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Libreria medica internazionale
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Murtagh General Practice 8th Edition
McGraw Hill
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Sold worldwide and translated into 13 languages, John Murtagh’s General Practice is widely recognised as the gold standard reference for general practice and primary health care. Its emphasis on the importance of clinical reasoning, early diagnosis and treatment makes this the essential reference for medical students, trainees and general practitioners. 
Written by renowned general practitioners and educators, and with all content reviewed for currency by leading experts, the eighth edition provides fundamental knowledge and skills required for the challenging field of general practice. 
Key features:
•Diagnostic strategy models for common presenting problems, including diagnostic triads
•Clinical frameworks, including management and treatment
•Evidence-based research, with all content reviewed for currency by leading experts
•Extensive coverage of mental health, health promotion, women’s health, and paediatric and geriatric care 
New to this edition:
•New chapters on obesity, mood disorders, breast disorders, and traveller’s health and tropical medicine
•Updated and new information on genetic disorders, chronic pain and infectious diseases, including acute respiratory distress syndrome with reference to coronaviruses and COVID-19
•Restructure of table of contents to allow for easier navigation
About the authors
John Murtagh is Emeritus Professor in General Practice at Monash University; Professional Fellow of General Practice at the University of Melbourne; and Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Graduate School of Medicine, University of Notre Dame. 
Jill Rosenblatt is a general practitioner and was Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Primary Health Care at Monash University. She received a Distinguished Service Award of the RACGP in 2014. Jill has a wealth of rural and urban medical experience. 
Justin Coleman is a general practitioner in the Tiwi Islands and was Senior Lecturer at Flinders University. He’s on the Editorial Advisory Board of Diabetes Management Journal, a member of Choosing Wisely Australia (NPS) and a prolific writer for a number of publications. 
Clare Murtagh is a general practitioner in Sydney. She holds postgraduate qualifications in Dermatology, Medical Education, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. 

Part1 The basis of general practice
Cp  The nature, scope and content of general practice
Cp  Consulting skills
Cp  Communication skills
Cp  Counselling skills
Cp  Health promotion and patient education
Cp  Prevention in general practice
Ch7  Research and evidence-based medicine
Ch8  Inspection as a clinical skill
Part2 Diagnostic perspective in general practice
Ch9   A safe diagnostic strategy
Cp0 Depression
Cp1 Diabetes mellitus
Cp2 Drug and alcohol problems
Cp3 Anaemia
Cp4 Endocrine and metabolic disorders
Cp5 Spinal dysfunction
Cp6 Urinary tract infection
Cp7 Malignant disease
Cp8 Baffling viral and protozoal infections
Cp9 Baffling bacterial infections
Cp0 Infections of the central nervous system
Cp1 Connective tissue disease and the systemic vasculitides
Cp2 Neurological dilemmas
Cp3 Genetic conditions
Part3 Presenting symptoms and problem solving in general practice
Cp4 Abdominal pain
Cp5 Arthritis
Cp6 Anorectal disorders
Cp7 Thoracic back pain
Cp8 Low back pain
Cp9 Bruising and bleeding
Cp0 Chest pain
Cp1 Constipation
Cp2 Cough
Cp3 Deafness and hearing loss
Cp4 Diarrhoea
Cp5 Dizziness/vertigo
Cp6 Dyspepsia (indigestion)
Cp7 Dysphagia
Cp8 Dyspnoea
Cp9 The painful ear
Cp0 The red and tender eye
Cp1 Pain in the face
Cp2 Fever and chills
Cp3 Faints, fits and funny turns
Cp4 Haematemesis and melaena
Cp5 Headache
Cp6 Hoarseness
Cp7 Jaundice
Cp8 Nasal disorders
Cp9 Nausea and vomiting
Cp0 Neck lumps
Cp1 Neck pain
Cp2 Shoulder pain
Cp3 Pain in the arm and hand
Cp4 Hip, buttock and groin pain
Cp5 Pain in the leg
Cp6 The painful knee
Cp7 Pain in the foot and ankle
Cp8 Walking difficulty and leg swelling
Cp9 Palpitations
Cp0 Sleep disorders
Cp1 Sore mouth and tongue
Cp2 Sore throat
Cp3 Tiredness/fatigue
Cp4 The unconscious patient
Cp5 Urinary disorders
Cp6 Visual failure
Cp7 Weight change
Part4 Mental health
Cp8 Depression and other mood disorders
Cp9 The disturbed patient
Ch70 Anxiety disorders
Ch71 Difficult behaviours
Part5: Chronic disease management
Ch72 Allergic disorders including hay fever
Ch73 Asthma
Ch74 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Ch75 Cardiovascular disease
Ch76 Chronic heart failure
Ch77 Hypertension
Ch78 Dyslipidaemia
Ch79 Chronic kidney failure
Ch80 Obesity
Ch81 Osteoporosis
Ch82 Chronic pain
Part6 Child and adolescent health
Ch83 An approach to the child
Ch84 Specific problems of children
Ch85 Surgical problems in children
Ch86 Common childhood infectious diseases (including skin eruptions)
Ch87 Behavioural and developmental issues and disorders in children
Ch88 Child abuse
Ch89 Emergencies in children
Ch90 Adolescent health
Part7 Women's health
Ch91 Cervical cancer screening 
Ch92 Family planning
Ch93 Breast disorders
Ch94 Abnormal uterine bleeding 
Ch95 Lower abdominal and pelvic pain in women
Ch96 Premenstrual syndrome
Ch97 The menopause
Ch98 Vaginal discharge
Ch99 Vulvar disorders
Cp00 Basic antenatal care
Cp01 Postnatal care
Part8 Men's health
Cp02 Men's health: an overview
Cp03 Scrotal pain
Cp04 Inguinoscrotal lumps
Cp05 Disorders of the penis
Cp06 Disorders of the prostate
Part9 Sexual health
Cp07 The subfertile couple
Cp08 Sexual health
Cp09 Sexually transmitted infections
Cp10 Intimate partner violence and sexual assault
Part10 Problems of the skin
Cp11 A diagnostic and management approach to skin problems
Cp12 Pruritus
Cp13 Common skin problems
Cp14 Acute skin eruptions
Cp15 Skin ulcers
Cp16 Common lumps and bumps
Cp17 Pigmented skin lesions
Cp18 Hair disorders
Cp19 Nail disorders
Part11 Accident and emergency medicine
Cp20 Emergency care
Cp21 Stroke and transient ischaemic attacks
Cp22 Thrombosis and thromboembolism
Cp23 Common skin wounds and foreign bodies
Cp24 Common fractures and dislocations
Part12 Health of specific groups 1467
Cp25 The elderly patient
Cp26 End of life/palliative care
Cp27 The health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Cp28 Refugee health
Cp29 Travellers' health and tropical medicine


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