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Libreria medica internazionale
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Epidemiology of Injuries in Sports
Canata, Jones
110,00 €


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This concise yet comprehensive book covers epidemiology of injuries in 24 different sports ranging from football, volleyball, athletics, to less explored ones, like archery and Formula 1.  For each discipline the authors present and analyze the sport’s main characteristics, physiological and biomechanical demands on athletes, epidemiology of injuries, prevention strategies, rehabilitation and return to play.

Based on an updated overview of sport specific data, this book equips the reader with a solid understanding of sports injury epidemiology and its importance for the implementation of preventive measures.

Written in collaboration with ESSKA by almost 100 international experts, sharing the belief that prevention is the first mission of sports medicine, this book is an excellent source of knowledge for sports physicians, researchers, residents, fellows and trainers alike.

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii


  2. Archery

    • Fiammetta Scarzella

    Pages 1-6

  3. Athletics: Jumping

    • Gian Luigi Canata, Valentina Casale

    Pages 7-13

  4. Athletics: Long-Distance Running

    • Theodorakys Marín Fermín, Emmanuel Papakostas

    Pages 15-19

  5. Athletics: Sprinting

    • Pascal Edouard

    Pages 21-27

  6. Athletics: Throwing

    • Giacomo Zanon, Enrico Ferranti Calderoni, Alberto Polizzi, Alessandro Ivone, Eugenio Jannelli, Franco Benazzo

    Pages 29-35

  7. Basketball

    • Tassery François, Daniele Mozzone, Groc Mariane, Pascal Edouard, Patricia Thoreux

    Pages 37-44

  8. Cycling

    • Kazumi Goto, Jacques Menetrey

    Pages 45-48

  9. Extreme Sports

    • Francesco Feletti, Omer Mei-Dan

    Pages 49-55

  10. Field Hockey

    • Guglielmo Torre, Rocco Papalia

    Pages 57-59

  11. Football

    • Josè Henrique Jones, Luca Pulici, Piero Volpi

    Pages 61-67

  12. Youth Football

    • Clemens Memmel, Werner Krutsch, Angelina Lukaszenko, Oliver Loose

    Pages 69-74

  13. Handball

    • András Tállay, Lior Laver, Kai Fehske, Leonard Achenbach

    Pages 75-82

  14. Ice Hockey

    • Kazumi Goto, Jacques Menetrey

    Pages 83-87

  15. Olympics

    • Mitchell I. Kennedy, Torbjørn Soligard, Kathrin Steffen, Gilbert Moatshe, Lars Engebretsen

    Pages 89-93

  16. Formula 1 World Championship

    • Fredrick Fernando, Alessandro Biffi, Fabrizio Borra, Filippo De Carli, Giuseppe Monetti, Felice Sirico

    Pages 95-106

  17. Motocross

    • Alberto Gobbi, Giacomo Valsecchi

    Pages 107-110

  18. Rugby

    • Michael R. Carmont, Pierfilippo Bottiglia Amici Grossi, Luca Pulici, Francois Kelberine, Catherine Lester

    Pages 111-118

  19. Skiing

    • Diego García-Germán, Gonzalo Samitier, Hubert Hörterer

    Pages 119-123

  20. Alpine Skiing

    • Amelie Stoehr, Hermann Mayr

    Pages 125-129

  21. Cross-Country Skiing

    • Andrey Korolev, Nina Magnitskaya, Mikhail Ryazantsev, Alexey Afanasyev, Denis Gerasimov, Mikhail Burtsev et al.

    Pages 131-136

  22. Tennis

    • Rosa López-Vidriero Tejedor, Michael Najfeld, Emilio López-Vidriero

    Pages 137-142

  23. Volleyball

    • Simone Cerciello, Katia Corona, Charles Fiquet, Philippe Neyret

    Pages 143-147

  24. Water Polo

    • Yigit Umur Cırdı, Mustafa Karahan

    Pages 149-154

  25. Wrestling

    • Szabolcs Molnár, Károly Mensch, Katalin Bacskai, Éva Körösi, Ákos Sántha, Krisztián Gáspár

    Pages 155-162


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