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Disorders of the Shoulder: Sports Injuries, 3e
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Disorders of the Shoulder: Sports Injuries

Of the nearly 8 million shoulder injuries treated annually in the United States, almost half are rotator cuff repairs—and most of these injuries are treated by orthopedic sports medicine specialists. Therefore, it is essential that today’s orthopedists specializing in sports medicine have a solid understanding of the most commonly performed shoulder repair procedures. This volume in the Disorders of the Shoulder set covers the full spectrum of shoulder procedures—including open and arthroscopic procedures. 

• Comprehensive coverage helps maximize diagnostic accuracy, broaden treatment options, optimize procedural performance, and improve patient outcomes.
• Material on both adult and adolescent problems prepares readers to treat patients across the lifespan.
• Broad scope prepares readers for the diagnostic and management challenges of SLAP Tears, Anterior and Posterior Instability, Rotator Cuff Repairs, Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries, and more!
• Sport-specific information helps readers address the specific shoulder injuries most commonly associated with various sports.
• Tips on return to activity following treatment help players get back in the game safely, while minimizing the risk for reinjury.

PA R T I :
Introduction 1

1 The Athlete’s Shoulder: Injury Patterns and Evaluation 3
Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas and Christopher S. Ahmad

2 Anatomy and Biomechanics of Sports Injuries 25
Stephen D. Fening and Anthony Miniaci

3 Imaging of the Sports Injury: Indications and Findings 31
Prabhakar Rajiah, Darlene Holden, Jean Schils and Joshua Polster

4 Shoulder Motion and Sports-Specific Rehabilitation 61
W. Ben Kibler

5 Arthroscopy Shoulder Surgery: Anatomy, Setup, and Equipment 79
Jeffrey S. Abrams and Jason Phillips

PA R T I I :
Glenohumeral Instability and Labral Tears 91

6 Shoulder Instability: Classification and Diagnosis 93
John A. Grant and Jon K. Sekiya

7 SLAP Tears: Diagnosis and Management 119
Nirav R. Shah and Stephen J. Snyder

8 Anterior Shoulder Instability—Open Repairs 133
Todd C. Moen, Stephanie H. Hsu and Louis U. Bigliani

9 Anterior Shoulder Instability—Arthroscopic Repair 150
James M. Gregory, Michael Ellman, Peter Chalmers, Neil Ghodadra and Anthony A. Romeo

10 Posterior Instability: Open Repairs 165
Travis G. Maak, Demetris Delos and Russell F. Warren

11 Posterior Instability: Arthroscopic Repairs 174
James P. Bradley and Sam G. Tejwani

12 Multidirectional Instability 191
Felix H. Savoie III and Wade C. Van Sice

13 Evaluation and Classification of Failed Instability Repair 198
NS Ghodadra, PN Chalmers, L Al-Shahabi, RC Mather and GP Nicholson

14 The Role of the Arthroscope in Revision Instability Surgery 216
Kevin Jiang, Laura Vogel and William N. Levine

15 Surgical Management of Instability with Bone Loss 228
Aaron J. Bois and Anthony Miniaci

16 Surgical Management of Glenohumeral Instability with Soft-Tissue Deficiency 255
Robert A. Arciero and Brett D. Owens

PA R T I I I :
Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendon 265

17 Rotator Cuff Tears: Classification and Diagnosis 267
John E. Kuhn

18 Rotator Cuff Repair: Open Management 280
Andrew S. Neviaser and Evan L. Flatow

19 Rotator Cuff Repairs: Arthroscopic Management 291
Stephen S. Burkhart and Patrick J. Denard

20 Massive Cuff Tears: Open and Arthroscopic Approaches 325
Umasuthan Srikumaran, Tyler Fox, Laurence D. Higgins and Jon J.P. Warner

21 The Biceps Tendon Complex 344
Pascal Boileau and Jason Old

PA R T I V :
Muscle and Tendon Ruptures 371

22 Pectoralis Major Rupture: Diagnosis and Treatment 373
Frank A. Cordasco and Demetris Delos

23 Diagnosis and Management of Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Pectoralis Minor, Short Head Biceps/Coracobrachialis, Triceps and
Deltoid Tendon Ruptures 381
John Zouzias and William N. Levine

PA R T V :
Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries 389

24 Acromioclavicular Joint Pathology: Evaluation, Biomechanics, and Classification 391
Karl F Bowman and Mark W Rodosky

25 Arthroscopic Treatment for Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries 402
Micah C Hobbs, William H. Paterson, Sumant G. Krishnan and Wayne Z. Burkhead

26 Open Treatment of Acromioclavicular Injuries 409
Cory Edgar, Knut Beitzel, Robert A Arciero and Augustus D Mazzocca

PA R T V I :
Glenohumeral Arthritis 423

27 Early Arthritis in the Athlete: Management Approaches 425
Kevin D. Plancher and Francesca M. Swartz

PA R T V I I :
Neurovascular Disorders 439

28 Diagnosis and Management of Neurovascular Disorders About the Shoulder in the Athlete 441
Bill Bragg, Emilie Cheung and Marc Safran

PA R T V I I I :
Sport-Specific Disorders 469

29 Common Shoulder Injuries Associated with Tennis and Baseball 471
Christopher C. Dodson and David W. Altchek

30 Swimming Injuries in the Shoulder 481
Klaus Bak

31 Common Shoulder Injuries in Hockey and American Football 488
Gordon W. Nuber, T. Sean Lynch, Matt Saltzman and Sara Edwards

32 Common Shoulder Injuries in the Volleyball 510
KN Subramanian and Peter B. MacDonald

33 Shoulder Injuries in Skeletally Immature Athletes 526
Daryl C. Osbahr, Samuel A. Taylor and James R. Andrews


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