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Libreria medica internazionale
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Emergency Psychiatry
Chanmugam, Triplett, Kelen
Cambridge University Press
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Many healthcare providers based in primary care, emergency care or other acute care environments encounter patients with psychiatric problems. These presentations can be difficult to manage and often pose significant challenges. A better understanding of most common psychiatric problems can greatly aid both providers and patients. Emergency Psychiatry reviews a wide range of common psychiatric disorders and provides succinct management guidelines. Written by emergency physicians and psychiatrists, Emergency Psychiatry is a rapid reference for the acute management of psychiatric disorders for all care providers, including, but not limited to, emergency physicians, internists, psychiatrists, social workers, family practitioners and other primary care providers.


• Comprehensive, succinct review of the most common acute psychiatric presentations
• Provides straightforward recommendations for practical application
• Written and edited by both emergency physicians and psychiatrists


Table of Contents

1. General approach Patrick Triplett and Raymond DePaulo
2. Management of agitation and violence Mustapha Saheed
3. Suicide assessments Holly Wilcox
4. Managing substance abuse David Milzman and Curtis Bone
5. The psychotic patient Paul Rega
6. The delirious patient Sharon Bord
7. The anxious patient Joseph Bienvenu and Ashly Bone
8. Mood disorders Eric Anderson
9. Personality disorders Fred Houts and Glenn Triesman
10. Geriatric psychiatry Patrick Triplett and Crystal Watkins
11. Medicolegal and risk management Cynthia Lewis
12. Pediatric psychiatry Emily Frosch
13. Emergency department evaluation of intellectual and developmental disabilities Lisa Hovermale, Dyanne Simpson, Dosia Paclawskyj and Eric Samstad
14. Eating disorders Graham Redgrave
15. Chronic pain Michael Clark and Glenn Triesman
16. Death, dying and grief Catherine Marco
17. Pregnancy and women's issues Karen Schwartz
18. Multicultural issues and safety Geetha Jayaram.


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