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Handbook of Obesity – Volume 1: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology, Third Edition
Bray, Bouchard
CRC Press
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  • Discusses changes over time surrounding the notion of obesity
  • Examines the epidemiology of obesity around the world as well as factors related to gender, ethnicity, and genetics
  • Explores behavioral determinants of obesity, including smoking cessation, sleep duration, and activity level
  • Analyzes the direct and indirect economic costs of obesity and associated morbidities
  • Reviews the consequences of obesity, including heart disease, cancer, and inflammation


Now in its third edition, The Handbook of Obesity: Etiology & Physiopathology offers comprehensive coverage of the biological, behavioural, and environmental determinants of obesity and how excess weight affects and exacerbates a range of comorbid conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pulmonary function, arthritis, and cancer.
The content of this new edition reflects our evolving understanding of the causes and consequences of obesity. The text now constitutes five sections:


  • History and Prevalence
  • Biological Determinants
  • Behavioural Determinants
  • Environmental, Social, and Cultural determinants
  • Consequences of Obesity

We now have a much better understanding of internal, biological factors associated with the development of obesity and the new edition dedicates 18 chapters to discussing the role of internal mechanisms on weight gain including chapters discussing genotype, early fetal life and events, the regulation of energy balance, the role of adipose tissue, and energy costs, among others. The role of our individual behaviours and degrees to which these—as well as larger cultural and environmental factors—influence our eating and weight issues is now also better understood thanks to increased research. These sections look at the likes of our work culture, drinking, sleep duration, and changing eating behaviours, as well as government-level food policies, changing advertising practices, economic determinants, and cultural traits relating to weight gain. Finally, we are now increasingly aware of the damage excess weight has on our bodies and the role it plays in the development of disease. The many diseases that have obesity as important risk factors are discussed in 15 chapters and include heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, liver disease, and pulmonary function.

Table of Contents

History, Definitions and Prevalence
Biological Determinants of Obesity
Behavioral Determinants of Obesity
Environmental, Social and Cultural Determinants of Obesity
Consequences of Obesity


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