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Libreria medica internazionale
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Clinical Pain Management: A Practical Guide
Lynch, Craig, Peng
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Clinical Pain Management takes a practical, interdisciplinary approach to the assessment and management of pain. Concise template chapters serve as a quick reference to physicians, anesthetists and neurologists, as well as other specialists, generalists, and trainees managing pain. Based on the International Association for the Study of Pain’s clinical curriculum on the topic, this reference provides to-the-point best-practice guidance in an easy-to-follow layout including tables, bullets, algorithms and guidelines.


List of contributors.

Foreword (Ronald Melzack).

Part 1 Basic Understanding of Pain Medicine.

1 The challenge of pain: a multidimensional phenomenon (Mary Lynch, Kenneth D. Craig & Philip W.H. Peng).

2 Epidemiology and economics of chronic and recurrent pain (Dennis C. Turk & Brian R. Theodore).

3 Basic mechanisms and pathophysiology (Daniel J. Cavanaugh & Allan I. Basbaum).

4 Psychosocial perspectives on chronic pain (Kenneth D. Craig & Judith Versloot).

5 Identifi cation of risk and protective factors in the transition from acute to chronic post surgical pain (Joel Katz & M. Gabrielle Pagé).

6 Placebo/nocebo: a two-sided coin in the clinician's hand (Antonella Pollo & Fabrizio Benedetti).

Part 2 Assessment of Pain.

7 Clinical assessment in adult patients (Christine Short & Mary Lynch).

8 Measurement and assessment of pain in pediatric patients (Jennifer N. Stinson & Patrick J. McGrath).

9 Laboratory investigations, imaging and neurological assessment in pain management (Pam Squire, David Walk, Gordon Irving & Misha Backonja).

10 Psychological assessment of persons with chronic pain (Robert N. Jamison & Kenneth D. Craig).

Part 3 Management.

11 Introduction to management (Mary Lynch).

12 Managing chronic pain in primary care (Blair H. Smith, Alexander J. Clark & Beverly Collett).

Part 4 Pharmacotherapy.

13 Nutrition and pain management: dietary soy as an analgesic modality (Alexis Codrington, Stéphanie Chevalier & Yoram Shir).

14 Antidepressant analgesics in the management of chronic pain (C. Peter N. Watson).

15 Anticonvulsants in the management of chronic pain (Nanna Brix Finnerup, Cathrine Baastrup & Troels Staehelin Jensen).

16 Opioids (Dawn A. Sparks & Gilbert J. Fanciullo).

17 Topical analgesics (Jana Sawynok).

18 Other pharmacological agents (Philip W.H. Peng & Mary Lynch).

Part 5 Interventional.

19 Diagnostic and therapeutic blocks (Boris Spektor, Padma Gulur & James P. Rathmell).

20 Neuromodulation therapy (Krishna Kumar & Sharon Bishop).

21 Neurosurgical management of pain (Diaa Bahgat, Ashwin Viswanathan & Kim J. Burchiel).

Part 6 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

22 Physical therapy and rehabilitation (Maureen J. Simmonds & Timothy Wideman).

Part 7 Psychological.

23 Pain self-management: theory and process for clinicians (Michael McGillion, Sandra M. LeFort, Karen Webber & Jennifer N. Stinson).

24 Psychological interventions: cognitive behavioral and stress management approaches (Heather D. Hadjistavropoulos, Amanda C. de C. Williams & Kenneth D. Craig).

25 Pain catastrophizing and fear of movement: detection and intervention (Michael J.L. Sullivan & Timothy H. Wideman).

Part 8 Complementary Therapies.

26 Complementary and alternative medicines (Mark A. Ware).

Part 9 Specifi c Clinical States.

27 Chronic low back pain (Eugene J. Carragee & Don Young Park).

28 Fibromyalgia syndrome and myofascial pain syndromes (Winfried Häuser, Marcus Schiltenwolf & Peter Henningsen).

29 Clinical pain management in the rheumatic diseases (Mary-Ann Fitzcharles).

30 Headache (Stephen D. Silberstein).

31 Orofacial pain (Barry J. Sessle, Lene Baad-Hansen & Peter Svensson).

32 Visceral pain (Klaus Bielefeldt & Gerald F. Gebhart).

33 Pelvic and urogenital pain (Anjali Martinez & Fred M. Howard).

34 Neuropathic pain (Maija Haanpää & Rolf-Detlef Treede).

35 Complex regional pain syndrome (Michael Stanton-Hicks).

36 Cancer pain management (David Hui & Eduardo Bruera).

Part 10 Special Populations.

37 Pain in older persons: a brief clinical guide (Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Stephen Gibson & Perry G. Fine).

38 Pain in children (Tonya M. Palermo, Jeffrey L. Koh & Lonnie K. Zeltzer).

39 Pain in individuals with intellectual disabilities (Tim F. Oberlander, Chantel C. Burkitt & Frank J. Symons).

40 Pain and addiction (Roman D. Jovey).

41 Pain and psychiatric illness (Harold Merskey).

Subject index.


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