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Libreria medica internazionale
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Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Disaster Management
From Prehospital to Hospital Care and Beyond
Pikoulis, Doucet
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The number of natural and man-made disasters has risen dramatically over the last decade. Natural disasters, industrial accidents and terrorist attacks represent major incidents, often involving multiple casualties. In such cases, health professionals face multiple challenges because the type of medical care required differs from what is taught and provided in their everyday hospital duties. The aim of this book is to inform and prepare healthcare professionals for the challenges posed by major incidents, so that they can act effectively in medical teams sent on humanitarian missions or into conflict zones. It offers a holistic and horizontal approach covering all stages of the disaster management cycle.

The book is divided into 5 sections: section 1: prehospital emergency services; section ii: hospital response; section iii: management of incidents; section iv: after the disaster; and section v: evaluation, ethical issues, education and research.  

Healthcare providers will find essential information on the special medical considerations in both prehospital and hospital disaster settings, medical management of disaster response, recovery, mitigation and preparedness. The book offers an interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach, and was written by prominent researchers and experienced practitioners.

  • Principles of Disaster Medicine

    Pages 3-10

    Pikoulis, Emmanouil (et al.)

  • The Role of the First Responder

    Pages 11-18

    Jannussis, Dimitrios (et al.)

  • Prehospital Fluid Resuscitation, Pain Relief and Stabilization

    Pages 19-24

    Diakomi, Maria

  • Resuscitation in Limited Resources Environments

    Pages 25-34

    Xanthos, Theodoros (et al.)

  • Anesthesia for Critically Injured in Limited Resources Environments

    Pages 35-44

    Saranteas, Theodosios (et al.)

  • Media and Disaster Scene Management

    Pages 45-55

    Karamanis, Theomary

  • Triage and Transport of Casualties in the First Response Phase

    Pages 57-77

    Koukopoulos, Panagiotis V. (et al.)

  • Medical Evacuation of Emergency Affected Persons

    Pages 79-96

    Yusif-zade, Kenan

  • Ultrasound in Disasters and Austere Environments

    Pages 97-120

    Doucet, Jay

  • Basics of Hospital Response

    Pages 123-146

    Christou, Christos

  • The Art of Triage

    Pages 147-152

    Leppäniemi, Ari

  • Injuries and Scoring Systems

    Pages 153-163

    Perrone, Gennaro (et al.)

  • Wound Care Management, Non-penetrating Injuries, and Wounds Penetrating into Body Cavities

    Pages 165-176

    Olim, Nelson

  • Head Injuries

    Pages 177-196

    Sotiriou, Freiderikos (et al.)

  • Eye and Maxillofacial Injuries

    Pages 197-213

    Moschos, Marilita M.

  • Neck Injuries

    Pages 215-221

    Athanasiou, Antonios

  • Thoracic Trauma

    Pages 223-239

    Kole, Christo (et al.)

  • Basics of Trauma Management Abdominal Trauma

    Pages 241-256

    Tsoulfas, George

  • Injuries to the Urinary Tract

    Pages 257-274

    Chrisofos, Michael

  • Blunt Abdominal Trauma

    Pages 275-287

    Nastos, Konstantinos

  • Blast Injuries: Tips, Evaluation, and Management

    Pages 289-297

    Kluger, Yoram (et al.)

  • Basics of Trauma Management: Crush Injuries

    Pages 299-309

    Dimitriou, Nikoletta

  • Missile and Fragment Injuries

    Pages 311-319

    Kouridakis, Petros M. (et al.)

  • Pelvic Injuries and Spinal Injuries

    Pages 321-328

    Savvidou, Olga (et al.)

  • Burn Management

    Pages 329-335

    Tsourouflis, Gerasimos (et al.)

  • Endovascular Damage Control and Management of Vascular Injuries

    Pages 337-357

    Avgerinos, Efthymios D.

  • Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury Due to Rapid-Onset Natural Disasters

    Pages 359-371

    Brady, Paul (et al.)

  • Hemorrhage Control

    Pages 373-382

    Carter, David L. (et al.)

  • Trauma Management in Children

    Pages 383-390

    Degiannis, Elias (et al.)

  • Trauma Management in Pregnant Women

    Pages 391-400

    Degiannis, Elias (et al.)

  • Blood Transfusion in Trauma

    Pages 401-413

    Vassiliu, Panteleimon

  • The Acute Care Surgeon in Pandemics: Lessons from COVID-19

    Pages 417-431

    Liepert, Amy E. (et al.)

  • Natural Disasters: Medical Management

    Pages 433-449

    Kalogeropoulos, Athanasios (et al.)

  • Natural Disasters: Mapping and Evaluating Incidents

    Pages 451-462

    Lekkas, Efthimis (et al.)

  • CBRNE and Decontamination

    Pages 463-478

    Domres, Bernd (et al.)

  • Medical Care during Civil Unrest, Protests and Mass Demonstrations

    Pages 479-483

    Lough, Frederick

  • Management of Combat Casualties

    Pages 485-499

    Remick, Kyle (et al.)

  • Incidents Caused by Terrorism

    Pages 501-515

    McMonagle, Morgan P.

  • The Role of the Crowds in Managing Disasters: Toward a Bottom-Up Participatory Approach

    Pages 517-521

    Karamagkioli, Korinna-Zoi (et al.)

  • Infectious Diseases Outbreaks Following Natural Disasters: Risk Assessment, Prevention, and Control

    Pages 525-535

    Kakalou, Eleni, MD, MSc (et al.)

  • Basic Management of Dead Disaster Victims

    Pages 537-543

    Papakonstantinou, Dimitrios (et al.)

  • Disaster-Induced Psychological Trauma: Supporting Survivors and Responders

    Pages 545-554

    Polemikou, Anna

  • Psychological Support in Times of Crisis and Natural Disasters

    Pages 555-561

    Lampropoulou, Aikaterini (et al.)

  • Errors of Disaster Health Management: Health Care System Errors, Prehospital and Hospital Emergency Medical Service

    Pages 565-572

    Charalambous, George

  • Current Ethical Dilemmas and Code of Conduct in Disasters

    Pages 573-589

    Sakakushev, Boris E.

  • The Importance of Education and Training in Disaster Management: An Overview

    Pages 591-597

    Exadaktylos, Aristomenis

  • The Value of Training: Debriefing

    Pages 599-606

    Brodmann Maeder, Monika

  • Medical Education: Modern Methods and Alternative Methods to Animal Procedures

    Pages 607-610

    Papalois, Apostolos (et al.)

  • Leadership and Management in Disasters–Command, Control, Coordination, Communication

    Pages 611-624

    Photiou, Efstratios (Steve)


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