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Libreria medica internazionale
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Breast Cytohistology
Cangiarella, Simsir, Tabbara
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Each volume in this richly illustrated series, published in association with the Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology, provides an organ-based approach to the cytological and histological diagnosis of small tissue samples. Benign, pre-malignant and malignant entities are presented in a well-organized and standardized format, with high-resolution color photomicrographs, tables, and lists of key specific morphologic criteria. Example vignettes allow the reader to assimilate the diagnostic principles in a case-based format. This volume provides comprehensive coverage of both surgical pathology and cytopathology of breast lesions. With a focus on malignant tumors, the full spectrum of inflammatory disorders, benign lesions, and hyperplasias are also covered in detail. Advantages and disadvantages of aspiration and core biopsy are discussed, as well as ancillary testing such as hormonal and molecular markers. With over 500 printed photomicrographs and a CD-ROM offering all images in a downloadable format, this is an important resource for all anatomic pathologists.

  • Bridges cytologic and surgical diagnoses in lesions of the breast
  • Richly illustrated with over 500 high-quality colour images and a CD-ROM containing all images in a downloadable format
  • Includes numerous clinical vignettes, offering a valuable case-based approach to diagnosis


  • Table of Contents

    1. Minimally invasive breast biopsy: the breast imager's perspective Jessica Torrente, Allison Yingling and Rachel F. Brem
    2. Advantages and disadvantages of FNA and core biopsies: diagnostic accuracy and precision for aspiration biopsy in the diagnosis of lesions of the breast Joan Cangiarella and Aylin Simsir
    3. Utility of aspiration and core biopsy of breast lesions and sentinel lymph nodes Abeer Tabbarah and Sana O. Tabbara
    4. Benign entities Pascale Levine and Joan Cangiarella
    5. Epithelial lesions: benign and premalignant lesions Samantha Easley
    6. Epithelial lesions: invasive tumors M. Katayoon Rezaei
    7. Fibroepithelial lesions Aylin Simsir and Alexander Finkelstein
    8. Myoepithelial neoplasms Joan Cangiarella
    9. Mesenchymal lesions Osvaldo Hernandez and Xiao Jun Wei
    10. Hematopoetic lesions Kasturi Das and Wei Sun
    11. Metastases to the breast Xiaosong Li and Aylin Simsir
    12. Ancillary testing Alejandro Luiña Contreras



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