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Libreria medica internazionale
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Monitoring in Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
ReichKahn, Mittnacht, Leibowitz, Stone, Eisenkraft
Cambridge University Press
90,00 €
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Monitoring in Anesthesia and Perioperative Care is a practical and comprehensive resource documenting the current art and science of perioperative patient monitoring, addressing the systems-based practice issues that drive the highly regulated health care industry of the early twenty-first century. Initial chapters cover the history, medicolegal implications, validity of measurement and education issues relating to monitoring. The core of the book addresses the many monitoring modalities, with the majority of the chapters organized in a systematic fashion to describe technical concepts, parameters monitored, evidence of utility complications, credentialing and monitoring standards, and practice guidelines. Describing each device, technique and principle of clinical monitoring in an accessible style, Monitoring in Anesthesia and Perioperative Care is full of invaluable advice from the leading experts in the field, making it an essential tool for every anesthesiologist.


• Consistent chapter structure allows reader to understand principles more easily
• Extensive coverage of all available devices, scales and assessment tools
• Covers both intraoperative and postoperative techniques: PACU and ICU monitoring modalities are included


Foreword C. L. Lake
Preface D. L. Reich
1. The history of anesthesia and perioperative monitoring David L. Reich
2. Medicolegal implications of monitoring Jeffrey M. Feldman
3. Validity, accuracy, and repeatability of monitoring variables Daniel M. Thys and Jung Kim
4. Teaching monitoring skills Samuel DeMaria, Adam I. Levine and Yasuharu Okuda
5. Electrocardiography Alexander J. C. Mittnacht and Martin London
6. Arterial pressure monitoring Alexander J. C. Mittnacht and Tuula S. O. Kurki
7. Central venous and pulmonary artery catheterization Deborah Dubensky and Alexander J. C. Mittnacht
8. Cardiac output and intravascular volume Mukul Kapoor and Marc Stone
9. Gastric tonometry Elliot Bennett-Guerrero
10. Oxygen delivery, transport and tissue oxygen tension: critical monitoring in the ICU Jayashree Raikhelkar and Peter J. Papadakos
11. Transeosophageal echocardiography Ronald A. Kahn and Gregory W. Fischer
12. Ultrasound guidance of vascular catheterization Andrew B. Leibowitz and Jonathan Elmer
13. Ultrasound guidance for regional anesthesia procedures Christina L. Jeng and Meg A. Rosenblatt
14. Respiratory gas monitoring James B. Eisenkraft
15. Monitoring pressure, volume, and flow in the anesthesia breathing system James B. Eisenkraft
16. Pulse oximetry Tuula S. O. Kurki and James B. Eisenkraft
17. Neurological intraoperative electrophysiologic monitoring Michael L. McGarvey and Albert T. Cheung
18. Level of consciousness monitoring Marc J. Bloom
19. Transcranial doppler Dean B. Andropoulos
20. Multi-modality monitoring in critically ill neurological patients Jennifer A. Frontera
21. Near infrared spectroscopy Dean B. Andropoulos
22. Perioperative monitoring of neuromuscular function Aaron F. Kopman
23. Critical care testing in the operating room: electrolytes, glucose, acid-base, blood gases Lakshmi V. Ramanathan, Judit Tolnai and Michael S. Lewis
24. Laboratory-based tests of blood clotting Nathaen Weitzel, Tamas Seres and Glenn P. Gravlee
25. Coagulation and hematologic point-of-care testing Liza J. Erniquez and Linda Shore-Lesserson
26. Cardiac biomarkers for perioperative management Anoushka Afonso and Eric Adler
27. Endocrine testing in the operating room Lakshmi V. Ramanathan and Michael S. Lewis
28. Temperature monitoring David Wax and Justin Lipper
29. Fetal heart rate monitoring Howard H. Bernstein
30. Pain scales Jonathan Epstein, Diana Mungall and Yaakov Beilin
31. Neurological clinical scales Jennifer A. Frontera
32. Post-anesthesia care unit assessment scales David Bronheim and Richard S. Gist
33. Delirium monitoring: scales and assessments Brigid Flynn and Corey Scurlock
34. Intensive care unit (ICU) risk scoring Adel Bassily-Marcus and Roopa Kohli-Seth
35. Computers and monitoring: information management systems, alarms and drug delivery David Wax and Matthew Levin
Appendix. Monitoring recommendations for common types of surgical procedures Samuel DeMaria, Timothy Mooney and Jenny Kam.


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