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Libreria medica internazionale
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Evidence-based Interventional Pain Practice
Van Zundert, Patijn, Hartrick, Lataster, Huygen, Mekhail, van Kleef
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Unrelieved chronic pain is a worldwide epidemic

Chronic pain has been subject to multiple international initiatives through the World Health Organization. Interventional Pain Medicine, the use of minimally invasive techniques to relieve pain, is the best approach when simpler measures such as physical therapy or medications fail. However, these procedures can be associated with significant risk and expense. Establishing uniformity in diagnostic criteria and procedural performance can reduce both morbidity and unnecessary procedures, and hence healthcare expenditures.

While other texts explain how to perform these procedures, little focus has been given to diagnostic considerations: if and when these procedures should be performed. Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine focuses on a balance between effectiveness and safety of interventional management for specific diagnoses, across all areas of chronic pain including:

  • Head, neck and shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Neuropathic pain syndromes
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Pain in patients with cancer
  • Vascular and visceral pain

Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine provides essential knowledge for anyone who uses, or intends to use, interventional pain techniques.


Contributor List, vii

Foreword by Menno E. Sluijter, x

Foreword by P. Prithvi Raj, xi

Intoduction, xiii

1 Trigeminal Neuralgia, 1
Maarten van Kleef, Wilco E. van Genderen, Samer Narouze, Turo J. Nurmikko, Jan Van Zundert, José W. Geurts and Nagy Mekhail

2 Cluster Headache, 8
Maarten van Kleef, Arno Lataster, Samer Narouze, Nagy Mekhail, José W. Geurts and Jan Van Zundert

3 Persistent Idiopathic Facial Pain, 14
Paul Cornelissen, Maarten van Kleef, Nagy Mekhail, Miles Day and Jan Van Zundert

4 Cervical Radicular Pain, 18
Jan Van Zundert, Marc Huntoon, Jacob Patijn, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail and Maarten van Kleef

5 Cervical Facet Pain, 31
Maarten van Eerd, Jacob Patijn, Arno Lataster, Richard W. Rosenquist, Maarten van Kleef, Nagy Mekhail and Jan Van Zundert

6 Cervicogenic Headache, 40
Hans van Suijlekom, Jan Van Zundert, Samer Narouze, Maarten van Kleef and Nagy Mekhail

7 Whiplash-Associated Disorders, 45
Hans van Suijlekom, Nagy Mekhail, Nileshkumar Patel, Jan Van Zundert, Maarten van Kleef and Jacob Patijn

8 Occipital Neuralgia, 49
Pascal Vanelderen, Arno Lataster, Robert Levy, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert

9 Painful Shoulder Complaints, 55
Frank Huygen, Jacob Patijn, Olav Rohof, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert

10 Thoracic Pain, 62
Maarten van Kleef, Robert Jan Stolker, Arno Lataster, José W. Geurts, Honorio T. Benzon and Nagy Mekhail

11 Lumbosacral Radicular Pain, 71
Koen Van Boxem, Jianguo Cheng, Jacob Patijn, Maarten van Kleef, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail and Jan Van Zundert

12 Pain Originating from the Lumbar Facet Joints, 87
Maarten van Kleef, Pascal Vanelderen, Steven P. Cohen, Arno Lataster, Jan Van Zundert and Nagy Mekhail

13 Sacroiliac Joint Pain, 96
Pascal Vanelderen, Karolina Szadek, Steven P. Cohen, Jan De Witte, Arno Lataster, Jacob Patijn, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert

14 Coccygodynia, 103
Jacob Patijn, Markus Janssen, Salim Hayek, Nagy Mekhail, Jan Van Zundert and Maarten van Kleef

15 Discogenic Low Back Pain, 107
Jan Willem Kallewaard, Michel A. M. B. Terheggen, Gerbrand J. Groen, Menno E. Sluijter, Richard Derby, Leonardo Kapural, Nagy Mekhail and Maarten van Kleef

16 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, 123
Frank van Eijs, Michael Stanton-Hicks, Jan Van Zundert, Catharina G. Faber, Timothy R. Lubenow, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Frank Huygen

17 Herpes Zoster and Post-Herpetic Neuralgia, 137
Albert J. M. van Wijck, Mark Wallace, Nagy Mekhail and Maarten van Kleef

18 Painful Diabetic Polyneuropathy, 145
Wouter Pluijms, Frank Huygen, Jianguo Cheng, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef, Jan Van Zundert and Robert van Dongen

19 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 151
Jacob Patijn, Ricardo Vallejo, Markus Janssen, Frank Huygen, Arno Lataster, Maarten van Kleef and Nagy Mekhail

20 Meralgia Paresthetica, 155
Jacob Patijn, Nagy Mekhail, Salim Hayek, Arno Lataster, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert

21 Phantom Pain, 160
Andre Wolff, Eric Vanduynhoven, Maarten van Kleef, Frank Huygen, Jason E. Pope and Nagy Mekhail

22 Traumatic Plexus Lesion, 168
Robert van Dongen, Steven P. Cohen, Maarten van Kleef, Nagy Mekhail and Frank Huygen

23 Pain in Patients with Cancer, 173
Kris C. P. Vissers, Kees Besse, Michel Wagemans, Wouter Zuurmond, Maurice J.M.M. Giezeman, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail, Allen W. Burton, Maarten van Kleef and Frank Huygen

24 Chronic Refractory Angina Pectoris, 191
Maarten van Kleef, Peter Staats, Nagy Mekhail and Frank Huygen

25 Ischemic Pain in the Extremities and Raynaud's Phenomenon, 196
Jacques Devulder, Hans van Suijlekom, Robert Van Dongen, Sudhir Diwan, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Frank Huygen

26 Pain in Chronic Pancreatitis, 202
Martine Puylaert, Leonardo Kapural, Jan Van Zundert, Dirk Peek, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Yolande C. A. Keulemans

Index, 212


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