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Libreria medica internazionale
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Anaesthetic and Perioperative Complications
Valchanov, Webb, Sturgess
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Anaesthetic and Perioperative Complications dissects the nature of complications and helps anaesthetists and anaesthetic practitioners understand, avoid and manage them efficiently. Leading experts combine the detailed clinical management of common and important anaesthetic and perioperative complications with discussion of the key philosophical, ethical and medico-legal issues that arise with assessing a medical complication. Initial chapters discuss how and why complications occur, the prevention of complications and risk management. The main body of the text reviews the clinical management of airway, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, psychological, endocrine, hepatic, renal and transfusion-related complications, as well as injury during anaesthesia, complications related to regional and obstetric anaesthesia, drug reactions, equipment malfunction and post-operative management of complications. Each chapter contains sample cases of complications and medical errors, giving clinical scenario, outcomes and recommendations for improved management. This is an important practical and clinical text for all anaesthetists and anaesthetic practitioners, both trained and trainees.


• Describes the whole range of complications occurring during anaesthesia, providing a comprehensive review of how to avoid and manage these complications
• Evidence-based text, offering a bibliography of key references
• Written and edited by an international team of leading experts, providing guidance on clinical, ethical and medico-legal aspects of all complications


Part I. Generic Aspects of Complications: 1. Preventing complications Jane Sturgess
2. Managing complications Kamen Valchanov
3. Risk management Mark Dougherty and Stephen T. Webb
Part II. Clinical Aspects of Complications: 4. Airway complications during anaesthesia Nick Woodall and Helen Goddard
5. Respiratory complications Andrew Roscoe and Hamish Thomson
6. Cardiovascular complications Victoria Howell and Joseph E. Arrowsmith
7. Complications of blood products and fluid infusions Dafydd Thomas and Tom Holmes
8. Complications during obstetric anaesthesia Felicity Plaat and Matt Wikner
9. Perioperative neurological complications Nick Lees and Andrew A. Klein
10. Hepatic, renal and endocrine complications A. J. Varley and F. J. Gilder
11. Injury during anaesthesia David Bogod and Kasia Szypula
12. Regional anaesthesia complications T. M. Cook and M. Coupe
13. Body temperature complications John Andrzejowski and James Hoyle
14. Equipment malfunction Rajinikanth Sundararajan and Peter Faber
15. Drug reactions A. Kavanagh and M. Shields
16. Management of post-operative complications Benias Mugabe and Saxon Ridley
Part III. Ethical and Medico-Legal Complications: 17. Before complications occur: assessing, balancing and explaining risk Derek Duane
18. After complications occur: explaining complications and outcome, allocating blame, implications for the hospital and the anaesthetist A. Hutchinson and C. Bates
19. Risk factors for litigation M. D. D. Bell
20. Management of complaints and litigation in the UK Jane Sturgess and Sam Bass
21. The role of the expert witness J. Nortje


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