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Libreria medica internazionale
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Diet Quality
Preedy, Hunter, Patel
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  • Emerging fields of science and important discoveries are incorporated
  • Contributors are authors of international and national standing
  • Covers all major facets of diet quality

Diet quality is a broad term that encapsulates both perceived and actual practices, personal preferences and cultural diversity. Measuring dietary quality can be problematic and includes investigating food types, the number or size of portions or their frequency. Diet quality may also be related to the type of food being ingested, snacking and other eating habits. Manufactured beverages and fast food may also be included as well as microbiological quality and attempts to improve single food items such as meats or vegetables. In this book, Diet Quality: An Evidence-Based Approach, Volume 1 all of the major facets of diet quality in relation to health outcomes are covered. This important new text includes methods for determining diet quality while adopting a holistic approach to impart information on the major areas of concern or knowledge.

Chapters link in measurable indices of health such as obesity, pregnancy outcomes, cancer and cancer outcomes, and mortality. This book represents a diverse set of subject matters and seeks to fill a gap in the literature at a time when there is an increasing awareness that well being is associated with the qualitative nature of diets.  Contributors are authors of international and national standing and emerging fields of science are incorporated. Diet Quality: An Evidence-Based Approach, Volume 1 is a useful new text designed for nutritionists, dietitians, clinicians, epidemiologist, policy makers and health care professionals of various disciplines.

Table of contents

Part 1: Introductory Chapters


Chapter 1 - Diet Quality: setting the scene - Najeeba F. Alamir and Victor R. Preedy


Chapter 2 - Food Intake and Food Preference - Stephanie Stein, Elizabeth Lamos, Michael Quartuccio, Sruti Chandraskaran, Nicole Ionica and Nanette Steinle


Chapter 3 - An evidence-based approach to the nutritional quality of home meals: Exploring emotional reinforcement and attachment style as underlying mechanisms - Ji Lu, Aida Faber and Laurette Dubé


Chapter 4 - Diet Quality and its Potential Cost Savings - Clare Collins, Alexis Hure, Tracy Burrows and Amanda Patterson



Part 2: Reproduction, Pregnancy and Women


Chapter 5 - Reproduction, Pregnancy and Women: Diet quality and dysmenorrheal - Khalid K. Abdul-Razzak, Bayan A. Obeidat, Nehad M. Ayoub, Mudhaffar I. Al-Farras and Ahmed A. Jaradat


Chapter 6 - Maternal diet quality and pregnancy outcomes - Clara L. Rodríguez-Bernal, Marisa Rebagliato, Leda Chatzi, Clara Cavero Carbonell, Carmen Martos and Ferran Ballester


Chapter 7 - Diet quality in pregnancy: a focus on requirements and the protective effects of the Mediterranean Diet - Miguel Mariscal-Arcas, Celia Monteagudo and Fátima Olea-Serrano


Chapter 8 - Maternal dietary counseling and children’s diet quality - Márcia Regina Vitolo,

Maria Laura da Costa Louzada and Fernanda Rauber


Chapter 9 - Diet quality, micronutrient intakes and economic vulnerability of women - Liv Elin Torheim and Mary Arimond




Part 3: Life Stages: Children and Seniors


Chapter 10 - Interventions to improve dietary quality in children - Melanie Hingle


Chapter 11 - Free fruit for school children to improve food quality - Elling Bere and Knut-Inge Klepp


Chapter 12 - Diet quality in childhood: impact on growth - Guo Cheng and Anette E. Buyken


Chapter 13 - Diet Quality, in relation to TV viewing and Video Games playing - George Antonogeorgos and Demosthenes Panagiotakos


Chapter 14 - Parental Perceptions and childhood dietary quality: who holds the reigns? - Kristi B. Adamo and Kendra E. Brett


Chapter 15 - Convenience foods and dietary quality in children - Ute Alexy


Chapter 16 - Nutritional education of Secondary Education students and diet quality - María Isabel Martinez-Martinez and Jose Martinez-Raga


Chapter 17 - Diet Quality and Older Adults: Special Considerations - Alice Lichtenstein



Part 4: Foods and Dietary Components


Chapter 18 - Mediterranean Diet and Dietary Sodium Intake - Paul Farajian and Antonis Zampelas


Chapter 19 - Nutritional Quality of Foods: Sweet Potato - Hoang Van Chuyen and Jong-Bang Eun


Chapter 20 - Cooking and diet quality: a focus on meat - Cristina M. Alfaia, Anabela F. Lopes and José A. M. Prates


Chapter 21 - The quality of orange juice - Luciano Cinquanta and Marisa Di Matteo


Chapter 22 - Whole Grains and Diet - Satya S. Jonnalagadda


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