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Libreria medica internazionale
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Neurologic Complications of Critical Illness
Fourth Edition
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Neurologic consultations are essential to patient outcomes, not only providing diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic advice but also directing care to the patient. Neurologic Complications of Critical Illness is the foremost guide for neurologists entering the intensive care unit (ICU). This fourth edition has been thoroughly updated, refreshed, and expanded in recognition of the vast number of changes in neurology and neurocritical care. In addition, every chapter provides a representative selection of the state-of-the art management and latest clinical innovations in critical care medicine.

As with previous editions, the book offers practical advice on dealing with coma and outcome after cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), failure to awaken after surgery, delirium, new onset seizures, generalized weakness, acute paraplegia, movement disorders and many other manifestations of a neurologic emergency such as complications after organ transplantation, neurologic complications of invasive procedures and devices, complications from cardiac surgery, traumatic brain, spine and peripheral nerve injury, and environmental injuries such as hypothermia and near drowning. Chapters include a wealth of helpful tables, precise algorithms, and a large, curated selection of neuroimaging. Each chapter has a section to reconcile theory and practice.

This edition offers new chapters on the interpretation of focal findings and acute movement disorders in critical illness, cancer immunotherapy and ethical dilemmas. This clinical text with dedicated coverage of all major neurologic illnesses will be helpful to a very wide audience of health care providers and any intensivist and general neurologist managing complex medical disorders, surgeries, and co-morbidities.

Table of Contents

Part I: Criteria, Urgency, and Importance
Chapter 1: Indications for a Neurologic Consult in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 2: Consulting in the Intensive Care Unit
Part II: General Clinical Neurologic Problems in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 3: Acute Confusional State in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 4: Coma in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 5: Neurologic Manifestations of Drugs Used for Analgesia and Anesthesia in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 6: Seizures in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 7: Generalized Weakness in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 8: Acute Neurological Focal Findings and Asymmetries in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 9: Acute Movement Abnormalities in the Intensive Care Unit
Part III: Neurologic Complications in Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units and Transplantation Units
Chapter 10: Neurologic Complications of Invasive Procedures and Devices
Chapter 11: Neurologic Manifestations of Acute Bacterial Infections
Chapter 12: Neurological Manifestations of Infectious Outbreaks
Chapter 13: Neurologic Complications of Cardiac Arrest
Chapter 14: Neurologic Manifestations of Acid-Base Derangements, Electrolyte Disorders, and Endocrine Crises
Chapter 15: Neurologic Complications of Acute Renal Disease
Chapter 16: Neurologic Manifestations of Acute Hepatic Failure
Chapter 17: Neurologic Complications Associated with Disorders of Thrombosis and Hemostasis
Chapter 18: Neurologic Complications of Acute Vasculitis Syndromes
Chapter 19: Neurologic Complications in the Critically Ill Pregnant Patient
Chapter 20: Neurologic Complication of Cancer in the ICU
Chapter 21: Neurologic Complications of Aortic Surgery
Chapter 22: Neurologic Complications of Cardiac Surgery
Chapter 23: Neurologic Complications of Acute Environmental Injuries
Chapter 24: Neurologic Complications of Drug Overdose, Poisoning, and Terrorism
Chapter 25: Neurologic Complications of Traumatic Brain Injury
Chapter 26: Neurologic Complications of Trauma to the Spine, Spinal Cord, and Nerves
Chapter 27: Neurologic Complications of Organ Transplantation
Part IV: Outcome in Central Nervous System Catastrophes
Chapter 28: Outcome of Acute Injury to the Central Nervous System
Part V: Consultative Neurology and End of Life Care in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 29: The Neurologist and End of Life Care in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 30: The Neurologist and ICU Ethical Dilemmas


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