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Libreria medica internazionale
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Images in Urology
Bott, Patel, Djavan, Caroll
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  • Centred around intricate urological images often encountered in diagnosis.
  • Text throughout will be clear, concise and to the point by only including the salient points needed for a good understanding of each image and situation.
  •  Edited by highly established urological surgeons, radiologists and pathologist, thus creating a nicely rounded piece of literature. Contributors primarily UK based but with an international editorial team.
  • Comprehensive cover of the most important urological conditions to enable the reader to appreciate the full differential diagnosis and how to get to the correct diagnosis.
  •  Concise text to explain what the image shows and how this leads to a diagnosis, to allow a description and focused discussion on the image and disease shown.
  • Outstanding quality images from the leading experts in their respective fields, to produce a book that is pleasurable and educational to read.

Images in Urology is a unique book that integrates images of urological conditions within their clinical context. Improvements in imaging techniques have meant greater diagnostic power and a dramatic rise in the number and quality of images obtained and viewed by practicing clinicians. None more so than in the field of urology, where static and dynamic images are fundamental to the diagnosis and treatment of almost all conditions. This book presents images of radiological and radionucleotide scans, macroscopic and microscopic histopathology specimens, urodynamic traces and photographs of dermatological conditions relating to urology. Each section has a series of questions, often relating to a clinical scenario, about the images. A comprehensive answer provides a description of each image and of the condition shown. Details of how to interpret the image and the use of contrast or staining methods to help differentiate normal anatomy from pathology are included. Images in Urology is an essential tool for urology, radiology and histopathology  trainees and consultants, as well as being an excellent exam preparation guide.

Introduction – The Production of Radiological and Histopathological Images.- Kidneys and Ureters.- The Adrenal.- The Retroperitoneum.- The Bladder.- The Prostate.- The Testes and Their Adnexae.- The Penis.- Urodynamics.


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