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Delirium Acute confusional states in palliative medicine - Second Edition
Caraceni, Grassi
Oxford University Press
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  • Delirium is the most common neuro-psychiatric complication encountered by patients in the terminal phase of illness
  • Palliative care physicians and nurses are among the most frequent observers of delirium in medicine
  • Provides palliative care physicians with a clear account of how to recognise and treat delirium
  • Takes a multi-disciplinary approach crossing the fields of palliative medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and oncology
  • Encourages a more integrated approach when dealing with terminally ill patients and their families

New to this edition

  • Contains new material on topics such as classification systems, more data on populations at risk, and significant new material on the family and bereavement.

Delirium is a complex syndrome with a multifactorial aetiology and is characterized by marked disturbances of consciousness, attention, memory, perception, thought, sleep-wake cycle, and by fluctuation of symptoms. This book covers in detail the pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical aspects, differential diagnosis, and management of the syndrome.

Due to the special characteristics of the syndrome, specific chapters deal with different aetiologies and populations at risk, with emphasis on the critically ill and palliative care patients. As delirium often announces or anticipates the proximity of death, family issues are considered in a comprehensive final chapter, covering the impact of terminal illness on the family and the process of bereavement. The book emphasises the need for assessing and diagnosing delirium with reliable instruments, and a chapter on assessment is reinforced by including appendices of many of the most relevant instruments reported in recent literature. The evidence from the literature is always distinguished from the authors' opinions and most chapters are integrated by the presentation of case examples. Updated for the second edition this book contains new material on topics including classification systems, more data on populations at risk, and significant new material on the family and bereavement.

Delirium: Acute confusional states in palliative medicine, Second Edition demonstrates that only an interdisciplinary treatment of delirium between neurology, psychiatry and palliative medicine can develop knowledge of the syndrome and improve patient and family care. This book has been written for palliative care physicians and specialist nurses, neurologists, psychiatrists, and other health professionals treating terminally ill patients, offering them a clear account of how to recognize and deal with the syndrome.

List of abbreviations
1: From history to present definitions
2: From history to present definitions
3: Epidemiology
4: Clinical phenomenology
5: Differential diagnosis
6: Frequent aetiologies
7: Delirium in special populations
8: Diagnostic assessment
9: Management
10: Family issues


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