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Libreria medica internazionale
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Molecular Surgical Pathology
Cheng, Eble
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  • ​Written by experts in this field
  • Richly illustrated with high quality color illustrations and microphotographs
  • Organized in a user friendly outline format​

Molecular Surgical Pathology provides a concise review of recent advancement of molecular pathology in each organ system. The text is intended as a “first knowledge base” in the rapidly evolving field of molecular pathology and is organized in a user friendly outline format. Each chapter is organ-based and covers important aspects of molecular pathology and its impact on our daily practice of surgical pathology. The topics presented herein constitute the fundamentals and core base of knowledge required for the daily practice of surgical pathology. This book focuses on the practical utilities of molecular techniques and molecular biomarkers in daily practice of surgical pathology. The emphasis is on the impact of molecular pathology for tumor classification, diagnosis and differential diagnosis as well as its implications for patient management and personalized care. Numerous tables, diagrams and color illustrations are included throughout. 

Molecular Surgical Pathology will prove a very useful resource for pathologists in training who are preparing for the Board and in-service examination.  It will also be a unique and invaluable resource for medical oncologists, physicians, other medical professionals and basic research scientists with interest in molecular pathology of human cancers.


Chapter 1. Molecular Pathology of Colorectal Cancer 
Fred T Bosman, MD

Chapter 2. Molecular Pathology of Pancreatic  Cancer 
Laura D Wood, N Volkan Adsay, Ralph H Hruban

Chapter 3. Molecular Pathology of Liver Tumors 
Thomas Longerich MD, Kai Breuhahn MD, Peter Schirmacher MD

Chapter 4. Molecular Pathology of Gallbladder Cancer 
Juan Carlos Roa MD, Volkan Adsay MD

Chapter 5. Molecular Pathology of Lung Cancers 
Lynette M. Sholl, MD and Neal I. Lindeman, MD

Chapter 6. Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer 
Alejandro Ariel Gru, MD and Donald Craig Allred, MD

Chapter 7. Molecular Pathology of Ovarian Cancer 
Kruti P Maniar, MD, Ie-Ming Shih, MD, PhD, Robert J Kurman, MD

Chapter 8. Molecular Pathology of Endometrial Cancer 
Xavier Matias-Guiu, MD, PhD & Jaime Prat, MD, PhD, FRCPath

Chapter 9. Molecular Pathology of Kidney Tumors 
Sean R. Williamson, MD, John N. Eble, MD, MBA, Liang Cheng, MD

Chapter 10. Molecular Pathology of Prostate Cancer 
Bora Gurel, Riley E. Alexander, Liang Cheng, Angelo M. De Marzo

Chapter 11. Molecular Pathology of Urinary Bladder Cancer 
George J Netto, MD and Liang Cheng, MD

Chapter 12. Molecular Pathology of Testicular Cancer 
Katharina Biermann, MD, PhD, Leendert H.J. Looijenga, PhD

Chapter 13. Molecular Pathology of Cutaneous Melanoma and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer 
Andrea Saggini, MD; Boris Bastian, MD

Chapter 14. Molecular Pathology of Head and Neck Cancer 
Audrey P Calzada, MD; Maie A St. John, MD, PhD; Elliot Abemayor, MD, PhD; David TW Wong, DMD, DMSc

Chapter 15. Molecular Pathology of Soft Tissue and Bone Tumors 
Neal I. Lindeman, MD and Paola Dal Cin, PhD

Chapter 16. Molecular Pathology of the Central Nervous System  
Brent T. Harris, MD, PhD AND Eyas M. Hattab, MD

Chapter 17. Molecular Pathology of Endocrine Cancers 
Ricardo V. Lloyd, MD, PhD; Long Jin, MD; Darya Buehler, MD, Heather Hardin, MA,  Weihua Shan, PhD


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