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Libreria medica internazionale
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Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery
Abdelmalak, Doyle
Cambridge Universuty Press
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Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery offers a comprehensive synopsis of the anesthetic management options for otolaryngologic and bronchoscopic procedures. Authored by world authorities in the fields of anesthesiology and otolaryngology, both theoretical concepts and practical issues are addressed in detail, providing literature-based evidence wherever available and offering expert clinical opinion where rigorous scientific evidence is lacking. A full chapter is dedicated to every common surgical ENT procedure, as well as less common procedures such as face transplantation. Clinical chapters are enriched with case descriptions, making the text applicable to everyday practice. Chapters are also enhanced by numerous illustrations and recommended anesthetic management plans, as well as hints and tips that draw on the authors' extensive experience. Comprehensively reviewing the whole field, Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery is an invaluable resource for every clinician involved in the care of ENT surgical patients, including anesthesiologists, otolaryngologists and pulmonologists.


• A fully comprehensive review of otolaryngologic pathology and related anesthetic management, offering easy access to valuable clinical information
• Includes a series of clinical case studies, enabling learning from real experience
• Provides recommended anesthestic management plans, aiding quick and accurate management of otolaryngologic surgical patients


Part I. Introduction:
1. Clinical head and neck anatomy for the ENT anesthesiologist Nicole M. Fowler and Joseph Scharpf
2. Otolaryngology instruments 101 for the anesthesiologist Paul C. Bryson and Michael S. Benninger
3. Preoperative evaluation for ENT surgery Jie Zhou and Linda S. Aglio
4. The difficult airway in otolaryngology D. John Doyle
5. Preoperative endoscopic airway examination (PEAE) William H. Rosenblatt
6. Awake intubation Carlos A. Artime and Carin A. Hagberg
7. Anesthesia for ENT trauma Matthew R. Eng and Marshal B. Kaplan
8. Anesthesia for ENT emergencies D. John Doyle
9. Airway pathology in otolaryngology: anesthetic implications D. John Doyle
10. Use of heliox in managing stridor: an ENT perspective D. John Doyle
11. Prevention and management of airway fires D. John Doyle
Part II. Anesthesia for Nasal, Sinus and Pituitary Surgery:
12. Anesthesia for septoplasty and rhinoplasty Ursula Galway and Daniel Alam
13. Endoscopic sinus surgery Paul Kempen
14. Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery Gazanfar Rahmathulla, Robert Weil and David E. Traul
Part III. Anesthesia for Head and Neck Surgery:
15. Neck dissection and laryngectomy David W. Healy and Carol R. Bradford
16. Anesthesia for head and neck flap reconstructive surgery Edward Noguera, Brian Burkey and Basem Abdelmalak
17. Anesthesia for thyroid and parathyroid surgery Twain Russell and Richard M. Cooper
18. Anesthesia for obstructive sleep apnea surgery Ursula Galway and Alan Kominsky
19. Perioperative anesthetic management of carotid body tumor resection Maged Argalious and Sivan Wexler
20. Anesthesia for Zenker's Diverticulectomy Ashish Khanna, Benjamin Wood and Basem Abdelmalak
21. Anesthesia for parotid surgery Mauricio Perilla, Biao Lei and Daniel Alam
22. Anesthesia for maxillary, salivary gland, mandibular and temporomandibular joint surgery Gail I. Randel and Tracey Straker
23. Anesthetic care for face transplantation Jacek B. Cywinski, Thomas Edrich and D. John Doyle
24. Anesthesia for EUA and panendoscopy Louise Ellard and David T. Wong
25. Anesthesia for ENT laser surgery D. John Doyle
Part IV. Anesthesia for Laryngotracheal Surgery:
26. Anesthesia for laryngoplasty Michael S. Benninger and Tatyana Kopyeva
27. Anesthesia for tracheotomy Onur Demirci and Marc Popovich
28. Anesthesia for tracheal resection John George III and D. John Doyle
29. Anesthesia for otologic and neurotologic surgery Vladimir Nekhendzy
Part V. Anesthesia for Bronchoscopic Surgery:
30. Anesthesia care for diagnostic bronchoscopic procedures Basem Abdelmalak and Mona Sarkiss
31. Anesthesia care for therapeutic bronchoscopic procedures Basem Abdelmalak and Mona Sarkiss
Part VI. Anesthesia for Pediatric ENT Surgery:
32. Anesthesia for pediatric otolaryngologic surgery Rahul G. Baijal and Emad B. Mossad
33. Reconstructive airway surgery in pediatrics Megan Nolan and David Beebe


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