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Libreria medica internazionale
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Clinical Focus Series: Difficult Asthma
Heaney, Menzies
JP Medical Publishers
42,00 €
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Most patients with asthma are easily diagnosed and treated with the use of an inhaler or medication.  Approximately five per cent of people that suffer from asthma have ‘difficult’ or ‘refractory’ asthma, whereby they experience persistent problems that are not controlled by standard treatment methods.

Part of the Clinical Focus Series, this book provides a complete overview of difficult asthma, discussing the clinical assessment and management of this complex condition.

Beginning with the epidemiology and characteristics of severe asthma, the book defines current understanding of the immunological mechanisms and disease heterogeneity. It also offers insight into how the condition can affect the physical and psychological aspects of a person’s life. Separate chapters examine novel therapeutic strategies and the economic burden of refractory asthma.

Key points

  • Discusses clinical assessment and management of difficult asthma
  • Includes epidemiology, immunology, physical and psychological effects, economic burden and novel therapeutics
  • Internationally renowned author and editor team


Table of Contents

Contributors vii
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
1. Definition, Epidemiology, and Phenotypes of Severe Asthma 1
Sally E Wenzel
2. Economic Burden of Difficult Asthma 14
Ciaran O'Neill, Claire Telford
3. Clinical Assessment of Difficult Asthma 24
Annemarie Sykes, Andrew Menzies-Gow
4. Adherence in Difficult Asthma 40
Rob Horne, Liam G Heaney
5. Psychological Morbidity in Difficult-to-treat Asthma 56
Adel H Mansur, Alison Pooler
6. Difficult Asthma in Children 73
Surendran Thavagnanam, Michael D Shields
7. Difficult Asthma—The Patient’s Perspective 92
Jennifer M Versnel, Liam G Heaney
8. Comorbidity in Refractory Asthma 102
Robert Niven
9. Molecular and Immunological Basis for
Severe Therapy-resistant Asthma 120
Ian M Adcock, Kian F Chung
10. Monitoring and Natural History of Refractory Asthma 145
Christopher Brightling
11. Novel Treatment Strategies in Refractory Asthma 163
Neil C Thomson, Rekha Chaudhuri
Index 185


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