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Libreria medica internazionale
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Clinical Management of Children's Voice Disorders
Hartnick, Boseley
Plural Publishing
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Written for SLPs who care for children with vocal disorders, this is the second book by the team who wrote Pediatric Voice Disorders. This new publication is specially designed for SLPs to have access to the medical information at a special price. To that end, certain chapters have been removed from Pediatric Voice Disorders, which focuses on the techniques of surgical care, and other chapters have been reshaped to highlight issues of office based diagnosis and intervention. Several new chapters have been added, including a fascinating and comprehensive chapter by Katherine Verdolini which reviews the literature regarding voice therapy in children as well as an additional chapter on the work-up and treatment of children with Velopharyngeal Insufficiency. The authors have provided a cross-fertilization of thoughts and ideas that comes from putting together a seemingly diverse group of specialists and having them focus on specific pediatric disease-based and pediatric voice pathology-based topics. Within this book, members of each specialty attend to these questions and comment upon how the specialties can best work together towards obtaining diagnoses and rendering unified and comprehensive treatment.

  • Chapter 1: Developmental, Gross, and Histologic Anatomy of the Larynx Mark E. Boseley and Christopher J. Hartnick
  • Chapter 2: Pediatric Laryngology: The Office and Operating Room Set-Up Mark E. Boseley and Christopher J. Hartnick
  • Chapter 3: Evaluation of the Child With a Vocal Disorder Shirley Ghersonand Barbara M. Wilson Arboleda
  • Chapter 4: Voice Quality of Life Instruments Mark E. Boseley and Christopher J. Hartnick
  • Chapter 5: Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and the Voice Stephen C. Hardy
  • Chapter 6: The Role of the Pediatric Pulmonologist Kenan E. Haver
  • Chapter 7: Lryngeal Electromyography in Pediatric Patients Al Hillel
  • Chapter 8: Pediatric Laryngeal Electromyography Andrew R. Scott and Christopher J. Hartnick
  • Chapter 9: Voice Therapy for Children Katherine Verdolini Abbott, nicoleYee-Key Li, Rita Hersan, and Leslie Kessler
  • Chapter 10: Working With the Pediatric Singer: A Holistic Approach Robert Edwin
  • Chapter 11: Benign Lessons of the Pediatric VocalFolds: Nodules Webs, and Cysts J. Scott McMurray
  • Chapter 12:Juvenile Onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Matthew T. Brigger and Christopher J. Hartnick
  • Chapter 13: Vocal Fold Immobility Matthew T. Brigger and Christopher J. Hartnick
  • Chapter 14: Pediatric Airway Recontruction and the Voice Karen B. Zur
  • Chapter 15: Functional and Spasmodic Dysphonia's in Children Marshall E. Smith, Nelson Roy, and Cara Sauder
  • Chapter 16:Diagnosis and Treatment of Velopharyngeal Insufficiency Matthew T. Brigger, Jean Ashland, and Christopher J. Hartnick
  • Chapter 17: Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion Venu Divi, Mary J. Hawkshaw, and Robert T. Sataloff
  • Chapter 18: Psychiatric and Psychological Interventions for Pediatric Voice Disorders Abigail L. Donovan and Bruce J. Masek

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