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Libreria medica internazionale
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Dermatologic Principles and Practice in Oncology
Conditions of the Skin, Hair, and Nails in Cancer Patients
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This is the first book to focus on frequent and frequently disabling side effects involving the skin, hair, and nails in cancer patients. It provides detailed descriptions of mechanism-of-action in all current oncology drugs and the clinical presentation and mechanisms underlying their dermatologic side effects, alongside carefully presented treatment recommendations, allowing physicians to significantly enhance their care of patients with cancer. Whereas existing oncology and dermatology textbooks only briefly deal with this topic, this resource offers dermatologists and other practitioners a focused perspective on cancer-related skin conditions.


List of Contributors, vii

Preface, x

Section 1 Dermatology and Oncology

1 Epidemiology and Burden of Disease, 3
Beth N. McLellan, Devika Patel and Mario E. Lacouture

2 The History of Supportive Oncodermatology, 17
Yevgeniy Balagula, Steven T. Rosen and Mario E. Lacouture

3 Structure and Function of the Integumentary System and the Dermatology Lexicon, 24
Emmy Graber and Amit Garg

4 Types of Dermatologic Reactions, 33
Raed O. Alhusayen, Sandra R. Knowles and Neil H. Shear

5 Grading Dermatologic Adverse Events in Clinical Trials Using CTCAE v4.0, 47
Alice Chen, Asha Acharya and Ann Setser

6 Psychosocial Issues in Oncology: Clinical Management of Psychosocial Distress, Health-Related Quality of Life, and Special Considerations in Dermatologic Oncology, 60
Lynne I. Wagner and David Cella

7 Dermatopathology, 69
Molly A. Hinshaw and James L. Troy

Section 2 Cancer-Related Dermatologic Disorders

8 Paraneoplastic, Inherited Cancer Syndrome, and Environmental Carcinogen-Related Dermatoses, 77
Cindy England Owen and Jeffrey P. Callen

Section 3 Dermatologic Conditions During Cancer Therapy

9 Oral Mucosal Complications of Cancer Therapy, 89
Stephen T. Sonis

10 Hair Disorders Associated with Anticancer Agents, 100
Caroline Yeager and Elise A. Olsen

11 Nail Abnormalities in Oncology Practice, 115
Robert Baran, Bernard Fouilloux and Caroline Robert

12 Pruritus, 122
Tejesh Patel and Gil Yosipovitch

13 Management Options for Hot Flashes in Cancer Patients, 131
Amanda R. Moraska and Charles L. Loprinzi

Section 4 Skin Toxicities to Chemotherapy

14 Alkylating Agents, 147
Elisabeth Livingstone, Lisa Zimmer, Larissa Leister and Dirk Schadendorf

15 Antimetabolite Reactions, 160
Emily Y. Chu and Heidi H. Kong

16 Topoisomerase-Interacting Agents, 170
Tomas Skacel, Roger von Moos and Reinhard Dummer

17 Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor Reactions, 184
Yevgeniy Balagula and Mario E. Lacouture

18 Small Molecule Multikinase Inhibitors, 196
Caroline Robert, Vincent Sibaud and Christine Mateus

19 Antimicrotubule Agents, 208
Claus Garbe

20 Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors, Proteasome Inhibitors, Demethylating Agents, Arsenicals, and Retinoids, 215
Najla Al-Dawsari, Shannon C. Trotter and Francine Foss

21 Miscellaneous Reactions, 224
Katharina C. Kaehler, Christine B. Boers-Doets, Mario E. Lacouture and Axel Hauschild

22 Skin Toxicities due to Biotherapy, 233
Kathryn T. Ciccolini, Katharina C. Kaehler, Mario E. Lacouture and Axel Hauschild

23 Monoclonal Antibodies, 241
Caroline Robert

24 Endocrine Agents, 248
Katherine Szyfelbein Masterpol, Maura Dickler and Mario E. Lacouture

25 Agents for the Management of Hematologic Reactions, 257
Mee-young Lee and Caroline C. Kim

26 Radiation-Induced Skin Reactions, 264
Rebecca K.S. Wong and Zahra Kassam

27 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Graft Versus Host Disease, 281
Stephanie W. Hu and Jonathan Cotliar

28 Extravasation Reactions, 295
Seppo W. Langer

29 Topical Anticancer Therapies, 301
Patricia L. Myskowski

30 Life-threatening (Serious) Dermatologic Adverse Events, 310
Milan J. Anadkat

31 Dermatologic Infections, 319
Yevgeniy Balagula, Mario E. Lacouture and James I. Ito

Section 5 Late Cutaneous Events from Cancer Treatment

32 Late Dermatologic Conditions, 339
Jennifer Nam Choi

Section 6 Dermatologic Practice in Oncology

33 Management Algorithms for Dermatologic Adverse Events, 367
Alyx Rosen, Iris Amitay-Laish and Mario E. Lacouture

34 Dermatologic Therapeutics and Formulations, 384
Judy H. Borovicka, Jennifer R.S. Gordon, Ann Cameron Haley, Nicole E. Larsen and Dennis P. West

35 Dermatologic Techniques and Procedures, 401
Robert Eilers Jr., Kishwer S. Nehal and Erica H. Lee

36 Appearance-Related Concerns in the Cancer Patient, 410
Amy J. Derick

Index, 417



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