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Case Studies in Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound
McLario, Kendall
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Clinician-performed bedside ultrasound is an exciting new development in medicine. Numerous diagnostic and procedural applications show great promise for improving the care of children. Many pediatric providers, however, remain unaware of its potential and ultrasound continues to be under-utilized in both the investigation and management of ill and injured children. Case Studies in Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound illustrates the utility of bedside ultrasound in a variety of scenarios, including the emergency setting and critical care unit. A wide range of diagnostic and procedural applications are covered in fifty-nine cases, recreating real-life experiences of expert practitioners. The cases are concise and readable, with teaching points that highlight how ultrasound can be used to expedite and focus pediatric care. With hundreds of high-quality images, and video content accompanying many cases, this text is essential reading for pediatricians, emergency physicians, pediatric anesthesiologists and critical care physicians.

  • Accompanying videos illustrate key techniques
  • Hundreds of high-quality images enable learning from real examples
  • Key points are pulled out of each case to give readers the essential take-home messages in an accessible format


  • Table of Contents

    Part I. Diagnostic Applications:
    1. Right-upper-quadrant pain in a 10-year-old female
    2. Motor vehicle accident evaluation in a 5-year-old male
    3. Fall from a height in a 5-year-old male
    4. Left flank pain following a fall in an 8-year-old female
    5. Chest trauma in a 14-year-old male
    6. Chest trauma in an 8-year-old male
    7. Multiple trauma in a 7-year-old female
    8. Fall from a tree in a 6-year-old female and 10-year-old male
    9. A pale and poorly responsive 6-year-old female
    10. Sudden desaturation in an 8-year-old male
    11. Poorly responsive and apneic 2-week-old male
    12. Cardiac arrest in a 10-year-old male
    13. Apnea, pallor and leg-stiffening in a 1-week-old female
    14. Headache in a 16-year-old female
    15. A ventriculoperitoneal shunt in a 6-year-old male
    16. Fall from the couch in a 3-month-old male
    17. Visual acuity changes in a 6-year-old male
    18. Periorbital swelling in a 5-year-old female
    19. Neck mass in a 3-year-old female
    20. Sore throat in a 15-year-old female
    21. Difficulty breathing in a 7-week-old male
    22. Cough, fever and rales in a 4-year-old female
    23. Dyspnea with feeding in a 5-month-old female
    24. Syncope in a 16-year-old female
    25. Abdominal pain in a 14-year-old female
    26. Paroxysmal abdominal pain and vomiting in a 7-month-old male
    27. Projectile vomiting in a 4-week-old male
    28. Right upper quadrant pain in 15-year-old female
    29. Vomiting and diarrhea in a 3-year-old male
    30. Rectal bleeding in a 6-day-old male
    31. Inguinal mass in an 18-month-old male
    32. Left upper quadrant pain in a 13-year-old male
    33. Acute hemiscrotal pain in a 16-year-old male
    34. Severe pelvic pain in a 15-year-old female
    35. Lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding in a 14-year-old female
    36. Limping in a 10-year-old female
    37. Forearm pain in a 7-year-old female
    38. Post-traumatic elbow pain in a 7-year-old male
    39. Posterior ankle pain in a 16-year-old male
    40. Red and swollen thigh in a 6-year-old female
    41. Suspected finger foreign-body in a 15-year-old male
    Part II. Procedural Applications:
    42. Acute desaturation after intubation in a 15-month-old female
    43. Urosepsis and no IV access in a 5-year-old male
    44. Dehydration and difficult IV access in a 10-month-old male
    45. Severe dehydration in a 12-month-old male
    46. Cough and dyspnea in a 5-year-old male
    47. Abdominal distention in a 9-year-old male
    48. Labial fusion in a 3-month-old female
    49. Painful leg trauma in a 14-year-old male
    50. Plantar foreign-body in a 5-year-old female
    51. Right shoulder pain in a 16-year-old male
    52. Foreign body in the hand of a 16-year-old male
    53. Spontaneous pneumothorax in a 14-year-old male
    54. Leg pain and swelling in a 16-year-old male
    55. Fall on broken glass in an 8-year-old female
    56. Limp in a 5-year-old male
    57. Post-traumatic forearm deformity in a 7-year-old male
    58. Seizure and fever in a 2-month-old male
    59. Abscess in an uncooperative 12-year-old autistic male



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