pain perspective and participation – an essential component of successfully managing chronic neuropathic pain Lynn Kerene Cooper
    Part VII. The Prognosis of Neuropathic Pain:
    26. Measuring outcomes in chronic neuropathic pain Nadine Attal
    27. Impact of chronic pain upon anxiety, sleep, and mood dimensions Scott Jarvis and Cory Toth
    28. Impact upon related conditions and quality of life Bharati Vyawahare and John Hughes
    29. The future: new concepts and potential therapies Nicole M. Sumracki, Lauren Nicotra, Yuen Kwok, Liang Liu, Krista van Steeg, Linda R. Watkins and Mark R. Hutchinson



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