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Inflammatory Skin Disorders
Plaza, Prieto, Suste
Demos Medical
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The Demos Surgical Pathology Guides series presents in summary and visual form the basic knowledge base that every practicing pathologist needs every working day. Series volumes cover the major specialty areas of surgical pathology, and coverage emphasizes the key entities and diagnoses that pathologists will see in practice, and that they must know whether in training or practice. The emphasis is on the basic morphology with newer techniques represented where they are frequently used. The series provides a handy summary and quick reference that any pathology resident or fellow will find useful. Experienced practitioners will find the series valuable as a portable ìrefresher courseî or review tool.

Inflammatory Skin Disorders, the third volume in the Demos Surgical Pathology Series provides essential information on a range of key inflammatory skin diagnoses, including but not limited to those that pathologists commonly see in daily practice. Inflammatory Skin Disorders describes the major patterns of skin inflammatory conditions along with the most common entities included in each differential diagnosis.

The chapters cover the histologic patterns including inflammatory reactions primarily involving the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue, cutaneous deposition and metabolic disorders, infectious diseases of the skin, and more. Inflammatory Skin Disorders is highly illustrated throughout and provides a handy summary and quick reference guide for pathology residents and serves as a useful quick reference guide for the more experienced pathologist.

Series Foreword; Preface; 1. Inflammatory Reactions Primarily Limited to the Epidermis 2. Lichenoid/Vacuolar Interface Dermatitis; 3. Bullous and Acantholytic Dermatoses; 4. Inflammatory Reactions Primarily Involving the Dermis and Subcutis; 5. Inflammatory Reactions Primarily Involving the Subcutaneous Tissue; 6. Cutaneous Deposition and Metabolic Disorders; 7. Selected Genodermatosis; 8. Alopecias; 9. Infectious Diseases of the Skin; References; Index


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