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Anesthesiology Keywords Review
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 Anesthesiology Keywords Review, Second Edition

 The Second Edition of this handy review is formatted for ease of use. Over 300 detailed entries include key points, a discussion, and suggested readings for each keyword. Broad-based coverage addresses all areas of anesthesiology, including pediatrics. New key words have been added to this edition, and questions and answers at the end of each keyword presentation test and reinforce readers’ knowledge.  A companion website includes fully searchable text.

Ideal for Exam preparation!
• Over 300 detailed entries include key points, a discussion, and suggested readings for each keyword.
• Broad-based coverage addresses all areas of anesthesiology, including pediatrics.
• New key words have been added to keep your knowledge base up-to-date.
• Companion website includes fully searchable text.
Be sure this self-paced review is in your hands!

ABG in Pregnancy

ABG Temperature Correction: PCO2


ABG: Morbid Obesity and Vomiting

ABG: Opioid Effect

ABG: Pulm Embolism

ABG: Salicylate Toxicity

ABGs: Resp Avid/Met Alk

Acetaminophen Toxicity

Acute Heart Failure: Management

Acute Hyperkalemia: Rx

Acute Septic Shock

Addiction: Definition

Addison Disease: Periop Rx

Advanced Multiple Sclerosis: Anesthetic Drugs

Age-related P50

Aging: Cardiovasc Physiol and LV Function

Aging: Pulm Physiol

Air Trapping: Ventilator Mgmt

Airway Anesthesia: Anatomy

Airway Assessment: Coexist Disease

Amiodarone: Hemodynamic Effect

Amniotic Fluid Embolus: Dx

Anaphylaxis: Epinephrine Rx

Anes Management: Penetrating Eye Injury

Anes Techniques: First Stage Labor

Anes Techniques: Suspected MH

Anes Uptake: Right-to-left Shunt

Anes Uptake: Solubility Coeff

Anesthesia for ECT: Lidocaine Effect

Anesthesiologists: Substance Abuse and Fentanyl

Aortic Cross-clamp: CV Complications

Aortic Insufficiency: Hemodynamic Rx

Arterial Waveform: Periph Versus Central

ASA Sedation Guidelines

Asthma: Postpartum Hemorrhage Rx

Atlantoaxial Instability: Causes

Atrial Flutter: Pharm Rx

Automated vs. Paper Anesthesia Records

Autonomic Hyperreflexia: Signs and Paraplegia

Autonomic Innervation: Upper Extremity

Autonomic Neurotransmitters

AV Pacing: Hemodynamic Effect

Axillary Block: Complications

Axillary Block: Limitations and Median Nerve Rescue Block

Beta Thalassemia: Newborn

Bilat Carotid Endart: Physiology

Blood-Brain Barrier: Fluid Transfer

Botox: Pain Relief Mechanism

Bowel Distention

Brachial Artery Catheter: Cx

Bradycardia: Carotid Surgery and Carotid Stent

Brain Death Pathophysiology

Bronchial Blocker: Advantages

Bronchopleural Fistula: Vent Mgmt

Bronchospasm Triggers: ETT

Bronchospasm: Mechanical Ventilation Dx

Bupivacaine Toxicity: Rx

Calcium Chelation: Transfusion

Calculation: Pulmonary vs. Systemic Vascular Resistance

Carbamazepine Toxicity, Key Point

Carcinoid Crisis: Rx

Cardiac Arrest: Induced Hypothermia

Cardiac Cycle: ECG

Cardiac Morbidity: Pre-op Factors

Cardiac Pacemaker Indications

Cardiac Tamponade: Pulsus Paradoxus

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Management

Carotid Body: Hypoxic Drive

Carotid Endarterectomy: CNS Monitoring

Carotid Sinus Stim: Post-Heart Transplant

Carotid Stent: Bradycardia Cause

Categorical Data: Chi-square

Caudal Anesthesia

Celiac Plexus Block: Side Effects and Complications

Central Line Infections: Prevention

Cerebral Aneurysm Clipping: Anesthetic Management

Cerebral Blood Flow: Temp Effect

Cerebral Ischemia: Deep Hypothermia

Cerebral Vasospasm: Rx

Cervical Cerclage: Anes Mgmt

Cervical Fracture: Intubation Techniques

Chloroprocaine Placental Transfer

Chloroprocaine: Onset and Metabolism

Chronic Opioids: Side Effects

Circ Arrest: pH-Stat Implications

Cirrhosis: NMB Pharmacokinetics

Closed Claims: Brain Damage

Clostridium tetani Infection

CO2 Absorbers: Volatile Anesthetics Toxicity

Compensated Respiratory Acidosis: ABG

Congenital Heart Disease: Prostaglandin Rx

Congenital Long QT: Management

Constrictive Pericarditis: Venous Waveform

Coronary Artery: Anatomy

Coronary Perfusion Pressure: Definition and L vs. R

CRPS I: Early Sx and Diagnosis

CRPS: Ds Nerve blk

Cryopercipitate: Fibrinogen Content

Denervated Heart: Exercise Physiology

Desmopressin for Von Willebrand

Diabetes Insipidus Intracranial Surg

Doxorubicin: Complications

Dural Sac: Caudal Extent

ECG Leads: P-Wave Detection

ECG: Loose Lead Effect

ECT: Side Effects

Electrolyte Homeostasis: Hormones

Elevated INR: Factor Rx

Epidural Anesthetics: Respiratory Effects

Epidural Test Dose: Symptom

Epiglottitis: Anes Mgt and Inhal Induction

Ethics: Speaker Disclosure

Evoked Potentials and SSEP Latency: Anesthetic Effects

EXIT Procedure: Uterine Atony

Factor VIII Concentrate: Indications

Factors Affecting Turbulent Flow

Fat Embolism: Dx

FB Aspiration: Physical Exam

Femoral Nerve Block Anatomy

Fenoldopam: Renal Effects

Fetal Blood Gas Values

Fetal HR Pattern: Normal Labor

Fetal HR: Maternal Hypotension

Flowmeter: Gas Properties

Fluid Replacement in Pediatrics

FRC: Definition

FRC: Vent Settings Effects

Fresh Frozen Plasma: Indications and Warfarin Reversal

Gas Laws: Temp/pressuer Changes

Glasgow Coma Scale: Definition and Components

H2 Blockers: Onset Time

Haldane Effect

Head Down Position: Hypoxemia

Heart Block: Coronary Occlusion
Heart Transplant: Autonomic Effects and Pharmacology

Helium Advantage: Small-Bore Tube

Hemolysis: Bilirubin Levels

Hepatic Dysfunction: Dx

Hepatitis B: Needlestick Rx

Herbals: Garlic

Hetastarch: Platlet Function

HOCM/IHSS: Hypotension and Rx Treatment

Hormonal Stress Response

Hydrochlorothiazide: Blood Chem Effect

Hyperbaric Chamber: MAC Effect

Hyperbaric Oxygen: Indications

Hypercalcemia: Acute Treatment

Hypercarbia: ALV Gas Equation

Hypercarbia: O2 Release to Tissues

Hyperglycemia: Complications

Hyperglycemia: Preop Rx

Hyperkalemia: Drugs Causing

Hypermagnesemia Rx

Hyperparathyroidism: Signs and Sx

Hyperthyroidism: Signs

Hypocalcemia: ECG Effects

Hypothermia: Infant vs. Toddler

Hypothermia: pH State Management

Hypovolemia Signs: Peds

Hypox During Pneumonectomy: Rx

Hypoxemia: Ventilator Management

IABP: Contraindications

Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator: Interventions

Incompetent Exp Valve: Signs

Increased ICP: Acute Rs

Inhalational Anesthesia: Resp Effects and Ventilatory Effects

Intravascular: Extracellular Volume Ratio

Intubation in Pierre-Robin

Isoflurane: CMRO2 Effect

Ketamine Analgesic Mechanism

Ketamine Receptor Effects

Ketamine: Pharmacodynamics

Ketorolac: Renal Function and Dysfunction

Lambert-Eaton Syndrome: Physiology

Laparoscopy: Increased PaCO2

Laryngospasm Mechanism

Laryngospasm Treatment Options

Laser-safe Endotracheal Tubes

Latex Allergy: Foods

Leukoreduction: Viral Transmission

Lithotomy Position: Nerve Injury

Local Anesthesia: Methemoglobinemia

Local Anesthetic: Trans Neurol Sx

Lumbar Nerve Roots: Innervation

Lung Protect Vent: Pressure Goal

Lung Resection Outcome: PFTs

LV Failure Dx/Rx Post-CPB

Magnesium Complications

Malig Hypertherm: Assoc Disorders

Management: Lumbosacral Radiculopathy

Mannitol Osmolarity Effects

MAO Inhibitor: Meperidine Toxicity

Mapleson D: Rebreathing

Mask CPAP: Physiol Effect

Maternal Mortality Causes

Maximum ABL Calculation

Meconium: Tracheal Suctioning

Mediastinal Tumor: Airway Obstr

Mediastinoscopy: Vascular Compression

Metabolic Alk: Resp Compensation

Metformin: Contrast Dye Interaction

Methadone Treatment Management

Methods: Uterine Relaxation

Metoclopramide: Esoph Sphincter Tone

Metoclopramide: Gastric Effects

Midazolam: Bioavail versus Route

Milrinone: Pharmacology and CV Effects

MOCA Requirements

Monitoring for Residual NMB

Morbid Obesity: Post-op Complications

Morbid Obesity: Rapid Desaturation and Hypoxemia Physiology

MRI Monitoring Hazards

Multiple Sclerosis Exacerbation

Multiple Sclerosis: Exacerbation of Symptoms

Myasthenia Gravis: Postop Management

Myasthenia:  Muscle Relaxant Effects

Myocardial Ischemia: Acute MR

Myocardial O2 Consumption: Determinants

Myotonic Dyst: Aspiration Risk

N2O: CBF and CMRO2

Nalbuphine: Plateau Effect Mechanism

Nasal Fiberoptic Intubation

Negative Pressure Pulmonary Edema: Physiology

Neonatal Bradycardia: Rx

Neonatal vs. Adult Cardiac Phys

Nerve AP Termination Mechanism

Nerve Block Landmarks

Neuraxial Anesth: Cardiovascular Effects

Neuraxial Opioids Action Site

Neuromusc Disease: Sux Hyperkalemia

Neuromuscular Block: Vecuronium

Neuromuscular Diseases: Muscle Pain

Nitroglycerin: Uterine Relax

Nitroprusside Toxicity: Dx

NMB Drug Interactions

NMB Reversal: Assessment

NMB: Volatile Agent Interaction

NO Hemodynamic Effect

O2 Release

Obesity: Airway Evaluation

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Dx

Oculocardiac Reflex Management

Old MI: Preoperative Risk Assessment

Opioid Neurotoxicity: Rx

Opioid Reversal

Oral Clonidine: MAC Effect

Organ Donor: Bradycardia Rx

Organophosphate Poisoning Rx

Oxygen Delivery Index Determinants

Oxygen Delivery to Fetus during Labor

Oxytocin: Electrolyte Effects

Pacemaker Designation

Pacer Lead Placement: ECG Morph

PACU Bypass: Rationale

PACU Stage I Bypass Criteria

Pain Management: Rib Fracture

Paired vs. Unpaired t-test

Parental Presence: Indications

Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Dx

PDP Headache: Risk Factors

Peak vs. Plateau Airway Pressure

PEEP to Treat Hypoxia

PEEP: Effect on PAOP

PEEP: Lung Volume Effect

PEEP: LV Effects

Peripheral Nerves: Sensory versus Motor

Peripheral TPN: Complications

pH Buffering: Bicarbonate

Pheochromocytoma: Dx Markers

Pheochromocytoma: Hypertension Rx

Pheochromocytoma: Pre-op Preparation

Physician Impairment: Referral

Placenta Accreta: Risk Factors

Placental Transfer: Anticholinergic

Placental Transfer: Local Anesthetics

PONV after Pediatric Surgery

PONV Prophylaxis

Post-CPB Creatinine Increase: DDx

Post-op Jaundice: DDx

Postop. Vomiting: Peds vs. Adults

Postoperative AVN: DDx

Preeclampsia: Lab Abnormalities

Pregnancy GE Reflux Mechanism

Pregnancy: Hematologic Changes

Pregnancy: Non-OB Surg Risks

Pregnancy: SVT Rx

Preop Renal Failure Predictors

Preop Testing: Bayes’ Theorem

Preoperative Anxiolysis in Children

Pre-renal Oliguria: Dx

Pressure vs. Volume Vent: ICU

Preterm Labor: Treatment

Propofol Infusion Syndrome: Dx

Prostaglandin for Congenital Heart: Cx

Pyloric Stenosis: Metab Abnormality

Renal Failure: CPB Surgery

Renal Failure: Electrolytes

Renal Failure: Platelet Function

Renal Failure: Relaxants

Renal Function: Periop Preservation

Renal Insufficiency: Dx

Renal Insufficiency: Hyperkalemia

Renal Replacement Rx Selection

Renin-Angiotensin CV Physiology

Rheumatoid Arthritis Complications

Robotic Prostatectomy: Contraindications

Root Cause Anal: Essential Elements

Rx: Antithrombin III Deficiency

Saline: Hyperchloremic Acidosis

SBE Prophylaxis

SE vs. SD calculation

Septic Shock: Vasopressin Rx

Shunt: Effect of Increased FiO2

SIADH: Lab Values

Side Effects of Tocolytics

Sitting Position: BP Measurement

Spinal Anes Complic: MRI Indications

Spinal Anesthesia Spread: Factors

Spinal Cord Stimulation: Reprogramming

Spinal Hypotension Rx

Spinal Stenosis: Dx

Statistical analysis: Power and Sturdy Design

Statistics: Median

Stats: ANOVA indications

Stellate Ganglion Block: Effects

Steroid Prophylaxis Indications

Stroke Volume: A. Fib Effects

Subarachnoid Bleed: ECG Effects

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Nimodipine

Succinylcholine and Bradycarcia

Succinylcholine: Normal K Increase

Superior Laryng N Anatomy

Surgical Stim: Effect on MAC

SVO2 Physiology

Sympathetic Block Indications

Synchronized Electrical Cardioversion

TEF: Other Abnormalities

Tension Pneumocephalus: Dx

Tension Pneumothorax: Dx and Rx

Tetralogy of Fallot Rx

Thiopental: CMRO2/CBF Relationship

Thoracoscopy: Hypoxemia Rx

Thyroidectomy: Hypocalcemia

Time Constant Definition

Total Knee Repl: Reg Anes Techniques

TPN: Metabolic Effects

TRALI: Treatment

Transdermal Fentanyl Indications

Transfusion Mortality: Causes

Traumatic Brain Injury: CPP

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Rx

Trigger Point Injection Indications

Tumescent Liposuction Complications

Tumescent Liposuction: Lidocaine Dose

TURP Syndrome: Rx

Ultrasound Structures: Echogenicity

Ultrasound Visualization: IJ Compression

Uncuffed ETT: Max Leak Pressure

Unilateral Blindness: Etiology

Upper Extremity Nerve Blocks: Indications

Upper Extremity Tourniquet Paint Prevention

Uptake of Inhaled Anesthetics: V/Q Mismatch

Uterine Rupture: Dx

V/Q Mismatch – Emphysema

Vaporizer Output Calculation

Vasodilators: Pharamacodynamics and Renal Blood Fllow

Vasopressin Rx: Diabetes Insipidus

Vasopressors: Risk of Myocardial Ischemia

VE/PaCO2 Relationship: Hypoxia

Venous Air Embolism: Diagnosis

Ventilator Disconnect: Detection

Ventilator: Low Tidal Volume and Protect Effects

Ventricular PV Loops

VF: Epinephrine Mechanism

Wall 02 Failure: Signs

WHO Analgesic Ladder

Work of Breathing: Neonate vs. Adult



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