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Libreria medica internazionale
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Landmark Papers in Anaesthesia
Webster, Galley
Oxford University Press
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  • Part of the groundbreaking Landmark Papers in... series
  • Contributions from world acclaimed experts in their fields

Evidence-based medicine is a concept that is at the forefront of anaesthesia. Clinicians are increasingly encouraged to practise patient management based on available evidence in the scientific literature. For example, new anaesthesia methods, e.g. regional anaesthesia, are being used more frequently based on case studies that show the efficacy and cost-savings associated with the treatment. Additionally, considering that many anaesthetists are required to cover a range of areas, information discussing proven methods as well as pitfalls to avoid are valuable to all those working in the field.

This book provides a detailed summary of the most important trials and studies in anaesthesia, ranging from neuroanaesthesia and anaesthesia for transplant, to paediatric and thoracic anaesthesia, allowing the reader to rapidly extract key results. Each chapter is written by a prominent anaesthetist in that particular field, and papers have been selected on a number of criteria, included impact factor, authors' choices, or even because the conclusions reached do not indicate best practice. With this wealth of information collected into this newest volume in the 'Landmark Papers in' series, Landmark Papers in Anaesthesia is essential reading for all practicing anaesthetists.

Readership: Trainee and consultant anaesthetists around the world.

1: A Srivastava and JM Hunter: Neuromuscular blockade
2: NJ Allan and AT Cohen: Anaesthetic equipment
3: HC Hemmings Jr: Inhaled and Intravenous anaesthetics
4: JK Oosterhuis and AR Absalom: Total intravenous anaesthesia
5: PS Myles: Monitoring
6: MPW Grocott and M Mythen: Optimization
7: AM Moller: Complications of anaesthesia
8: A Jenkins: Mechanisms of anaesthesia
9: HBJ Fischer: Local anaesthesia
10: ML Riess and JR Kersten: Perioperative cardioprotection
11: K Ferguson and J Dinsmore: Neuroanaesthesia
12: J Macdonald and A Macfie: Thoracic anaesthesia
13: A Lumb and L Jobling: Anaesthesia for vascular surgery
14: MC Bellamy and S Flood: Anaesthesia for major abdominal surgery
15: RM Planinsic, IA Hilmi and T Sakai: Liver transplantation anaesthesia
16: G Lyons: Obstetric anaesthesia
17: CA Deegan and DJ Buggy: Airway management
18: P-A Lönnqvist: Paediatric anaesthesia
19: PM Hopkins and A Urwyler: Malignant hyperthermia


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