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Libreria medica internazionale
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Anesthesia for Spine Surgery
Cambridge University Press
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The increased complexity of spinal surgical procedures in recent years has required more sophisticated anesthetic management of patients undergoing these procedures. Spine surgery anesthesia is now recognized as a distinct sub-specialty, increasingly undertaken by general anesthesiologists as well as neuroanesthesiologists. Anesthesia for Spine Surgery describes the anesthetic management and surgical procedures at every vertebral level in both adult and pediatric patients. The most important related considerations are covered, including: • Postoperative pain management • One lung ventilation during anterior thoracic spine surgery • Intraoperative neuromonitoring • Fluid management Additional chapters review the radiological features of normal and abnormal spines, common complications of spine surgery and ASA closed claims relating to spine surgery anesthesia. Written by highly experienced neuroanesthesiologists and spine surgeons, Anesthesia for Spine Surgery is essential reading for trainee and practising anesthesiologists, neuroanesthesiologists and spine surgeons.

• The first comprehensive review of spine surgery anesthesia available
• Highly illustrated with black and white and color images
• Anesthetic management of both the pediatric patient and the adult patient
• Written by world-renowned clinicians ensuring an up-to-date, authoritative text

Part I. General Considerations: 1. Preoperative assessment of the adult patient Elizabeth A. M. Frost
2. Fluid management Maria Bauer, Andrea Kurz and Ehab Farag
3. Blood conservation Robert Helfand
4. Upper airway management Basem Abdelmalak and D. John Doyle
5. Spine imaging Doksu Moon, Christian Koopman and Ramez Malaty
6. Evoked potential monitoring Chakorn Chansakul and Dileep R. Nair
7. Pharmacology of adjunct anesthetic drugs John E. Tetzlaff
Part II. Spine Surgery for Adult Patients: 8. Surgical techniques: 8.1. Anterior cervical surgery Iain H. Kalfas
8.2. Posterior cervical surgery Kalil G. Abdullah, Jeffrey G. Clark, Daniel Lubelski and Thomas E. Mroz
8.3. Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring: surgeon point-of-view Manuel Saavedra and Robert F. McLain
8.4. An overview of minimally invasive spine surgery R. Douglas Orr
8.5. Posterior lumbar interbody fusion Virgilio Matheus and William Bingaman
8.6. Minimally invasive procedures for vertebral compression fractures Jason E. Pope and Nagy Mckhail
8.7. Endoscopic surgery for Chiari type I malformation Rodolfo Hakim and Xiao Di
8.8. Posterior and anterior thoracic surgery Matthew Grosso and Michael Steinmetz
8.9. Surgery for intermedullary spinal cord tumors John H. Shin and Edward C. Benzel
8.10. Avoiding complications: surgeon point-of-view Michael Kelly and Richard Schlenk
9. Anesthsia for cervical spine surgery Alaa A. Abd-Elsayed and Ehab Farag
10. Anesthesia for thoracic spine surgery Rafi Avitsian
11. Lung isolation during thoracic spine surgery Gordon Finlayson and Jay B. Brodsky
12. Anesthesia for lumbar spine surgery Mariel R. Manlapaz, Ajit A. Krishnaney and Zeyd Ebrahim
13. Anesthetic management of spinal cord trauma Brian P. Lemkuil and Piyush M. Patel
14. Anesthesia for patients with spinal cord tumors Stacie Deiner and Jeffrey Silverstein
Part III. Postoperative Care of the Adult Patient: 15. Complications Lorri A. Lee and Karen B. Domino
16. Postoperative care in the PACU Maged Argalious
17. Postoperative care in the neuro-intensive care unit James K. Liu, Dani S. Bodros and Edward M. Manno
18. Postoperative acute pain Juan P. Cata and Sherif Zaky
19. Postoperative chronic pain management Dmitiri Souzdalntiski and Jianguo Cheng
Part IV. Spine Surgery for Pediatric Patients: 20. Pathophysiology of the pediatric patient Stephen J. Kimatian and Kenneth J. Saliba
21. Preoperative evaluation of the pediatric patient Sara P. Lozano and Julie Niezgoda
22. Fluid management and monitoring of the pediatric patient Tunga Suresh, Patrick M. Callahan and Peter J. Davis
23. Surgical techniques in the pediatric patient: 23.1. Scoliosis David Gurd
23.2. Tethered cord: surgical release Mark Luciano
24. Spinal surgery for patients with congenital heart disease and other associated conditions Patrick M. Callahan, Tunga Suresh and Peter J. Davis
25. Postoperative pain control in pediatric patients Rami Karroum, Loran Soliman Mounir and John Seif


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