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Libreria medica internazionale
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Atlas of Liver Pathology
Chan, Quaglia, Haugk, Burt
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  • Authored by nationally and internationally recognized pathologists
  • Features visual diagnostic criteria with detailed figure legends
  • A quick reference guide for the diagnosis of usual and unusual diseases
  • Supplemented with radiographic and special study images

The liver is a complex organ due to its unique microscopic structure, intricate metabolic functions and susceptibility to a wide variety of insults, manifesting in countless histological  patterns.  Atlas of Liver Pathology considers both changes seen in medical liver biopsies as well as lesional biopsies when the specimen has been taken from a mass. The book starts by reviewing normal structure and its variants and the optimal approaches for the preparation of histological sections for diagnostic liver pathology. The following chapters are dedicated to developmental, metabolic, infectious, drug related, autoimmune, biliary, vascular and neoplastic disorders. Two sections on liver pathology in pregnancy and transplantation conclude the work. Macroscopic illustrations are included where appropriate. All photographs are complemented by legends describing the picture and providing relevant related information.

Authored by nationally and internationally recognized pathologists, Atlas of Liver Pathology is a valuable resource that serves as a quick reference guide for the diagnosis of usual and unusual diseases.

1              Normal, Variants, and Methods

2              General Processes

3              Developmental Abnormality

4              Metabolic Liver Disease

5              Fatty Liver Disease

6              Viral Liver Disease

7              Nonviral Infectious Liver Disease

8              Drug-Induced Liver Injury

9              Autoimmune Hepatitis

10           Biliary Disease

11           Vascular Disorders

12           Premalignant Lesion

13           Neoplasm-like Liver Lesion

14           Epithelial Liver Neoplasm

15           Nonepithelial Liver Neoplasm

16           Obstetric Liver Disease

17           Transplantation Pathology


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