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Movement Disorders in Neurologic and Systemic Disease
Poewe, Jankovic
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Movement disorders - ranging from parkinsonism to a variety of hyperkinetic disorders, such as tremors, dystonic, chorea and myoclonus - can be the presenting or a prominent clinical feature in a broad spectrum of systemic conditions such as endocrine and metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, infections, intoxications, tumors and pareneoplastic syndromes, stroke and multiple sclerosis. The resulting clinical scenarios can be confusing and difficult to interpret by internists, generalists and neurologists. Movement Disorders in Neurologic and Systemic Disease provides comprehensive coverage of most common movement disorders seen in systemic and general neurologic disease, as well as differential diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms. The chapters are written by internationally recognized experts and more than 50 illustrative videos highlight the phenomenology of some of the movement disorders and provide a useful 'bed-side' diagnostic tool. This book is a valuable resource for neurologists, physiatrists, psychiatrists, internists, primary care physicians and trainees in medicine and neurology.

  • Quick reference source for difficult-to-classify patients
  • Includes over 50 videos of instructive cases
  • Provides treatment algorithms for most common movement disorders in different clinical settings


Table of Contents

Part I. General Principles:
1. Phenomenology, classification and diagnostic approach to patients with movement disorders Marjolein B. Aerts, Joseph Jankovic, Bart P. van de Warrenburg and Bastiaan R. Bloem
2. Pathogenesis of movement disorders: basic neuroanatomy and pathophysiology K. Amande M. Pauls and Lars Timmermann
3. Principles of management in movement disorders Werner Poewe and Joseph Jankovic
Part II. Movement Disorders in Systemic Disease:
4. Paraneoplastic movement disorders Francesc Valldeoriola and Josep Dalmau
5. Movement disorders of autoimmune origin Jose Fidel Baizabal-Carvallo and Joseph Jankovic
6. Movement disorders in systemic infections Francisco Cardoso
7. Movement disorders in HIV and AIDS-related central nervous system infections Sarah M. Kranick and Avindra Nath
8. Movement disorders in metabolic diseases in adulthood Miryam Carecchio, Susanne A. Schneider and Kailash P. Bhatia
9. Movement disorders in childhood metabolic diseases Emilio Fernández-Alvarez and Agathe Roubertie
10. Movement disorders in endocrinological disease Renato Puppi Munhoz and Hélio A. G. Teive
11. Movement disorders in liver disease Lindsay Hinkle-Johnston and Joseph M. Ferrara
12. Movement disorders in renal diseases Tiago Teodoro and Joaquim J. Ferreira
13. Movement disorders in hematological disease Sheila Eichenseer and Deborah A. Hall
Part III. Iatrogenic and Toxic Movement Disorders:
14. Drug-induced movement disorders Shyamal H. Mehta and Kapil D. Sethi
15. Movement disorders associated with chronic metal poisoning Pille Taba
16. Movement disorders following non-metal intoxications Timothy Lynch and Kinley Roberts
Part IV. Movement Disorders in General Neurology:
17. Movement disorders in stroke Werner Poewe and Benjamin Matosevic
18. Movement disorders in multiple sclerosis Marcelo Merello and Angelo Antonini
19. Movement disorders in neoplastic brain disease Taku Hatano, Shin-ichiro Kubo, Nobutaka Hattori and Yoshikuni Mizuno
20. Movement disorders in encephalitis Erich Schmutzhard and Werner Poewe
21. Sleep-related movement disorders Birgit Frauscher and Cynthia L. Comella
22. The borderland between epilepsy and movement disorders Tasneem Peeraully, Eng-King Tan and Ryuji Kaji
23. Movement disorders associated with neuromuscular disorders and peripheral neuropathies Philip D. Thompson
Part V. Systemic Complications of Movement Disorders:
24. Dysautonomia in movement disorders Gregor K. Wenning and Alessandra Fanciulli
25. Gastrointestinal complications of movement disorders Jessica B. Lehosit and Leslie J. Cloud
26. Respiratory complications of movement disorders Raja Mehanna and Joseph Jankovic
27. Movement disorders emergencies Ritesh A. Ramdhani and Steven J. Frucht


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