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Libreria medica internazionale
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Neuromuscular Aspects of Sports Performance
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This new title in the Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine Series from the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee presents in one volume the latest information on neuromuscular function in sport and exercise.

Chapters combine basic mechanistic knowledge with true applications; Topics covered include neuromuscular fatigue, neuromuscular training, and musculoskeletal loading, and special chapters examine recently developed research methodologies used during natural locomotion: high speed ultrasonography (US) and transmagnetic electrical stimulation (TMES).

An important addition to the reference collections of biomechanists, sports medicine specialists, sport scientists, and graduate students in these areas, this volume is also appropriate for advanced level coaches and sport physiotherapists.

List of Contributors.



1 From Isolated Actions to True Muscle Function (Paavo V. Komi).

2 Stretch-Shortening Cycle of Muscle Function (Paavo V. Komi and Caroline Nicol).

3 Utilization of Stretch-Shortening Cycles in Cross-Country Skiing (Robert Norman, Vesa Linnamo, and Paavo V. Komi).

4 Neuromechanics of the Cycling Task (Robert J. Gregor and W. Lee Childers).

5 Kinetics and Muscular Function in Alpine Skiing (Erich Müller, Josef Kroell, Christian Schiefermüller, and James M. Wakeling).

6 Kinetics and Muscular Function in Ski Jumping (Mikko Virmavirta and Paavo V. Komi).

7 Mechanical Efficiency of SSC Exercise (Heikki Kyröläinen and Paavo V. Komi).

8 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Tool to Study the Role of the Motor Cortex in Human Muscle Function (Janne Avela and Markus Gruber).

9 Contribution of In-Vivo Human Tendon Force Measurements for Understanding Tendomuscular Loading During SSC (Paavo V. Komi).

10 Ultrasound as a Tool to Record Muscle Function During Normal Locomotion (Masaki Ishikawa and Paavo V. Komi).

11 Neuromechanical Loading of Biological Tissues (Gert-Peter Brüggemann).

12 Stretch-Shortening Cycle Fatigue (Caroline Nicol and Paavo V. Komi).

13 Training Adaptation of the Neuromuscular System (Jacques Duchateau and Stéphane Baudry).

14 Control and Training of Posture and Balance (Wolfgang Taube and Albert Gollhofer).

15 Sport Performance in Master Athletes: Age-Associated Changes and Underlying Neuromuscular Factors (Harri Suominen and Marko Korhonen).

16 Rehabilitation of Overuse Tendon Injuries and Ligament Failures (Heinz Lohrer, Wilfried W. Alt, and Albert Gollhofer).



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