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Libreria medica internazionale
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Handbook of Nuclear Cardiology 2nd edition
Cardiac SPECT and Cardiac PET
Hendel, Heller
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This extensively revised edition of this important textbook provides a practical approach to the use of nuclear cardiology for the general cardiologist. It is an adjunct to the existing literature in nuclear cardiology, providing a simple case-based approach to understanding the methodology, application and outcomes of the modality, and representing a pocket-sized compendium designed for a clinical cardiology audience. Nuclear cardiology procedures have been a mainstay in noninvasive testing for the diagnosis and risk stratification of coronary artery disease for many years.  Although a mature field with a multitude of clinical applications, the advances in the technology and imaging procedures have been remarkable and important to document.

Handbook of Nuclear Cardiology: Cardiac SPECT and Cardiac PET reviews the important indications for choosing nuclear cardiology procedures and provides a description of the procedures themselves, including both SPECT and PET imaging protocols, as well as supplying readers with a the key readings resources. It emphasizes how noninvasive testing results can be used clinically and the appropriateness of such techniques using a concise and logical structure, vital for trainees, practicing physicians, nurses and technologists looking for a brief, up-to-date overview and reference volume for nuclear cardiology. It therefore represents an essential reference for a large number of cardiologists internationally looking for information in the field.

    Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
    Download chapter PDF
    Foundations of Nuclear Cardiology
        Front Matter
        Pages 1-1
        Download chapter PDF
        The Foundations of Nuclear Cardiology
            Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 3-7
        Basic Physics of Nuclear Cardiology
            Matthew Memmott, Parthiban Arumugam
        Pages 9-17
        Exercise Stress Testing
            Tariq Thannoun, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 19-26
        Pharmacologic Stress Testing
            Daniel W. Nelson, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 27-32
        Radiation Safety in Nuclear Cardiology
            Michael Desiderio, Gary V. Heller
        Pages 33-38
        SPECT Radiopharmaceuticals
            Sireesha Upadhrasta, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 39-47
        SPECT Instrumentation
            Jared H. Strydhorst, R. Glenn Wells
        Pages 49-56
        Radiopharmaceuticals for Cardiac PET Imaging
            Gary V. Heller
        Pages 57-63
        Cardiac PET Instrumentation
            James A. Case
        Pages 65-74
    Clinical Applications of Radionuclide Perfusion Imaging
        Front Matter
        Pages 75-75
        Download chapter PDF
        Clinical Practice Guidelines and Appropriate Use Criteria
            Abdulrahman S. Museedi, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 77-82
        Interpretation and Reporting of SPECT/PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
            Sireesha Upadhrasta, Gary V. Heller, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 83-95
        Assessment of Patients with Suspected Coronary Artery Disease
            Daniela Urina, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 97-104
        Evaluation of Patients with Known Coronary Artery Disease
            Erik Johnsen, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 105-117
        Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in Specific Patient Populations
            Edgar E. Acuna-Morin, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 119-130
        Preoperative Evaluation
            Daniela Urina, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 131-135
        Cardiac Imaging in Heart Failure
            Abdulrahman S. Museedi, Robert C. Hendel
        Pages 137-146
        Assessment of Myocardial Blood Flow with Cardiac PET Perfusion Imaging
            Gary V. Heller
        Pages 147-155

Non-perfusion Applications of Nuclear Cardiology

    Front Matter
    Pages 157-157
    Download chapter PDF
    Ventricular Function Assessment
        Jason Stencel, Robert C. Hendel
    Pages 159-164
    Imaging Cardiac Amyloidosis
        Edgar E. Acuna-Morin, Robert C. Hendel
    Pages 165-172
    Role of 18-Fluorine Fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) PET CT in Cardiovascular Diseases
        Parthiban Arumugam, Sivakumar Muthu
    Pages 173-180
    Hybrid Imaging in Nuclear Cardiology
        Sanjay Divakaran
    Pages 181-186
    Assessment of Coronary Calcium
        Jason Stencel, Robert C. Hendel
    Pages 187-192

Back Matter
Pages 193-194



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