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Libreria medica internazionale
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Molecular Genetic Pathology
Cheng, Zhang, Eble
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  • Extensively revised and expanded to cover all aspects of molecular genetic pathology
  • Written by internationally recognized authorities
  • Most commonly used techniques and their clinical applications
  • Concise outline format for quick reference
  • Up-to-date references, principles and explanations
Molecular Genetic Pathology, Second Edition presents up-to-date material containing fundamental information relevant to the clinical practice of molecular genetic pathology. Fully updated in each area and expanded to include identification of new infectious agents (H1N1), new diagnostic biomarkers and biomarkers for targeted cancer therapy. This edition is also expanded to include the many new technologies that have become available in the past few years such as microarray (AmpliChip) and high throughput deep sequencing, which will certainly change the clinical practice of molecular genetic pathology. Part I examines the clinical aspects of molecular biology and technology, genomics. Poharmacogenomics and proteomics, while Part II covers the clinically relevant information of medical genetics, hematology, transfusion medicine, oncology, and forensic pathology. Supplemented with many useful figures and presented in a helpful bullet-point format, Molecular Genetic Pathology, Second Edition provides a unique reference for practicing pathologists, oncologists, internists, and medical genetisists.  Furthermore, a book with concise overview of the field and highlights of clinical applications will certainly help those trainees, including pathology residents, genetics residents, molecular pathology fellows, internists, hematology/oncology fellows, and medical technologists in preparing for their board examination/certification.

Table of contents

Part I General Sections
 Section I:  Basic Principles
1 Principles of Clinical Molecular Biology
 Shaobo Zhang, MD, Darrell D. Davidson, MD, PhD, and Liang Cheng, MD
2 Principles of Clinical Cytogenetics
 Stuart Schwartz, PhD, FACMG
3 Conceptual Evolution in Cancer Biology
 Shaobo Zhang, MD, Darrell D. Davidson, MD, PhD, Rodolfo Montironi, MD, Antonio Lopez-Beltran, MD, Gregory T. MacLennan,  and Liang Cheng, MD
4 Genetic Inheritance and Population Genetics
 Tatiana Foroud, PhD,  and Daniel L. Koller, PhD
5 Clonality Analysis and Tumor of Unknown Primary: Applications in Modern Oncology and Surgical Pathology
 Liang Cheng, MD, Shaobo Zhang, MD, Federico A. Monzon, MD,  Timothy D. Jones, MD
6 Modern Immunohistochemistry in Targeted Therapy
 Allen M. Gown
7 Systems Pathology
 Jose Costa, MD and Michael Donovan, MD
 Section II:  Methodology
8 Diagnostic Methodology and Technology
 Josephine Wu MD, Fei Ye MD, Miao Cui MD, Robert Shibata MD, Ruliang Xu MD, Liang Cheng MD, David Y. Zhang MD
9 Clinical Flow Cytometry
 Magdalena Czader, MD, PhD
10 Clinical Genomics in Oncology
 Hugo M. Horlings, MD, PhD Thalia Farazi, MD, PhD and
 Marc van de Vijver, MD, PhD
11 Clinical Proteomics
 David H. Geho, MD, PhD, Virginia Espina, MS, Lance A. Liotta, MD, PhD, Emanuel F. Petricoin, PhD, and Julia D. Wulfkuhle, PhD
12 Nanotechnology in Molecular Diagnostics
 Andrew N Young MD PhD and Brad A Kairdolf PhD
13 Gene Therapy: Vector Technology and Clinical Applications
 Sunyong Tang, PhD and Kenneth Cornetta, MD
14 Instrumentation for Molecular Testing
 Jordan Laser MD, Miao Cui MD, Bruce E. Petersen MD, Fei Ye MD, David Y. Zhang MD
15 Tissue Microarrays and Biomarker Validation
 Martina Storz, BS and Holger Moch, MD
16 Laser Capture Microdissection  Liang Cheng MD, Shaobo Zhang MD, Darrell D. Davidson MD,  Matthew Kuhar MD, Mingsheng Wang MD, David Y. Zhang MD, Gregory T. MacLennan MD
17 Human Tissue Biorepository
 William E. Grizzle, Katherine C. Sexton, Walter C. Bell
18 Pathology Informatics
 Roy E Lee MD, Long P Le MD PhD, John R Gilbertson MD

 Part II. Clinical Application and Disease-Based Sections
 Section III:  Genetic Disorders
19 Prenatal Cytogenetic and Cytogenomic Diagnosis
 Ninette Cohen, PhD and Lisa Edelmann, PhD
20 Molecular Medical Genetics
 Lisa Edelmann, PhD, Stuart A. Scott, PhD, Liu Liu, PhD,
 Ruth Kornreich, PhD
21 Biochemical Genetics and Inborn Errors of Metabolism
 Chunli Yu, MD, Melissa Wasserstein, MD, George Diaz, MD, PhD
22 Molecular Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease
 Abigail E Southard, BA and Bruce D Gelb, MD
23 Familial Cancer Syndromes
 Beth Harrison, MD, Rodolfo Montironi, MD, Antonio Lopez-Beltran, MD, Michelle P. Elieff, MD, Liang Cheng, MD
24 Genetic Counseling
 Kimberly A Quaid, PhD and Lisa J Cushman, PhD
 Section IV:  Molecular Microbiology
25 Molecular Virology
 Fei Ye MD, Miao Cui MD, Rame Khasawneh MD, Robert Shibata MD, Josephine Wu MD, Mona Sharaan MD, David Y. Zhang MD
26 Molecular Bacteriology and Mycobacteriology
 Jeong Hwan Shin, MD, PhD, Mona Sharaan, MD, Josephine Wu, DDS, CLSP(MB), CLDIR, Miao Cui, MD, David Y. Zhang, MD, PhD, MPH, Yi-Wei Tang, MD, PhD
27 Molecular Parasitology and Mycology
 Vincent J LaBombardi, PhD, Wei Wang, PhD
28 Molecular Microbiology in Transplantation
 Adnan A Alatoom, MD and Robin Patel, MD
29 Molecular Microbiology Epidemiology
 Miao Cui MD, Fei Ye MD, David Y. Zhang MD
 Section V: Hematologic Malignancies
30 Principle of Immunoglobulin and T Cell Receptor Gene Rearrangement
 Jeffrey E. Miller, PhD
31 Molecular Diagnostics of Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Lymphoma
 Zeqiu J Han, MD and Dan Jones, MD, PhD
32 Molecular Diagnostics of Myeloid Neoplasms
 C Cameron Yin, MD, PhD and Dan Jones, MD, PhD
33 Molecular Diagnostics of Lymphoid Malignancies
 Vasiliki Leventaki, MD and Francisco Vega, MD, PhD
34 Molecular Diagnostics of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and Myelodysplastic Syndromes
 Gerlinde Wernig, MD, and Daniel A. Arber, MD
35 Molecular Diagnostics of Lymphoproliferative Disorders
 Timothy C. Greiner, MD
 Section VI: Hematological Disorders and Specialized Applications
36 Molecular Testing for Coagulation Abnormalities
 Veshana Ramiah, MD and Thomas L. Ortel, MD, PhD
37 Molecular Hemoglobinopathies
 Tina Y. Fodrie, BS, MT, MP (ASCP), Shaobo Zhang, MD, Minaxiben Patel, MT, MP (ASCP), Jodi A. Parks, MD, and Liang Cheng, MD
38 The HLA System and Transfusion Medicine: Molecular Approach
 S Yoon Choo, MD

39 Clinical Pharmacogenomics
 Catalina Lopez-Correa, MD, PhD and Lawrence M. Gelbert, PhD
40 Molecular Forensic Pathology
 Stephen R. Dlouhy, PhD and P. Michael Conneally, PhD
41 Specimen Identification and Bone Marrow Engraftment Analysis
 Loren J Joseph, MD
42 Circulating Tumor Cells: The Liquid Biopsy for Molecular Pathology
 Jeffrey S. Ross, MD
 Section VII:  Laboratory Management
43 Ethical and Legal Issues in Molecular Testing
 Kimberly A. Quaid, PhD
44 Regulatory Issues in Molecular Testing
 Frank S. Ong MD, Wayne W. Grody MD PhD, Kingshuk Das, MD
45 Molecular Pathology Reporting
 Stacey S. O’Neill MD PhD and Margaret L. Gulley MD
46 Quality Assurance and Laboratory Inspection
 Kristin M. Post, MT(ASCP) and Liang Cheng, MD



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