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Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia, With Wiley Desktop Edition, 5th Edition
Gregory, Andropoulos
281,00 €
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Overcome the risks to ensure safe anesthesia in your young patients

The surgical options for children, from birth through adolescence, have mushroomed in recent years. The challenges to anesthetists have consequently increased in scope and complexity. The 5th edition of Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia introduces you to the basics of pediatric anesthesia, and how they are applied to contemporary practice both in and out of the operating room. The evidence-based approach is supplemented by in-depth case studies that spotlight best-practice in action across all the major subspecialties. New to this edition are:

  • Developmental physiology of individual organ systems
  • Fetal surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Post-anesthesia Care Unit management
  • Complications
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Communication, databases and electronic records

Purchase includes an enhanced Wiley Desktop Edition*. This is an interactive digital version featuring:

  • all text and images in fully searchable form
  • integrated videos of procedures
  • highlighting and note taking facilities
  • book marking
  • linking to additional references

Edited by true leaders in the field of pediatric anesthesia, with contributions from internationally renowned physicians, Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia remains the most complete resource available for your training, practice and continuing education.

*Full instructions for downloading your digital Wiley DeskTop Edition are inside the book.


List of Contributors, vii

Preface, xii

List of Abbreviations, xiii

Part 1 Principles of Pediatric Anesthesia

1 Ethical Considerations, 1
David B. Waisel

2 History of Pediatric Anesthesia, 15
Burdett S. Dunbar & Dean B. Andropoulos

3 Educating Pediatric Anesthesiologists: What's Best for the Kids?, 27
Alan Jay Schwartz

4 An Introduction to the Ethical Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Pediatric Clinical Trials, 40
Myron Yaster, Jeffrey Galinkin & Mark S. Schreiner

5 Developmental Physiology of the Cardiovascular System, 60
Wanda C. Miller-Hance, Ivan Wilmot & Dean B. Andropoulos

6 Developmental Physiology of the Respiratory System, 95
Susan H. Guttentag, Maria Victoria Fraga & Dean B. Andropoulos

7 Developmental Physiology of the Central Nervous System, 117
Ken M. Brady, R. Blaine Easley & Bruno Bissonnette

8 Developmental Physiology of the Liver, Gastrointestinal Tract, and Renal System, 139
Peter N. Bromley, Ellen Rawlinson & James Bennett

9 Pharmacology, 168
Jean X. Mazoit

10 Fluids, Electrolytes, and Nutrition, 205
Claire Brett & Danton Charr

11 Coagulation, Bleeding, and Blood Transfusion, 224
Bruce E. Miller & Jeanne E. Hendrickson

12 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, 255
Todd J. Kilbaugh, Alexis A. Topjian, Robert M. Sutton, Vinay M. Nadkarni & Robert A. Berg

Part 2 Pediatric Anesthesia Management

13 Preoperative Evaluation and Preparation, Anxiety, Awareness, and Behavior Change, 273
Andrew Davidson, Kelly Howard, William Browne, Walid Habre & Ursula Lopez

14 Pediatric Airway Management, 300
John E. Fiadjoe, Paul A. Stricker & Ronald S. Litman

15 Induction, Maintenance, and Emergence from Anesthesia, 330
Jerrold Lerman, Venkata Sampathi & Stacey Watt

16 Postanesthesia Care Unit Management, 361
Warwick Ames & Allison Kinder Ross

17 Monitoring and Vascular Access, 381
Dean B. Andropoulos

18 Pediatric Regional Anesthesia, 419
Claude Ecoffey

Part 3 Practice of Pediatric Anesthesia

19 Anesthesia for Fetal Intervention and Surgery, 444
Mark D. Rollins & Mark A. Rosen

20 Anesthesia for Premature Infants, 475
George A. Gregory

21 Anesthesia for the Full-Term and Ex-Premature Infant, 497
Neil S. Morton, Ross Fairgrieve, Anthony Moores & Ewan Wallace

22 Anesthesia for the Adolescent and Young Adult Patient, 520
Loren A. Bauman, Joseph R. Tobin & Dean B. Andropoulos

23 Anesthesia for Neurosurgical Procedures, 540
Bruno Bissonnette, Ken M. Brady & R. Blaine Easley

24 Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery, 569
Grant McFadyen, Stefan Budac, Michael Richards & Lynn D. Martin

25 Anesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease, 588
Kirsten C. Odegard, James A. DiNardo & Peter C. Laussen

26 Anesthesia for Spinal Surgery in Children, 654
Joseph D. Tobias

27 Anesthesia for Transplantation, 678
Stephen A. Stayer, Glynn Williams & Dean B. Andropoulos

28 Anesthesia for Abdominal Surgery, 720
Lena S. Sun, Neeta R. Saraiya & Philipp J. Houck

29 Anesthesia for Pediatric Urological Procedures, 740
Ira S. Landsman, Laura N. Zeigler & Jayant K. Deshpande

30 Anesthesia for Orthopedic Surgery, 757
Cathy Lammers & Cecile Wyckaert

31 Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat Surgery, 777
Olutoyin A. Olutoye & Mehernoor F. Watcha

32 Anesthesia for Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, 810
Ehrenfried Schindler, Markus Martini & Martina Messing-Jünger

33 Pain Management in Children, 845
Charles Berde & Christine Greco

34 Outpatient Anesthesia, 875
Joseph A. Scattoloni, Olubukola O. Nafiu & Shobha Malviya

35 Anesthesia for Burns and Trauma, 896
Patrick J. Guffey & Dean B. Andropoulos

36 Anesthesia and Sedation Outside the Operating Room, 919
Robert S. Holzman & Keira P. Mason

37 Pediatric Intensive Care, 946
Patrick A. Ross, Robert Bart III & Randall C. Wetzel

38 Anesthesia for the Patient with a Genetic Syndrome, 993
David Mann, Priscilla J. Garcia & Dean B. Andropoulos

39 Pediatric Anesthesia in Developing Countries, 1140
Adrian T. Bosenberg

Part 4 Quality, Outcomes, and Complications in Pediatric Anesthesia

40 Clinical Complications in Pediatric Anesthesia, 1152
Randall Flick

41 Impact of Pediatric Surgery and Anesthesia on Brain Development, 1183
Andreas W. Loepke & Sulpicio G. Soriano

42 Patient Simulation and Its Use in Pediatric Anesthesia, 1219
Anita Honkanen & Michael Chen

43 Databases and Outcome Research in Pediatric Anesthesia, 1239
Donald C. Tyler, Laura Schleelein & Harshad Gurnaney

44 Electronic Anesthesia and Medical Records, 1257
James Edward Caldwell & David Robinowitz

45 Operating Room Safety, Communication, and Teamwork, 1279
Thomas L. Shaw & Stephen A. Stayer

Appendix A: Pediatric Anesthesia Drugs and Other Treatments in the Perioperative Period, 1293
Dean B. Andropoulos

Appendix B: Pediatric Normal Laboratory Values, 1300
Dean B. Andropoulos

Index, 1315


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