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Libreria medica internazionale
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Gravenstein, Jaffe, Paulus
Cambridge University Press
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• Applications of capnography not only in the OR and the ICU, but also in many nonhospital settings - relevant to several medical specialties
• A full discussion of the physiology of carbon dioxide sets the scene for understanding the relevance of capnographs as a diagnostic tool
• Technical section gives detailed understanding of equipment, enabling wide diagnostic application


1. Clinical perspectives J. S. Gravenstein
Part I. Ventilation: 2. Capnography and respiratory assessment outside of the operating room Robert R. Kirby
3. Airway management in the out-of-hospital setting Christian C. Zuver, George A. Ralls, Salvatore Silvestri and Jay L. Falk
4. Capnography: airway management in the hospital setting Ajeet G. Vinayak and Jonathan D. Truwit
5. Airway management on the operating room David G. Bjoraker
6. Capnography during anesthesia Yong G. Peng, David A. Paulus and J. S. Gravenstein
7. Monitoring during mechanical ventilation John Thompson and Nancy Craig
8. Capnography during transport of patients (inter/intra-hospital) Michael Frakes
9. Capnography as a guide to ventilation in the field Daniel Davis
10. Neonatal monitoring Gerd Schmalisch
11. Capnography in sleep medicine Patrick Troy and Geoff Gilmartin
12. Conscious sedation Edwin A. Bowe and E. F. Klein, Jr
13. Capnometry monitoring in high and low pressure environments Carl W. Peters, Gregory H. Adkisson, Mehmet S. Ozcan and Thomas J. Gallagher
14. Biofeedback Alicia E. Meuret
15. Capnography in noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV) Joseph A. Orr, Michael B. Jaffe and Adam Seiver
16. End-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring in postoperative ventilator weaning Joseph Varon and Paul E. Marik
17. Optimizing the use of mechanical ventilation and minimizing its requirement with capnography Ira M. Cheifetz and Donna Hamel
18. Volumetric capnography for monitoring lung recruitment and PEEP titration Gerardo Tusman, Stephan H. Böhm and Fernando Suarez-Sipmann
19. Capnography and adjuncts of mechanical ventilation Umberto Lucangelo, Francesca Bernabe and Lluis Blanch
Part II. Circulation, Metabolism and Organ Effects: 20. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation David C. Cone, Justin C. Cahill and Marvin A. Wayne
21. Capnography and pulmonary embolism John T. Anderson
22. Noninvasive cardiac output via pulmonary blood flow Ron Dueck
23. PaCO2, PETCO2, and gradient John B. Downs
24. The physiologic basis for capnometric monitoring in shock Kevin R. Ward
25. Carbon dioxide production, metabolism and anesthesia Dafna Willner and Charles Weissman
26. Tissue- and organ-specific effects of carbon dioxide Ozan Akça
Part III. Special Environments/Populations: 27. Atmospheric monitoring outside the healthcare environment and within enclosed environments: a historical perspective Gregory H. Adkisson and David A. Paulus
28. Capnography in veterinary medicine Richard M. Bednarski and William Muir
Part IV. Physiologic Perspectives: 29. Carbon dioxide pathophysiology Timothy E. Morey
30. Acid base balance and diagnosis of disorders Philip G. Boysen and Amy Isenberg
31. Ventilation/perfusion abnormalities and capnography Nawar Al Rawas, Andrea Gabrielli and A. Joseph Layon
32. Capnographic measures Umberto Lucangelo, Antonino Gullo, Francesca Bernabe and Lluis Blanch
33. Improving the analysis of volumetric capnograms Gerardo Tusman, Adriana Gabriella Scandurra, Emilio Maldonado and Lucia Isabel Passoni
34. Capnography and the SPM applied to cardiac output recovery and airway structure and function Peter W. Scherer, John W. Huang and Kai Zhao
35. Carbon dioxide and the control of breathing: a quantitative approach Michael C. K. Khoo
Part V. Technical Perspectives: 36. Technical specifications and standards Daniel E. Supkis
37. Carbon dioxide measurement Michael B. Jaffe
38. Gas flow measurement Michael B. Jaffe
39. Combining flow and carbon dioxide Joseph Orr and Michael B. Jaffe
Part VI. Historical Perspectives: 40. Brief history of time and volumetric capnography Michael B. Jaffe
41. The first years of clinical capnography Bob Smalhout
42. The early days of volumetric capnography Roger Fletcher
Appendix. Patterns of time-based capnograms


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