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Libreria medica internazionale
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Handbook of Obesity – Volume 2: Clinical Applications, Fourth Edition
Bray, Bouchard
CRC Press
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  • Discusses techniques for assessing levels of obesity
  • Explores the results of prevention strategy efforts for adults and children, including re-engineering the environment to encourage physical activity
  • Examines the role of the primary care physician in the management of obese patients
  • Discusses drugs that produce weight gain and loss
  • Reviews surgical options such as laparoscopic banding and liposuction



Now in its fourth edition, this book has become the premier reference for physicians and researchers in the field of obesity. It offers unparalleled depth and breadth of coverage concerning this growing global and chronic disease that affects and exacerbates co-morbid conditions including diabetes and heart disease.

The new edition contains 37 chapters spanning the genetic evaluation of the obese and cultural perceptions of its treatment to the range of medical and surgical management options and the evolving role of government policy in education, regulation, and research. Eighteen of the book’s chapters are dedicated to the medical management of obesity, with separate chapters dedicated to discussing individual obesity drugs. This section will be of particular interest to our corporate clients and to physicians around the world looking for a comprehensive, and up-to-date, guide to treating obese patients. The use of surgical management techniques has grown exponentially in conjunction with soaring obesity rates As a consequence, six additional chapters are devoted to the surgical management of obesity, and another eight to special issues relating to obesity, such as binge eating disorder, the economic impact of obesity, the growing field of pediatric obesity, and the evolving role of governments in the education, regulation, and monitoring of this medical condition. No other book on the market offers such a comprehensive guide to understanding the evolution, management, and prevention of obesity.

This edition, like the previous, is edited by two eminent leaders in obesity research, and is written by leading experts working in the diagnosis, management, and prevention of obesity. The contributors are geographically diverse and represent a range of leading specialist clinics and hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical companies.

Table of Contents

Prevention of Obesity
Evaluation of the Overweight or Obese Patient
Management Issues in the Treatment of Obesity: Behavior, Diet, Exercise and Medications


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