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Emergencies in Paediatrics and Neonatology Second Edition New Edition
Crisp, Rainbow
Oxford University Press
34,00 €
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  • Features a standard layout for early problem identification
  • Simplifies complex management plans
  • Contains a detailed paediatric formulary
  • Utilizes a symptom based approach

New to this edition

  • Updated content including management of anaphylaxis and rheumatic fever prophylaxis
  • All content correlated with NICE and SIGN guidelines and cross-checked with websites, such as Up To Date, and drug dosages checked with the definitive children's formulary

Severely unwell children are the most frightening emergency a clinician can face. This second edition of Emergencies in Paediatrics and Neonatology, guides the clinician through what to do and when, in a format that can be read at the bedside. Resuscitation techniques are described in detail and comprehensive management plans are provided. Organised by symptom, the handbook concisely covers a range of essential information, from the key facts to elicit in the history to the specific difficulties of treating children in an emergency situation - communication and pain relief. Symbols are used to indicate clinical severity ranging from life-threatening to minor, and the book includes detailed drug dosages for children and the most recent resuscitation guidelines.

The new edition brings this bestselling guide fully up-to-date, including the management of anaphylaxis and rheumatic fever. The number of algorithms included in the book has also been increased.

Readership: Aimed primarily at doctors in training in clinical paediatrics and specialist nurses, the book will also prove invaluable to staff in accident and emergency medicine, general practitioners, and undergraduates during their paediatric training.

1: How to communicate well with patients and parents
2: Neonatal emergencies
3: Resusitation
4: Shock
5: Trauma
6: Environmental conditions
7: Febrile illness
8: Injestion
9: Cardiovascular
10: Respiratory
11: Gastroenterology
12: Renal
13: Urology
14: General surgery
15: Neurology
16: Otolaryngology
17: Orthopaedics
18: Ophthalmology
19: Gynaecology
20: Haematology
21: Oncology
22: Dermatology
23: Endocrinology
24: Psychiatry
25: Biochemistry
26: Procedures
27: Formulary
Appendix 1: Fluids and electrolytes
Appendix 2: Normal values: haematology, coagulation, biochemistry, urine, CSF
Appendix 3: Body surface area estimation and BMI
Appendix 4: Neurology
Appendix 5: Normal values: vital signs
Appendix 6: Cardiorespiratory arrest


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