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Libreria medica internazionale
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Handbook of Epigenetics, 3rd Edition
The New Molecular and Medical Genetics
O Tollefsbol
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  • Provides a timely and comprehensive collection of fully up-to-date coverage of epigenetics
  • Covers basic epigenetic biology, research methods and technology, disease relationships and clinical medicine
  • Written at a verbal and technical level that can be understood by scientists and students alike, with chapter summaries and conclusions included throughout
  • Discusses exciting new topics in epigenetics, such as DNA methylation clocks in age-related diseases, transposable elements and epigenetics, X chromosome inactivation, and the epigenetics of drug addiction
  • Includes step-by-step instructions in research protocols to aid reproducibility, as well as easy-to-digest disease case studies and clinical trials, providing context and applied examples of recent clinical translation
Table Of Contents:

1. Epigenetics Overview

SECTION I: Molecular Mechanisms of Epigenetics
2. Mechanisms of DNA Methylation and Demethylation during Mammalian Development
3. Mechanisms of Histone Modification
4. The Epigenetics of Non-coding RNA
5. Prions and Prion-like Phenomena in Epigenetic Inheritance
6. Higher-order Chromatin Organization in Diseases
7. Polycomb-group Proteins and Epigenetic Control of Gene Activity

SECTION II: Methods in Epigenetics
8. Methods for Assessing DNA Cytosine Modifications Genome-wide
9. Analyses of Genome-wide Histone Modifications in the Mammalian Genome
10. Techniques for Genome-wide Expression of Non-coding RNA
11. Computational Epigenetics

SECTION III: Model Organisms of Epigenetics
12. Epigenetics of Lower Organisms
13. Drosophila Epigenetics
14. Models of Mouse Epigenetic Inheritance: Classification, Mechanisms, and Experimental Strategies
15. Plant Epigenomics

SECTION IV: Factors Influencing Epigenetic Changes
16. Dynamic Changes in Epigenetic Modifications During Mammalian Transitions
17. Epigenetic Biomarkers
18. Transposable elements shaping the epigenome 
19. Metabolic Regulation of DNA Methylation in Mammalian Cells
20. Dietary and Metabolic Compounds Affecting Covalent Histone Modifications
21. Epigenetics, Stem Cells and Cellular Differentiation
22. Regeneration Epigenetics
23. Epigenetics of X-chromosome Inactivation
24. Epigenetics of Memory Processes
25. Transgenerational Epigenetics
26. DNA Methylation Clocks in Age-related Disease

SECTION V: Evolutionary Epigenetics
27. Evolution of Epigenetic Mechanisms in Plants
28. Evolution of Epigenetic Mechanisms in Animals and Their Role in Speciation   
29. Adaptive Evolution and Epigenetics

SECTION VI: Epigenetic Epidemiology
30. Epigenetics of Livestock Breeding
31. Nutritional Epigenetics and Metabolic Syndrome
32. Epigenetics of Drug Addiction
33. Environmental Influence of Epigenetics
34. The Gut Microbiota Influence on Human Epigenetics, Health and Disease
35. Population Pharmacoepigenomics

SECTION VII: Epigenetics and Human Disease
36. Cancer Epigenetics
37. The Role of Epigenetics in Autoimmune Disorders
38. Epigenetics of Brain Disorders
39. The Epigenetics of Metabolic Diseases
40. Imprinting Disorders in Humans

SECTION VIII: Epigenetic Therapy
41. DNA Demethylating Agents in Clinical Medicine
42. Clinical Applications of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
43. Combination Epigenetic Therapy

SECTION XI: The Future of Epigenetics
44. New Directions for Epigenetic Research: Application of Engineered DNA-binding Molecules to Locus-specific Epigenetic Research


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