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Illustrated Anatomy of the Head and Neck
Fehrenbach, Herring
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Featuring a robust collection of full-color illustrations and photographs, Illustrated Anatomy of the Head and Neck, 4th Edition, provides a complete look at head and neck anatomy, with an emphasis on the specific anatomy of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Chapters are organized by anatomical systems, including one covering the anatomical basis of local anesthesia and another on the spread of dental infection. Written by educators Margaret Fehrenbach and Susan Herring, this edition adds new illustrations and cutting-edge, evidence-based information on topics such as caries risk, periodontal disease, local anesthesia administration, and infection control. Combine this book with Bath-Balogh & Fehrenbach's Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy, and you will gain the basic scientific knowledge needed for everyday clinical dental practice.

  • Comprehensive coverage provides a solid foundation in head and neck anatomy, with in-depth discussion of the TMJ and its role in dental health and additional material on the anatomy of local anesthesia and the spread of dental infection.
  • Approachable writing style presents cutting-edge content and the latest evidence-based information in a way that may be easily grasped and applied.
  • More than 400 full-color illustrations and clinical photographs show models and patients within a clinical setting.

  • 28 removable color flashcards offer on-the-go study, with key images on one side and corresponding labels on the back.
  • Identification exercises in each chapter ask you to label the different structures to test your knowledge of anatomy.
  • Multiple-choice review questions in each chapter include a mixture of knowledge- and application-based content, and prepare you for the national board examinations in dental assisting and dental hygiene.
  • Easy-to-read tables and boxes summarize concepts and procedures.
  • Key terms begin each chapter, accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, and are highlighted within the chapter.
  • Learning objectives open each chapter with goals to be accomplished, also serve as checkpoints for comprehension, skills mastery, and study tools in preparation for examinations.

  • A glossary offers quick and handy access to all the key terms and definitions used in the book.

New To This Edition:
  • Updated content includes evidence-based information on hot topics such as caries risk, periodontal disease, local anesthesia administration, and infection control.
  • NEW! Additional full-color illustrations and photographs support text descriptions and help ensure complete comprehension.
  • Updated review questions are included in every chapter to correlate with new content.
  • A companion Evolve website offers more practice with case studies, image identification, and flashcards.


Table Of Contents:

1. Introduction to Head and Neck Anatomy

2. Surface Anatomy

3. Skeletal System

4. Muscular System

5. Temporomandibular Joint

6. Vascular System

7. Glandular Tissue

8. Nervous System

9. Anatomy of Local Anesthesia

10. Lymphatic System

11. Fascia and Spaces

12. Spread of Dental Infection

Appendix A: Procedures for the Performance of Extraoral and Intraoral Examinations


Glossary of Key Terms and Anatomical Structures




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