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Libreria medica internazionale
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Interventional Pain Medicine
Anita Gupta
Oxford University Press
72,00 €
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  • Concisely written and supplemented with numerous tables and figures.
  • Detailed instructions on management techniques.
  • Offers in-depth discussions as well as rapid and easy review.

The care of pain patients often requires a specialized knowledge base and skill set that goes beyond that of the general management of patients. Interventional Pain Medicine provides comprehensive, point-of-care information for providers of pain therapies in a portable, easy-to-navigate format. With continued advances made on interventions available to treat pain, this book offers up-to-date details and instructions on procedural techniques as well as concise yet informative discussions on anatomy, indications, preparation, and complications. Chapters are clustered into six different sections for easy review: Introduction, Cervical Spinal Injections, Lumbar Spinal Injections, Pelvic and Sacral Injections, Sympathetic Blocks, and Advanced Neuromodulation Interventions. A perfect resource for residents and fellows as well as a ready reference for practitioners, this book thoroughly covers the field of interventional management of pain patients.

Readership: Anesthesiology residents and physicians; Pain Management clinicians

Section 1: Introduction to Interventional Pain Management
1.1 Basic Anatomy of Spine
1.2 Pharmacologic Agents
1.3 Imaging of the Spine
1.4 Preparation for Procedure
1.5 Basic Surgical Skills
Section 2: Cervical Spinal Injections
2.1 Cervical Interlaminar Epidural Injection
2.2 Cervical Transforaminal Epidural Injection
2.3 Cervical Medial Branch Blocks and Radiofrequency Ablation
Section 3: Lumbar Spinal Injections
3.1 Lumbar Interlaminar Epidural Injection
3.2 Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Injection
3.3 Lumbar Medial Branch Block
3.4 Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation
3.5 Lumbar Discography
3.6 Trandiscal Biaculoplasty
3.7 Kyphoplasty
3.8 Percutaneous Discetomy
Section 4: Pelvic and Sacral Injections
4.1 Caudal Epidural Injection
4.2 Caudal Adhesiolysis
4.3 Sacroiliac Joint Injection
4.4 Sacroiliac Radiofrequency Ablation
Section 5: Sympathetic Blocks
5.1 Stellate Ganglion Block
5.2 Lumbar Sympathetic Block
5.3 Superior Hypogastric Block
5.4 Celiac Plexus Block
Section 6: Advanced Neuromodulation Interventions
6.1 Spinal Cord Stimulation
6.2 Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems


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