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Infectious Disease Surveillance, 2nd Edition
M'ikanatha, Lynfield, Van Beneden, de Valk
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This fully updated edition of Infectious Disease Surveillance is for frontline public health practitioners, epidemiologists, and clinical microbiologists who are engaged in communicable disease control. It is also a foundational text for trainees in public health, applied epidemiology, postgraduate medicine and nursing programs. 

The second edition portrays both the conceptual framework and practical aspects of infectious disease surveillance. It is a comprehensive resource designed to improve the tracking of infectious diseases and to serve as a starting point in the development of new surveillance systems. Infectious Disease Surveillance includes over 45 chapters from over 100 contributors, and topics organized into six sections based on major themes.

Section One highlights the critical role surveillance plays in public health and it provides an overview of the current International Health Regulations (2005) in addition to successes and challenges in infectious disease eradication. 

Section Two describes surveillance systems based on logical program areas such as foodborne illnesses, vector-borne diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, viral hepatitis healthcare and transplantation associated infections. Attention is devoted to programs for monitoring unexplained deaths, agents of bioterrorism, mass gatherings, and disease associated with international travel.

Sections Three and Four explore the uses of the Internet and wireless technologies to advance infectious disease surveillance in various settings with emphasis on best practices based on deployed systems. They also address molecular laboratory methods, and statistical and geospatial analysis, and evaluation of systems for early epidemic detection.

Sections Five and Six discuss legal and ethical considerations, communication strategies and applied epidemiology-training programs. The rest of the chapters offer public-private partnerships, as well lessons from the 2009-2010 H1N1 influenza pandemic and future directions for infectious disease surveillance.

  • Table of Contents

Contributors, x

Foreword to the Second Edition, xix
Stephen B. Thacker & Denis M. Coulombier

Foreword to the First Edition, xxi
Anne Schuchat & Jean-Claude Desenclos

Preface to Second Edition, xxiii
Nkuchia M. M’ikanatha, Ruth Lynfield, Chris A. Van Beneden, & Henriette de Valk

Preface to First Edition, xxv
Nkuchia M. M’ikanatha, Ruth Lynfield, Chris Van Beneden, & Henriette de Valk

Acknowledgments, xxvii

Weighing of the Heart, xxviii
Polyxeni Potter

Section 1: Introduction to Infectious Disease Surveillance

1 Infectious Disease Surveillance: A Cornerstone for Prevention and Control, 3
Nkuchia M. M’ikanatha, Ruth Lynfield, Kathleen G. Julian, Chris A. Van Beneden, & Henriette de Valk

2 Origins and Progress in Surveillance Systems, 21
Stephen B. Thacker & Donna F. Stroup

3 Use of Surveillance in Disease Eradication Efforts, 32

Part 1: Introduction to the Concept and Use of Surveillance in the Eradication of Smallpox, 32
D.A. Henderson

Part 2: Lessons Learned in Guinea Worm Disease (Dracunculiasis) Eradication, 41
Samuel Makoy, Steven R. Becknell, Alexander H. Jones, Gabriel Waat, Ernesto Ruiz-tiben, & Donald R. Hopkins

Part 3: Surveillance for Measles Eradication in Countries with Limited Resources, 54
Mark Grabowsky, Mac Otten, & Balcha Masresha

4 Infectious Disease Surveillance and the International Health Regulations, 62
Bruce J. Plotkin & Maxwell C. Hardiman

5 Supranational Surveillance in the European Union, 81
Andrea Ammon & Edward van Straten

Section 2: Program Area Surveillance Systems

6 Active, Population-based Surveillance for Infectious Diseases, 95
Chris A. Van Beneden, Melissa Arvay, Somsak Thamthitiwat, & Ruth Lynfield

7 Surveillance for Foodborne Diseases, 109

Part 1: Approaches to Surveillance for Foodborne Diseases, 109
Elaine Scallan, Barbara Mahon, & Danilo Lo Fo Wong

Part 2: Investigation of Foodborne Disease Outbreaks, 120
Stephanie D. Meyer, Kirk E. Smith, & Craig Hedberg

Part 3: Surveillance for Antimicrobial Resistance Among Foodborne Bacteria—the US Approach, 129
Jean M. Whichard, Kathryn Gay, Heather Tate, & Tom M. Chiller

8 Surveillance for Zoonotic Diseases, 143
Mira J. Leslie & James J. Kazmierczak

9 Surveillance for Vector-borne Diseases, 157
Lyle R. Petersen & James L. Hadler

10 Surveillance for Vaccine-preventable Diseases, 174
Hanna M. Nohynek & Elizabeth Miller

11 Public Health Surveillance for Vaccine Adverse Events, 187
John K. Iskander & Yenlik Zheteyeva

12 Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Surveillance, 200
Lynnette Brammer, Alicia P. Budd, & Lyn Finelli

13 Surveillance for Agents of Bioterrorism in the USA, 211
Richard N. Danila & Aaron T. Fleischauer

14 Surveillance for Unexplained Infectious Disease-related Deaths, 223
Ruth Lynfield, Kurt B. Nolte, Ann M. Schmitz, & Marc Fischer

15 Surveillance for Tuberculosis, 234
Delphine Antoine & Ibrahim Abubakar

16 Surveillance for Healthcare-associated Infections, 248
Petra Gastmeier, Bruno Coignard, & Teresa C. Horan

17 Biovigilance: Designing and Implementing Surveillance Systems for the Safety and Quality of Blood, Organs, and Tissues, 261
Matthew J. Kuehnert, Robert P. Wise, & Jerry A. Holmberg

18 Surveillance for Antimicrobial Resistance and Trends in Antimicrobial Utilization, 274
Katherine Fleming-Dutra, Lauri A. Hicks, & Hajo Grundmann

19 Surveillance for Viral Hepatitis in Europe, 288
Mary E. Ramsay, Koye Balogun, Catherine Quigley, & Chee Fu Yung

20 Surveillance for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in the USA, 304
Eve D. Mokotoff & R. Luke Shouse

21 Surveillance for Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome for Countries in Transition, 317

Part 1: Surveillance for Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in India, 317
Rubina Imtiaz, Renu Garg, & Madhulekha Bhattacharya

Part 2: Surveillance for Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in Russia, 327
Dmitry M. Kissin, Charles R. Vitek, Evgeny Voronin, & Susan D. Hillis

Part 3: Surveillance for Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in South Africa, 334
Thomas M. Rehle & Gita Ramjee

22 Surveillance for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 343
Samuel L. Groseclose, Michael C. Samuel, Joan M. Chow, & Hillard Weinstock

23 Communicable Disease Surveillance During Complex Emergencies, 361
Marta Valenciano, Francisco J. Luquero, & Alain Moren

24 Infectious Disease Surveillance in Globally Mobile Populations, 376
Katrin S. Kohl & Alfonso Rodriguez-Lainz

25 Surveillance for Infectious Diseases in Mass Gatherings, 388
Andrea M. Forde

Section 3: Internet- and Wireless-based Information Systems in Infectious Disease Surveillance

26 Use of the Web to Enhance Infectious Disease Surveillance, 403
Nkuchia M. M’ikanatha, Dale D. Rohn, Toby McAdams, David P. Welliver, & Kathleen G. Julian

27 Web-based Sentinel Provider Surveillance Network in France, 418
Thierry Blanchon

28 Electronic Surveillance for Infectious Diseases in Germany, 426
Gerard Krause

29 Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting for Public Health Surveillance, 434
Perry F. Smith, Guthrie S. Birkhead, & J.A. Magnuson

30 Mobile Technology for Infectious Disease Surveillance, 447
Herman D. Tolentino, John S. Brownstein, Barbara L. Massoudi, & Mehran S. Massoudi

31 The Global Public Health Intelligence Network, 457
Abla Mawudeku, Michael Blench, Louise Boily, Ron St. John, Roberta Andraghetti, & Martha Ruben

32 Syndromic Surveillance for Infectious Diseases, 470
Julie A. Pavlin

Section 4: Molecular Methods, Data Analyses, and Evaluation of Surveillance Systems

33 Use of Molecular Epidemiology in Infectious Disease Surveillance, 485
John M. Besser

34 Software Applications, Resources, and Introduction to Statistical Analysis, 502

Part 1: Examples of Software Application and Web-based Resources for Infectious Disease Surveillance, 502
John H. Holmes, Michael C. Samuel, Gilles Desv´e, & Joseph M. Hilbe

Part 2: Analysis and Interpretation of Reportable Infectious Disease Data, 508
Mindy J. Perilla & Elizabeth R. Zell

35 Analysis and Interpretation of Case-based Infectious Disease Surveillance Data: Human Immunodeficiency Virus-related Morbidity and Mortality Surveillance in the USA, 522
Lisa M. Lee & George W. Rutherford

36 Statistical Modeling of Infectious Disease Surveillance Data, 535
Leonhard Held & Michaela Paul

37 Geospatial Technologies and Spatial Data Analysis, 545

Part 1: Geographic Information System Approaches to Data Analysis, 545
Chester G. Moore & Jerome E. Freier

Part 2: Use of Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis in Infectious Disease Surveillance in North America and East Africa, 558
Sunny Mak & Rebecca J. Eisen

38 Evaluation of Syndromic Surveillance Systems that Use Healthcare Data, 565
Samuel L. Groseclose, David L. Buckeridge, & James W. Buehler

Section 5: Basic Considerations, Communications, and Training in Infectious Disease Surveillance

39 Legal Basis for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control in the USA, 583
Richard E. Hoffman & Frederic E. Shaw

40 Ethics and Public Health Surveillance, 596
Amy L. Fairchild & David M. Johns

41 Communication in Infectious Disease Surveillance, 607

Part 1: Communication, Mass Media Relations, and Infectious Disease Surveillance, 607
Brian G. Southwell, Barbara J. Reynolds, & Kate Fowlie

Part 2: Health Communication Case Study, 618
Jeffrey D. Klausner & Katherine Ahrens

42 Training in Infectious Disease Surveillance: Contributions of the Epidemic Intelligence Service and European Field Epidemiology Training Programs, 623
Denise Koo, Douglas H. Hamilton, & Arnold Bosman

43 Surveillance Training for Fogarty International Fellows from Eastern Europe and Central Asia: the New York State Experience, 636
Dale L. Morse, Robert A. Bednarczyk, & Louise-Anne McNutt

Section 6: Partnerships, Policy, and Preparedness

44 Public–Private Partnerships in Infectious Disease Surveillance, 649
Andrew Friede

45 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Surveillance in the USA, 657
Michael A. Jhung, Lynnette Brammer, & Lyn Finelli

46 Future Directions in Infectious Disease Surveillance, 668
Ruth Lynfield, Nkuchia M. M’ikanatha, Chris A. Van Beneden, & Henriette de Valk

Index 671



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