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Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics
Genetic and Environmental Influences
Eisenstat, Goldowitz, Oberlander, Yager
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This book explores the interrelationship of genetics, the environment, or both, in the causation of three neurodevelopmental disorders: autism/autism spectrum disorder (ASD), fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), and cerebral palsy (CP). It links common clinical problems in developmental pediatrics and pediatric neurology to current concepts and translational research advances in developmental neurosciences, medical genetics, and related disciplines. The first section of the book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of development of the brain, including topics such as neuronal stem cells, epigenetics, and the influence of the prenatal environment. The next three sections analyze the epidemiology, diagnosis, interventions, and controversies and research directions associated with each of the three neurodevelopmental disorders. It also examines co-morbidities common to all three disorders, such as disturbed sleep, seizures, behavioral disorders, and pain. It concludes by highlighting the impact of ASD, FASD, and CP on family dynamics and provides tools and resources based on foundational concepts such as neuroethics, bioinformatics, community engagement, and advocacy. Learning objectives, key points, clinical vignettes, and multiple choice questions are incorporated throughout the book. With its comprehensive treatment of disease mechanisms, genetics, and pathophysiology associated with these disorders and its discussion of potential therapies and novel treatments, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics: Genetic and Environmental Influences is an essential resource for developmental pediatricians, child neurologists, fellows, residents and graduate students.  

    Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
    Download chapter PDF
    Overview of CNS Development and Disorders
        Front Matter
        Pages 1-1
        Download chapter PDF
        Overview of CNS Organization and Development
            Richard E. Brown
        Pages 3-28
        Neural Induction and Regionalization
            Jeffrey T. Wigle, David D. Eisenstat
        Pages 29-38
        Neural Stem Cells, Differentiation, and Migration
            Jessica M. Livingston, Emily A. B. Gilbert, Donna Gao, Cindi M. Morshead
        Pages 39-54
        Neurotrophins and Cell Death
            Arman Shekari, Crystal Mahadeo, Nisha Sanwalka, Margaret Fahnestock
        Pages 55-75
            Margaret H. Hastings, James Gilbert, Yuda Huo, Heng-Ye Man
        Pages 77-92
        Axonal Guidance
            Mikaela Nevin, Janine Gallego, David D. Eisenstat
        Pages 93-106
            Janine Gallego, Mikaela Nevin, David D. Eisenstat
        Pages 107-121
            Helena Biasibetti-Brendler, Michael Steffen Kobor
        Pages 123-145
        The Impact of an Adverse Intrauterine Environment on Neurodevelopment
            Sindhu Ramachandra, Michelle Low, Nethra Madurai, Maide Ozen, Yuma Kitase, Shenandoah Robinson et al.
        Pages 147-163
        Stress as a Determinant of Neurodevelopmental Outcomes
            Bona Kim, Stephen G. Matthews
        Pages 165-178
        Sex Differences in Neurodevelopment and Its Disorders
            Richard E. Brown
        Pages 179-212
    Autism Spectrum Disorders
        Front Matter
        Pages 213-213
        Download chapter PDF
        The History of Autism Spectrum Disorder
            Alexandra Jackman, Lonnie Zwaigenbaum
        Pages 215-226
            Mayada Elsabbagh
        Pages 227-241
        An Approach to the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum
            Cecilia Lee, Melanie Penner
        Pages 243-251
        Autism Spectrum Disorder: Cognition
            Elizabeth Kelley, Alison Dodwell
        Pages 253-268
        The Neuroradiology of Autism: Framing Neuroimaging Investigations of the Autistic Brain Based on the US NIMH Research Domain Criteria
            Hsiang-Yuan Lin, Meng-Chuan Lai
        Pages 269-282
        Neuropathology of Autism
            Yarden Kezerle
        Pages 283-291

    Autism Spectrum Disorders
        Genetics and Epigenetics of ASD
            Bahareh A. Mojarad, Farah Qaiser, Ryan K. C. Yuen
        Pages 293-307
        Preclinical Models of Autism Spectrum Disorder
            Stephania Assimopoulos, Antoine Beauchamp, Jason P. Lerch
        Pages 309-325
        Biomedical Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder
            Janys Joy Lim, Evdokia Anagnostou
        Pages 327-335
        Interventions in ASD: Psychosocial Interventions and Supports for ASD
            Jessica A. Brian, Isabel M. Smith, Katherine Stover
        Pages 337-350
    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
        Front Matter
        Pages 351-351
        Download chapter PDF
        Clinical Perspectives on the Diagnostic Assessment of Individuals with FASD
            Ana C. Hanlon-Dearman, Sally Longstaffe
        Pages 353-369
        Epidemiology of Alcohol Consumption among Pregnant and Childbearing Age Women and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
            Svetlana Popova, Jürgen Rehm, Kevin Shield
        Pages 371-378
        Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Diagnosis
            Jocelynn L. Cook, Courtney R. Green
        Pages 379-395
        Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
            Catherine Lebel, Ashley Ware
        Pages 397-407
        Neuropathological Changes in Humans with History of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure or Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
            Marc R. Del Bigio
        Pages 409-423
        Genetics and Epigenetics of FASD
            Jessica A. Baker, Shuliang Yu, Matthew T. Scott, Kristin M. Hamre
        Pages 425-439
        Genetic, Epigenetic, and Environmental Influences on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Implications for Diagnosis, Research and Clinical Practice
            Alexandre A. Lussier, Berardino Petrelli, Geoffrey G. Hicks, Joanne Weinberg
        Pages 441-456
        Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Interventions
            Jacqueline Pei, Aamena Kapasi, Carmen Rasmussen
        Pages 457-465
    Cerebral Palsy
        Front Matter
        Pages 467-467
        Download chapter PDF
        Cerebral Palsy: Clinical Vignettes
            Michael Shevell
        Pages 469-477
        Cerebral Palsy: Epidemiology
            Shona Goldsmith, Sarah McIntyre, Eve Blair, Hayley Smithers-Sheedy, Nadia Badawi, Michele Hansen
        Pages 479-495
        Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy
            Young-Min Kim, Stephen Ashwal
        Pages 497-513
        Neuroradiology of Cerebral Palsy
            Fatema Al Amrani, Christine Saint-Martin, Pia Wintermark
        Pages 515-532
        Neuropathology of Cerebral Palsy
            Harvey B. Sarnat
        Pages 533-546
        Genetics and Genomics of Cerebral Palsy
            Jan Friedman, Clara van Karnebeek
        Pages 547-568

    Pre-Clinical Models of Cerebral Palsy
        Zeenat Ladak, Jerome Y. Yager
    Pages 569-578
    Therapeutic Approaches for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Disability
        Michael G. Fehlings, Stephanie R. Beldick, Janette Mailo, Oriana Shaw, Sarah Almas, Jerome Y. Yager
    Pages 579-609

Co-Morbidities in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

    Front Matter
    Pages 611-611
    Download chapter PDF
    Sleep Disorders
        Gabrielle Rigney, Pratima Gulati, Penny Corkum, Shelly K. Weiss
    Pages 613-629
    Optimizing Therapy of Seizures in Children and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities
        Anthony Fine, Elaine Wirrell, Katherine Nickels
    Pages 631-653
    Behavioral and Mental Health Disorders (Including Attentional Disorders)
        I. Leslie Rubin, Claire D. Coles, Jarrett Barnhill
    Pages 655-674
    Role of Gender and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
        Donald E. Greydanus, Dilip R. Patel, Joav Merrick
    Pages 675-683
    A Non-Categorical Approach to Childhood Neurodisability: Concepts, Evidence, and Implications for Clinical Practice, Organization of Services, Teaching, and Research
        Anton R. Miller, Emily Gardiner, Peter L. Rosenbaum
    Pages 685-695
    Pain and Symptom Management in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Sensory and Nociceptive Function/Pain and Symptom Management
        Chantel Burkitt, Lara Genik, Alyssa Merbler, Hal Siden, Tim F. Oberlander, Frank Symons
    Pages 697-711
    Pharmacology, Psychopharmacology, and Adverse Drug Reactions
        Jarrett Barnhill, Roberto A. Blanco, Kateland Napier, Takahiro Soda
    Pages 713-729
    Developmental Origins, Differential Susceptibility, and Resilience in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
        Marina White, Marie-Elyse Lafaille-Magnan, Christopher Roche, Alexia Jolicoeur-Martineau, Ashley Wazana, Kristin L. Connor
    Pages 731-749

Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the Context of Families

    Front Matter
    Pages 751-751
    Download chapter PDF
    Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and the Right to Health
        Keiko Shikako, Jonathan K. Y. Lai, Shikha Saxena, Maya Sabatello
    Pages 753-762
    Patient Navigation: Core Concepts and Relevance to the Field of Pediatric Neurodisability
        Emily Gardiner, Anton R. Miller
    Pages 763-771
    Evaluating the Economic Impact of Neurodevelopmental Disability Intervention on the Family and Community
        Jennifer D. Zwicker, Ramesh Lamsal
    Pages 773-788


    Front Matter
    Pages 789-789
    Download chapter PDF
    Using Large-Scale Population-Based Data
        Rubab G. Arim, Dafna E. Kohen
    Pages 791-803
    Tools for Knowledge Dissemination and Translation to Help Your Journey from Research to Impact
        David J. Phipps, Anneliese Poetz
    Pages 805-816

Back Matter
Pages 817-832



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