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Libreria medica internazionale
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Alternatives to Blood Transfusion in Transfusion Medicine, 2nd Edition
Maniatis, Hardy, van der Linden
137,00 €
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Meeting the needs of patients while minimizing blood transfusions requires special expertise, precise monitoring and innovative techniques. This cutting-edge resource covers all the important clinical aspects of transfusion medicine in diverse clinical settings, with a special emphasis on alternatives to transfusion.

Edited by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a transfusion specialist, an anesthesiologist and an intensive care specialist this book is endorsed by the Network for Advancement of Transfusion Alternatives. The contributors review the appropriate use of fluids and of blood products, and describe the latest treatment options available to decrease the need for allogeneic blood products including:

  • Argon beam
  • Cell saver
  • Harmonic scalpel
  • Normovolemic haemodilution
  • Synthetic erythropoietin
  • Antifibrinolytics
  • Recombinant factor VIIa
  • Advanced monitoring of hemostasis
  • Intravenous iron

The new edition is a key reference source for all those involved in the practice of blood management and conservation.


List of Contributors.


Section 1: History and Development of Transfusion Medicine.

1 From blood transfusion to transfusion medicine (Alice Maniatis).

Section 2: Allogeneic Blood Usage -- Risks and Benefits.

2 Allogeneic Blood Components (Rebecca Cardigan & Sheila MacLennan).

3 Current Information on the Infectious Risks of Allogeneic Blood Transfusion (A. Kitchen and J. Barbara).

4 Immunological Complications of Transfusion (Clare Taylor, Cristina Navarrete, Marcela Contreras).

5 Immunomodulation and Allogeneic Transfusion (M. Waanders, L. van de Watering, A. Brand).

6 Pathogen Inactivation (of Blood Components) (Chris Prowse).

7 The Benefits of Allogeneic Erythrocyte Transfusion: What Evidence Do We Have? (Neil Soni and Benjamin Thomas).

Section 3: Volume Replacement.

Part 1. Plasma and Albumin.

8 Plasma and Albumin (P. Baele).

Part 2. Crystalloids and Synthetic Colloids.

9 Pharmacology of Intravenous Fluids (Michael F. M. James).

10 Crystalloids Versus Colloids: The Controversy (H. Haljamäe).

11 Effects of Synthetic Colloids on Hemostasis (Sibylle A. Kozek-Langenecker, Gisela Scharbert).

12 Hydroxyethyl starch and renal dysfunction (Laurent Jacob, Nicholas Heming & Bertrand Guidet).

13 Choice of a Synthetic Colloid for Surgery (J. Boldt).

14 Choice of a Colloid for Intensive Care Patients (Y. Sakr, Y. Inel).

15 Hypertonic Saline Solutions for the Initial Treatment of Patients with Traumatic Injuries (Charles E. Wade and Michael A. Dubick).

16 Hyperchloremic Acidosis (Edward Burdett and Andre Vercueil).

Section 4: Tolerance of Anemia.

17 Basic Principles of Oxygen Transport and Calculations (Jean-Louis Vincent, Pongdhep Theerawit and Davide Simion).

18 Assessment of Tissue Oxygenation (Michael Piagnerelli, Ann Dierick and Philippe Van der Linden).

19 Tissue Oxygenation and Blood Transfusion (Stefan Suttner and Joachim Boldt).

20 Anemia and Cardiovascular Disease (Antonis S. Manolis, Spyridon Koulouris, Kostas Triantafyllou, Dimitris Sakellariou, Sokratis Pastromas, Helen Melita).

Section 5: Perioperative Hemostasis.

21 Monitoring of Hemostasis in the Perioperative Setting (Sibylle A. Kozek-Langenecker).

22 Antifibrinolytics in open heart surgery (Wulf Dietrich).

23 Efficacy and Safety of Recombinant Activated Factor VII to Control Bleeding in Non-hemophiliac Patients (Jean-François Hardy, Sylvain Bélisle, Philippe Van der Linden).

Section 6: Transfusion Triggers.

24 Role of Hemoglobin/Hematocrit (Kristine J. Guleserian, Hae W. Kim, Bruce Pearce, Arkadiy Pitman, A. Gerson Greenburg).

25 Calculation of Blood Loss (Mark E. Brecher).

26 Management of massive transfusion (Jean-François Hardy and Marc Samama).

Section 7: Alternatives to Allogeneic Blood Transfusion.

Part 1. Pharmaceutical Approaches.

27 Iron deficiency: causes, diagnosis and management (Manuel Muñoz, José Antonio García-Erce, Elvira Bisbe).

28 Current Status of Perisurgical Erythropoietin Therapy (Lawrence T. Goodnough).

29 Erythropoietin and Iron Therapy in Patients with Renal Failure (Lucia Del Vecchio and Francesco Locatelli).

Oxygen Carriers.

30 Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitutes (G. Deby-Dupont, M. Lamy, B. Rémy).

31 Perfluorocarbon Emulsions (Pedro Cabrales).

Part 2. Surgical Techniques.

32 Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery: Impact on Blood Loss and Transfusion (He Tao and Fraser Rubens).

33 Adjunctive Strategies to Impact Blood Transfusion in Cardiac Surgery (L. Ressler and Fraser Rubens).

Part 3. Anesthetic Techniques.

34 Anesthetic Techniques to Reduce Blood Loss (Dafydd Thomas).

35 Controlled Hypotension Decreases Blood Transfusion Requirement: Fact or Fallacy? (Richard P. Dutton).

36 Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution (Javad Bidgoli and Philippe Van der linden).

37 Hyperoxic Hemodilution (Jens Meier, Konrad Messmer, Oliver Habler).

38 Intraoperative and Postoperative Cell Salvage (Ernil Hansen, Hans Gombotz).

Part 4. Special Settings.

39 Anemia and Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Critical Care (Timothy Walsh).

40 Red Blood Cell Transfusions and Alternatives to Treat the Anemia of Prematurity (Ronald G. Strauss).

41 Transfusion Alternatives in Orthopedic Surgery (Manuel Muñoz, José Antonio García-Erce, Jorge Cuenca).

42 Transfusion Alternatives in Obstetrics (Christian Breymann).

Section 8: Legal and Ethical Issues in Transfusion Medicine.

43 Ethical Aspects of Informed Consent: American Models (Ronald E. Domen).

44 Blood Transfusions, Jehovah's Witnesses and the American Patients' Rights Movement (Charles H. Baron).

Section 9: Cost Issues.

45 The Cost and Cost Effectiveness of Allogeneic and Autologous Blood (Brian Custer).

46 Autologous Blood Predonation in Cardiac Surgery (Wulf Dietrich).

47 Cost-Effectiveness of Pharmacological Alternatives (Dean Fergusson and Brian Hutton).


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